10 Reasons to Have Faith in God

Top 10 Reasons to Have Faith in God | Benefits of Having Faith in God

Top 10 Reasons to Have Faith in God | Importance of Having Faith in God | 100 Reasons to Believe in God | Benefits of Having Faith in God | Is Faith in God Reasonable | Why is it Important to Have Faith in God

In the modern time where technology is taking control over human beings, it’s challenging for the younger generation to accept the existence of God. Sometimes, even older people find it foggy to see the existence of a higher power we call it “God”.

Yes, God’s existence is a matter of an individual’s faith and belief. However, One must explore the possibilities instead of shutting down the door completely. If you ask me about why faith in God is important? Well, I personally can answer you by writing a thousand page book.

In this article I will share the top 10 Reasons to Have Faith in God or the Importance of having faith in God.

Before sharing those 10 Reasons to Have Faith in God , I would like to give a little heads up by answering is faith in god reasonable?

True Meaning of Having Faith in God 

I don’t have any scriptural proof to present here but my own theory behind my faith in the existence of God. We, humans, are a combination of mind, body and spirit, mainly body and spirit.

If our body is built by our parents then who created spirit? There is a power who is the source of the spirit and it’s the only question which makes me believe that having faith in God is reasonable.

It’s not just my theory but I have practical experiences when I experimented with my relationship with God and His power. i have faith in god because I find peace and comfort while thinking about Him.

As I said I can share countless experiences. However, writing a blog post allows me only to share the limited importance of having faith in God.

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Now let’s talk about the top 10 Reasons to Have Faith in God.

Top 10 Reasons to Have Faith in God | Benefits of Having Faith in God

1- Personal Experiences

Life is far more than you and I can expect or Imagine. In order to experience the extent of your own mind, you need to believe in something you can’t see. When you can’t expect and stretch your mind it works in a very mysterious way.

To experience a lot of mystical experiences, to experience your own full potential, you must have faith in God. In my case, every time, I felt life was taking me nowhere, the next thing I realized I was already somewhere.

If you will open the internet, countless people will share their experience with prayers, healings and moments of divinity. Don’t you want to experience something unexpected in life. It’s one of the 10 Reasons to Have Faith in God.

2- Spiritual Fulfillment

We all are living two lives simultaneously, material and spiritual at the same times. No matter how extroverted you are, you surely need some “ME TIME” once in a while. The time when you are also alone, connected to solitude where God’s energy flows through you.

It’s the time when you energize yourself, rejuvenate your mind and find the solutions to your newly appeared challenges. Faith in God gives you a profound spiritual fulfillment and allows you to have a balanced, simple and honest life.

Connecting with God also nurtures your spirit as it is organically connected. It’s the mind that keeps wondering, chattering and making it hard for you to stay silent and experience God’s healing energy.

Spiritual fulfillment is one of the 10 Reasons to Have Faith in God. No one and nothing, But only God can do it for you.

If you want you can download 100 Reasons to Believe in God PDF

3- Moral Compass

Believing in God gives us a sense of working upon yourself morally. Knowing that there is someone above us all who guides us is a sense of bigger life purpose. Reading scriptures, learning what’s right is the greatest guide for lifetime.

Most importantly, we all carry a very deep rooted belief which tells us that following God is the ultimate goal of life. It also helps us become better people, love unconditionally, care deeply and do the right thing.

All of the ethical and good deeds we do to impress God somehow helps us develop an attractive and different personality. The moral compass is one of the 10 Reasons to Have Faith in God.

4- Comfort in Times of Hardship

Life is always challenging and unpredictable to everyone, including millionaires and a common man. Having God on your side, believing in His mercy, strength definitely comforts us. Especially during hard days, spending time with closed eyes gives peace and strength.

The thought of God watching over us, protecting and caring for us secretly helps us to move forward with hope in the heart. The fact is, hard times are the only times that remind us of the existence and love of God. Irony, isn’t it?

Not to mention, God never complains or gets away from us if we don’t pray to Him regularly. His love is beyond our conscious thoughts and it’s one of the 10 Reasons to Have Faith in God. He is always protecting, guiding and loving us in the most mysterious way we could imagine.

