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10 Benefits of Jogging That Can Inspire You to jog Regularly

 Jogging is the best way for everyone to stay fit and healthy. It is a form of running but in a particular rhythm and speed. Today, I am going to share my experience about 10 benefits of jogging and few essential Tips with you.

As we all know, every physical activity is meant to keep us healthy and fit; therefore, I believe jogging is the easiest and best way for the full body workout.

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10 benefits of jogging Regularly

Jogging has several physical and mental benefits, Let’s explore these 10 benefits of jogging in details.

1- First and most loving benefit of jogging every day is that it reduces unnecessary fat from your body. If you are carrying extra fat with you and trying to remove them, jogging is the best way to quickly reduce those fats. Jogging also helps you to maintain your weight and overall physical fitness.

2- jogging helps to improve your bone’s strength. It prepares you to bear you weight, and it keeps you healthy and energetic. If you jog on regular basis, The healing capacity of bones get strengthens. In other words, jogging prevents form bone fractures.

3/10 Benefits of Jogging

Jogging is also helpful to keep your mental and physical fitness in alignment. It helps to reduce the stress level and boost your energy. It will be best if you try to jog in the garden and some greenery. Jogging in nature helps to clean your lungs and provide fresh oxygen to your mind and body, which boosts your mental stamina.

4- jogging is also good for your heart and respiratory system. It helps to clean the blockage of the heart and respiratory system and allows you to breathe freely. It also helps to enhance and strengthen the lung capacity.

5- jogging helps to enhance your immune system by stimulating the blood circulation in the body and providing oxygen to internal organs. Most of the diseases are caused by some blockage in the body, jogging helps to remove those blockage and provide the needed nutrition to every internal organ. Ultimately, it affects your immune system and helps to enhance your well-being.

6/ 10 Benefits of Jogging

Unfortunately, these days, most of us are taking some or other treatments for some reason. Jogging not only keeps you healthy but also enhances the chances to cure the disease you are already carrying with you.

7- Someone with already mental illness can get the most amazing benefits of jogging. Anxiety and depression are the result of not only stress but blood circulation. When you jog, every mussels get activated and the blood circulation affects your mood instantly. In other words, Jogging can be the best anti depression therapy.

8- Think about how many times you go to garden and enjoy with nature. One of the best reason to jog daily is you get time to spend with nature while working on your physical fitness. Spending time with nature has an amazing effect on human body.

9- Jogging not only keeps you mentally and physically fit but also helps you to surround with like minded people. It enhances your communication skill and inspire you to go out and jog daily. Meeting people for few minutes a day lower your stress and take you away from regular routine. I believe its much needed for everyone.

10/10 Benefits of Jogging

Last but not the least benefit of jogging is it’s the best anti-aging activity. Yes, it keeps your skin, bones, mental health and physical health in healthy shape. When your well being is in its perfect position, it reflects on face. Most importantly, If enhances your overall appearances and keeps you young.

You see, Despite of these 10 Benefits of Jogging, It has an ultimate effect on overall life; therefore, if you haven’t started yet, start jogging for at least 15 to 20 minutes every day in the morning.

Jogging Tips for Beginners

Well, If you are thinking to start, Prepare well for continuation, and if you start well, you will get the result. After knowing all the 10 Benefits of Jogging who wont?

Before you start jogging, there are a few useful recommendations I would like to share with you.

1- An essential need is the quality of your shoes. Walking jogging or running depends on your feet, so give your feet a comfortable pair of jogging shoes. Poor quality or different size shoes can cause you to pain in your ankles, feet, joints, or hips. Therefore do some research and find out the best pair of shoes before you start jogging.

2- Another essential preparation is to wear comfortable clothes before you go for jogging. It would be best if you choose the type and texture of your clothes according to the weather in your area. Wrong fabric can cause uncomfortably and potential danger to your body. Therefore wear some right texture clothes before you go for jogging.

3- Always carry sufficient water with you. When you jog, it burns calories, and you may feel Thirsty or drained; therefore, you need to hydrate yourself. Drinking water is needed while jogging after a certain amount of time. Water helps remove toxins and waste from your body in the form of sweat and re-energize you to move forward.

4- While going for jogging, you need some important stuff to keep with you. Carrying a big wallet or purse is not possible and comfortable. Therefore try to have a smart pouch with you to carry your cell phone, keys, ID cards etc.

Is jogging better than running? jogging vs running

Many of you might have a question that is jogging better than running? Well, it’s tough to say that running or jogging is better than the other one. Although running and jogging both are in aerobic cardiovascular activity, I believe it depends upon the individual’s capacity.

After knowing all the above 10 Benefits of Jogging,  let’s explore the difference between running and jogging, you will understand which one is better for yourself.

1- There is some easy to understand the difference between running and jogging. While running, your speed matters a lot, which affects your heart rate and bones.

On the other hand, if you will see someone jogging, you can see a clear difference. The speed is comfortable; however, it has the same effects on your heart rate bones and blood stimulation.

2- For someone trying to lose some weight, jogging can be a slow process while running can give the desired result quickly. As compared to running, jogging is less effective in burning calories. One of the 10 Benefits of Jogging is that its good for mental health; it can enhance your mood instantly.

3- Someone with heavyweight wants to start a workout and do some cardio exercise will not be able to run initially. However, they can start with jogging, and slowly they can shift to running. In that way, anyone can start the cardio exercise with jogging as its comfortable for beginners.

These are significant differences that help people to choose wisely. Now, I hope you are very clear which one is better for you to start with.

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Can you lose belly fat by jogging?

Well, As we all know that running jogging or walking is the best way to burn some calories. Why running is likely to result in this time jogging can take a little extra time than running. However, it does help to lose belly fat if you jog regularly.

Is there any Side effects of jogging?

Well, Excess quantity of anything is harmful to the human body, whether it be exercise, food intake, or even overthinking. So yes, over jogging can have some adverse effects on your body.

If you don’t provide desire rest to your body, you may experience fractures, Muscle, or tissue breaking issues, and if you are old enough, you may also experience heart issues.

Benefits of jogging in the evening?

The majority of people prefer to jog in the morning as its time when air is fresh; It gives an excellent start to the day. However, Jogging in the evening is also suitable as your body is already in motion, so it takes less time to relax and balance your mood.

How many calories does jogging a mile burn?

Some of the research says that jogging every day burns approximately a hundred calories. However, it can vary from person to person. I believe that burning calories works in both mental and physical ways.

Despite of all the above 10 Benefits of Jogging remember, The intensity of your jogging and mood effect calories burning process.

Also, your body weight plays a significant role in the process of calories burning. Study says that a person with 140-pound body weight can burn 408 calories if he jogs approx. half an hour every day.

Final Words: I am sure after knowing about 10 Benefits of Jogging and other healthy factors you are intimidated to start jogging. Let me know in the comment box if you are a jogger and I forgot to mention any of its benefits. 

Stay Healthy, Stay Fit