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Prayer vs Meditation: Similarity, Differences and Importance

Recently I visited a temple and saw a few people talking about their praying technique. After listening to them, I decided to dig deeper into prayer vs meditation.

The intention behind writing this article is to spread awareness that meditation and prayer are two different things.
Before jumping to the main topic, let’s see the definition of meditation and prayer.

Definition Of Meditation

Meditation is a Self-care spiritual practice where one uses different ways to calm their monkey mind by focusing on their thoughts, breathing, or a particular object.

Definition Of Prayer

A prayer is a divine act or religious practice to connect to God or the object of worship. In other words, Its a series of concepts used to communicate with God.

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Prayer vs Meditation: 9 Similarities Between Praying and Meditation

As you can see, both are an action performed by an individual with a pure heart. Let’s see what the significant similarity between praying and meditation is?

1- Quite The Mind

The biggest challenge the world is facing these days lies in their own mind. It never gets calm and creates chaos and causes mental health issues. Praying and meditation both affect human brain activity and have the power to quieten the mind.

2- Connection With Higher Source

The best part of being spiritual or religious is that you have faith in the universe’s higher consciousness. Praying and meditating both helps to connect you to that divine source of energy.

3- Uses of Ancient Techniques

Whether you are religious or spiritual, you inevitably follow some ancient techniques during praying or meditation. The reason behind this is that you know that those techniques were powerful and effective than today’s technology world.

For example, Ancient Himalayan sages are still having more value than any meditator across the globe. Holly books Such as Gita, Bible, Kuran have places in modern days when people don’t quickly get convinced by others’ opinions.

4- Prayer vs Meditation- Use of Music

Everyone uses music to develop their connection with God Or Divine source. Music plays a significant role in calming the mind. Religious songs help in expressing one’s true feelings while praying. While meditation, high-frequency brain wave is truly effective.

5- Awareness About Karma

Praying and meditation, These two divine acts make you believe in Karma and inspire you to perform better Karma. In other words, it makes you a better human being.

Both help to develop a deeper understanding between the good and bad Karma. I believe Spirituality and religion play a significant role in building a better world by creating better people.

6- Attitude of Gratitude

Whether you perform any prayer or meditation, you end up showing your gratitude to the higher source. Gratitude is one of the most potent acts that make you a gentle and better human being.

7- Prayer vs Meditation Use Of Mantras

Mantras are used in prayers and meditation too. Every religion has different mantras or group of phrases which is used in prayers. In the same way, few meditation techniques include mantra-like chanting Om.

8- Believe In Mass Practice

Meditation and praying both have amazing results if practiced in a group. The intention behind mass practice includes the same reason-To bring peace and togetherness in the world.

9- Timing

Both Involves a significant time to perform these divine acts, especially in the morning and evening.

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Prayer vs Meditation- 8 Differences between Praying And Meditation

While Praying and meditation look-alike, It has many profound differences. Let’s explore and understand these differences in Brief.

1- Prayer vs Meditation- Intention

One of the most crucial differences between praying and meditation is intention. Praying is asking God to take care of things while meditation is all about acceptance and building connections with the divine.

In Bhagwat Gita, God says, If you can build a real relationship with me, you will receive all my powers, and you will be able to take care of things by yourself.

2- Prayer vs Meditation- Action

Action is the most crucial factor in performing anything. While praying, you perform certain rituals like bowing, standing, or taking round around religious places (especially in Hinduism).

Prayer also includes symbolic places like Temple, Church, Gurudwara, or Maszid while you can meditate anywhere and anytime.

3- Prayer is Preconditioning, and Meditation is Reconditioning

Prayer is something you learn from your family, holly books, or Priest. To perform meditation, you have the freedom to choose your own comfortable way.

Meditation is all about calming and guiding your minds’ monkey-chatter to connect with the diving or rewiring the neuron. On the other hand, prayer includes requests, Mantras, or sometimes thoughts.