5- Community and Fellowship

Today, with the modern technology and workload we all are busy in planning and executing to live a better life. Not to mention, one of the reasons behind growing mental health Issues and emotional trauma.

In such a time, connecting to the people who have faith in God is like giving your mind rest and heart peace. Such communities spread Love, sense of belonging, support and fellowship to everyone, either new or old community members.

The power to do such great work and share the positive energy isn’t possible without God’s presence. Coming together, sharing experiences with God, providing support to the unknowns are one of the 10 Reasons to Have Faith in God.

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6- Existential Fulfillment

As I mentioned in the start of this article, If the spirit living in us exists then undoubtedly, the creator does Exist. Today, there are thousands of expensive experiments going on researching life and its fundamentals.

One of the most trending topics is life after life. How does it work? Who made it the way it is? All of the unanswered questions are one of the 10 Reasons to Have Faith in God. No matter how Intelligent humans become or how fast technology expands, nothing can match the mystics God’s presence does.

Addressing all the deeper questions, thoughts organically arises a sense of being a part of something bigger. It gives a purpose to life and follows the scriptures that guide us to be the best version, which is God’s wish for us.

7- Historical and Philosophical Arguments

History and philosophy do believe in God’s existence and science supports some invisible energy force available in the universe. When it comes to the importance of faith in God, I believe, every mind frame has their own perspective.

The experiments, All the arguments since ancient time and every claim about mystical power proves the existence of God. I believe faith in God is the most intense and personal choice. The closest you may feel in your lifetime, at some moment, is God.

No matter what history says, science or philosophy says, deep within the hearts all of us know something will magically change. In other words, God’s existence can be felt in the heart and it’s one of the 10 Reasons to Have Faith in God.

8- Transcendence and Awe

Have you been in places where you can only hear birds, animals, water and wind? How does those untouched places made you feel? Better than man made metros or mystical beauty of nature?

No matter how hard you try to find that awe moment in material things, it only can be felt in the presence of unseen energy force. The complexity of the universe can amaze you in many ways, so does our creator, whom we can not see with open eyes.

The connection that exists in your heart effortlessly is one of the 10 Reasons to Have Faith in God. The signs you see when looking for an answer in the most wandering or divine way can not always be explained.

9- Personal Transformation

If you can go through various community groups and read people’s experience with God, you will encounter mystical transformations in them. There are countless real people who claim when nothing worked for them, faith in God did.

The power of the masses helped people recover from natural calamities, diseases such as Covid and so on. Faith in God changes worst relationship to best, worst mindset to best and worst people to their best.

In other words, one of the 10 Reasons to Have Faith in God is for personal transformation. No matter what hell-like circumstances you are living in right now, it can change positively if you have faith in God.

10- Historical Religious Texts

Some of the History is reality for those who are lucky to live long enough. There are still people who can share the pain and pleasure they lived with earlier, We call it history. With some of the updated words, emotions or wisdom history was reality to many.

Things mentioned in the Holy Gita, Bible , Quran and other scriptures say a lot and guide us to navigate our present. How? Every scriptures say, God is there, indicating a finger upside in the sky.

One can be wrong but not all of the scriptures, religious founders and Gurus can not be misguided. I believe in God because these scriptures are one of the 10 Reasons to Have Faith in God.


1- What is a strong faith in God?

Knowing that there is someone out there who created this planet, nature and all the creatures including us is faith. Believing that when you are alone and the rest of the world is against you, there is someone still there for you is faith.

Faith in God means you can give up everything and still have faith that someone is there who will give you everything back to you. Believing in the invisible is having a strong faith in God.

2- Is faith the power of God?

If I have to answer in one word then “Yes” faith in God is an unshakable power we all have within us. It’s mentioned in the Bible that “Faith can move mountains” and I can say that it does.

By having Faith in God means receiving all of His powers and blessing effortlessly. As the law of Karma says, do your duty and let the Karma do the rest, indicating to have faith in God.

Final Words: Faith is one of the very deep concepts which I believe every human on this planet have. However, due to some difficult times or circumstances when things did not go according to the person, they stop believing in Him. Not knowing that even the bad happens for the good only.

There are many more reasons to have faith in God but I am sure some of these are enough to remind yourself. If you found this article helpful and guiding, do like, comment and share with at least two friends who might find it related.

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Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed

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