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Have you ever experienced that some Invisible mystic power protecting you in a problematic situation or when you need Someone? In Other words, Angel or God is Watching Over You? Well, Believe me, or not, The Creator is always watching over and protecting you.

There is no doubt that something or Someone is operating this entire universe in a precise way. If you disagree, then think about this, how much effort it takes to take care of your loved one? If one person put so many efforts, Love, care to protect and take care of his family, everything is perfect.

Everything on this planet we use has been created by human and controlled by some device. While planet, birds, trees, stars, sun and moon, are not being operated by humans, who has their authority?

Of course, there is Someone unseen, untouched but can be felt in the heart.

This article of bigbraincoach will share nine signs that will push you to think that 
God is Watching Over You and connect with Him consciously.

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A few “God is Watching Over You Verse” available in our Holy Bible can make things more apparent to you. Before going to signs, let’s see those Bible verses about God is Watching Over You. 

God is Watching Over You Bible Verse

Genesis 28:15 “I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go, and I will bring you back to this land. I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised you.”

Nothing is hidden or secret you can hide from our Lord. Whenever He finds you strength less or helpless, he guides you and strengthens you. 

Even after everything, many people don’t even show their gratitude, even Then God loves them unconditionally. 

God designs this planet for his children; you and I are His duty to watch over His children playing Life. I am confident that these bible Verses about God is Watching Over You will clear your doubts about his presence. 

Deuteronomy 11:12 – “It is a land the Lord your God cares for; the eyes of the Lord your God are continually on it from the beginning of the year to its end.”

Before Jumping to the topic, Let’s understand what it means that God is Watching Over You!

God is Watching Over You Meaning

God is not Human-like us who has two eyes to look after us, but he can sense what we, His children are going through. He is Creator, the source of Energy, who is connected to us, His children. Whether we believe, sense or not, He is always watching over us and guiding us.

He doesn’t have a body like us; he presents many visible signs of his presence in front of us. If you consciously choose to live your day, you, yourself can encounter many conversations with Him.

7 Mystical Signs God is Watching Over You

1- Sense of Protection by Someone Unseen

I am sure I am not the only one who often feels that Someone hold my hand before I do something harmful, such as slipping in the bathroom. Not only this but before signing an agreement with Someone you knew for a long time. Or, Before leaving for the journey on a date, for some reason, it got cancelled.

In my experience, All these incidents are not just co incidents. However, Ignorant people can think it’s their own consciousness. First of all, nothing is coincident, and secondly, humans or science is still searching for the source of Energy behind our existence.

So, Yes, I am a firm believer that all these happenings were a clear sign that God is Watching Over You, protecting you and guiding you. Even when you sense there is Someone else in the room, it’s your guiding angel.

Embrace it and be grateful!

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2- You Love or Feel a Connection to God

Yes, Loving God and feeling a sense of relationship with him are entirely two different things. I have been in Love with that unknown, invisible Being since I was almost seven or ten. Although, I believed in Shiva, Maa Sherowali with a little confusion that who is really God!

If you are in Love with unknown power or some idol, trust me, God is watching over you. You don’t have to be a great devotee or practice many rituals to get His Love or protection; You just need to love or Believe.

The heart is the most powerful organ we are gifted by Creator who instantly senses every positive or negative Energy. I always had a beautiful feeling in my heart that Someone is out there who is always with me. If you too get the same vibes, trust me, God is watching over us.

3- Encountering Butterflies Around

Butterflies have been a symbol of good luck or a messenger of God since ancient time. Yes, They have their season and reason to exist, but if they are flying around you, Its a sign your Guardian angel or God is watching over you.

Different color butterflies symbolize different meanings. However, butterflies itself are a spiritual creation that always carries a message from heaven. If you are going through life, and suddenly, they or single one comes around you, know that God is Watching Over You.

Leave all the worries and believe its been taken care by your Guardian Angles. If you are still unaware of the meaning of different color butterflies and their message, I have already written in details; you may visit the link below.

4- Sense of Vibrant Fragrance

Have you ever sensed the fragrance you had experienced years ago? I have been experiencing a scent since I was 15. However, I couldn’t get from where it was coming? It was sporadic and used to come after a few years. I tried to understand what it is but end up telling myself that there is some issue in my nose.