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4- Prayer is Following Others, Meditation is Following Inner Self

Religious people perform prayers, and religion is made by humans. Every religion has its own theory of God and the style of praying. Therefore, when you pray, you follow the rules set by other people.

While meditating, you follow your inner voice.

Meditation is creating your own way to connect higher consciousness/God. For a start-up, people may try some guided meditation. However, in the end, they need to follow their own instincts; otherwise, it feels a different level of trap.

5- Praying is Speaking To God While Meditation Is Listening To Your Heart/God

The most crucial difference between praying and meditation is that prayer includes words while meditation provides pause.

Prayer is a believe of asking or talking to God, while meditation is accepting the present, building connection with God but no demand or question.

6- Meditation is Stillness While Praying is Not

While praying, one can move the hand, legs, or body, but meditation brings the stillness in mind and the physical level. Most importantly, I have seen people performing some task and praying.

In other words, you can pray while working, but to meditate, you need to keep things aside and focus on one task at a time.

7- Prayer vs Meditation- Differences in Offering

One of the significant differences in prayer and meditation is offerings. Wait, Do you thing meditation doesn’t require any offers? Well, It does. Different religion has its own particular kind of things that they offer to God and pray. For Example, Donations, Animal sacrifices, and many more.

However, Meditation does not need any such material things, But it takes your Bad habits, Greed, Cruelty, and bad Karma. In return, It transforms you into a better and desired version of yourself.

8- Judgmental and Non-Judgmental

In religion, there is a fear of God. Every holly book mentions a particular set of punishments for those who perform a sinful act. At the same time, meditation makes you not judge others’ actions but accept them as they are.

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Prayer vs Meditation: 7 Benefits of Praying and Meditation

Whether you pray or meditate or not, you would definitely get inspired to perform any of these two acts after knowing these fantastic benefits.

  • 1- Both helps to create peace and harmony that brings more happiness in life.
  • 2- Both help to enhance your mental health and emotional stability. Ultimately your mood affects your physical health and enhances your well-being.
  • 3- Both play a significant role in believing in goodness, which inspires you to become a better individual.
  • 4- One of the significant reasons behind suffering is the disconnection to self. Meditation and praying help you to stay in connection with yourself.
  • 5- Both help develop a positive attitude that helps you to vibrate higher.
  • 6- One of the significant benefits of being a meditator is that I have noticed that its excellent anti-aging, similar to those who regularly pray.
  • 7- Both helps in relaxing the mind, which make you more energetic and creative.


1- Why is Prayer And Meditation Important?

Well, It is important but not essential. However, the wisest people have already adopted it as a necessary part of their routine. Here is one most significant point you need to understand.

Prayer and meditation both allow you to spend time with yourself, reflect on your life, Karma, and provide you the wisdom to choose the right path. When you connect to higher consciousness, you unlock the door of wisdom that guides you to your greater destiny.

Think about “You are your Best Friend” so when you pray or meditate, you spend time with your best friend.

2- Meditation vs Prayer Which Ones Better? 

Well, both have its own power and effects, however, meditation is helpful in awakening the powers God has provided us. For me, Meditation comes on top but I do believe in prayer so I do add prayers in my daily routines. 

3- Can You Talk to God Through Meditation?

Meditation is a way to calm the mind and practice listening to what God tells us. And Of course, during Meditation, you can communicate to God. When you meditate for a certain time period your mind becomes clutter free.

A clean and calm mind can hear the voice of God easily, without any confusion.

4- Does Meditation Heal The Brain?

Meditation directly affects our brain cells and helps to let them settle in their natural way as a person was born. These days many studies have accepted that Meditation does help in healing the mind and body.

As a regular practitioner, my opinion about this question, A big Yes! Meditation does Heal The Brain.

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Final Words: I hope all of your doubts have vanished about prayer vs meditation. If you still have any question, let me in the comment box. If you have been praying for long time, its time to upgrade yourself and practice meditation at least for 21 days. 

Once you will experience the benefits of meditation, you will believe in the magic of peace and stronger  connection with God. If you found this article helpful and guiding, do like and share it with others as well. 

Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed

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