A few years back, after my awakening, I realized its a beautiful feeling when the Supreme is around me. If you also sense old, delightful, invisible aroma, Know that God is watching over you.

The fragrance of His presence is very unusual but beautiful at the same time. You might try to connect it with anything around you, but make sure if once you didn’t get anything, Believe in His presence. Embrace your life, believing that God is always Protecting Over You.

5- Your Prayer Get Answer by Some Situation or Someone

Have you ever experienced, the answer you wanted during your prayer, some stranger delivered to you randomly? Well, in my case, It has been a daily experience. However, now I get all the answer instantly.

Do you still think it’s random coincident happened around you instead of understanding that God is protecting over you? Well, You are reading this sentence is also a sign that He wants you to believe that He is always around you.

The most touched lesson I learned from the Holly Bhagwat Gita is, “My Sweet Child, Your Faith in My increases My Faith In you.” I believe, Single sign of God’s presence in our life is enough to think and develop a relationship with Him.

God always answers how humans communicate; the only required criteria to listen to him listen to yourself first. Once you start practicing this connection, you will be sure that God is Watching Over You.

6- Often Seeing Angel Numbers

On of the unmistakable sign of God watching over you is angle numbers frequently appearing in front of you. Seeing angle numbers such as 111,222, 333, 444, 555 are not just random. These are those mystic moments when God holds you in his lap and takes you where you desire the most.

These numbers are also a doorway to His Kingdom and have profound communication with him. This is why spiritual people try to focus on their goals when the portal opens. In other words, These numbers open a specific portal, and you knowingly or unknowingly enter into that.

If you frequently, Not consciously, see these angle numbers, know that God is Watching Over You. Let him know your wishes, ask him for your desires and show your gratitude for all the blessings.

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7- Your Guts says Someone is Protecting You all the Time

Even If Someone is not a spiritual or religious person, They can’t deny such a mystic moment when they felt an invisible force protecting them. One of my student, age 46, shared an incident he encountered when he was in his thirties.

He was thoroughly drunk, crossing a valley, few miles away from the village, in midnight. It was a full moon, everything was visible, yet he felt a bit scared in that valley. In India Hanuman Chalisa, A sacred Mantra is very famous for removing fear in all ages.

Not having belief, He unconsciously asked,” O dear Lord Hanuman Ji, Please Take me to the other side of this valley.”

Suddenly, A dog appeared in front of him and started walking in front of him. He couldn’t think much as he was scared. However, he silently started following the Dog. When the valley was over, and House came nearby, the Dog disappeared.

He started looking here and there to see him but got no success. That mystic moment made him conscious suddenly, and he started crying. He Thanked Lord Hanuman Ji and promised to visit the temple soon.

So, Even If you are not a believer, God is always watching over you, someday ask him to come front He will give you a sign of his presence.

If you are still wondering and looking for the answer to “how do you know if God is watching over you,” Let’s see some quotes that other people validate His protection. 

God is Watching Over You Quotes 

“I like a decent funeral, and God knows in my family we’ve seen enough of them. Looking through family photographs now is like watching an episode of ‘Dad’s Army.” – Matt Roper

“The world doesn’t learn about God by watching Christian movies. The world knows about God by watching Christians.” -Phil Vischer

“God is not an Almighty Being watching over Life on earth, and God is the Event Horizon of Human Consciousness.” -Abhijit Naskar


1- Which Hindu God is Watching Over You?

Let me be very frank; God isn’t Hindu, Muslim Sikh or Isai. He Is a source of Energy, The father of soul, a light of Energy. Who is always connected to the soul and providing Energy.

However, If you are born in Hindu Family and Believe n Different Names of God, Whom you believe the most is the Hindu God Watching Over You.

Which Norse God is Watching Over You? 

The Greek belies in Zeus, so Its totally depend upon your faith. Even God look for your faith and provide you with his Grace accordingly.

Final Words: I assume you have already encountered above signs and believe that God is watching over you. All I can say in final words that, stay connected to him and experiment with your powers. 

Next time you feel his presence, remember what I told you God is in heaven watching over me. He is watching over, protecting and loving his children in all circumstances.

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Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed

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