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Dzogchen Meditation: One of The Greatest Way to Train Your Mind

Dzogchen meditation is generally known as Atiyoga. It is Indo-Tibetan Buddhist teaching whose goal is to discover our original and natural state. The Only purpose of Dzogchen is knowledge of this foundation, and this knowledge is called Rigpa.

Dzogchen is a combination of two terms, the first is Rdzogs, which means perfection or completion, and the second is Chen, which means excellent. Therefore Dzogchen means the highest perfection or completion.

The 14th Dalai Lama says that the word “Dzogchen” may be a rendering of the Sanskrit word “mahasandhi”. If we look at that point, then Mahasandhi means the most significant combination.

Who Can Perform Dzogchen Meditation

To learn and practice Dzogchen, one needs to go through Rigpa. Rigpa, in other words, you can say instantaneous enlightenment. If you haven’t experienced right, you are not eligible to practice Dzogchen.

To achieve Rigpa, it takes years of practice of Tantra. In other words, you need to perform other spiritual activities.

As we saw above the only purpose of this meditation is to achieve the highest consciousness. Therefore, To accomplish that one needs to remove all the negative thoughts, painful memories or feeling and get ready for that.

To ordinary people, it’s hard to start directly with Dzogchen meditation. Therefore, they need to go through various studies, training and practice other activities to purify themselves.

The purification training cleanses all the old heavy feeling and makes you light, raises the energy level. Most importantly, it provides you with the wisdom to understand your actual state of consciousness.

All the above activity strengthens the spiritual experiences, and you become ready to go to the next step. In other words, you become eligible to get introduced to Dzogchen meditation by a qualified master.

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Steps to Practice Dzogchen Meditation

Let me clear essential thing first; I am just telling to small way, not explaining the whole method. If you want to practice, have a Guru because a Guru shares his wisdom and energy with you. He guides you through the entire process to make you understand every little thing.

Fortunately, Dzogchen meditation includes series of meditation that helps to achieve the desired goal quickly.

As we saw earlier, to practice this meditation, you need to achieve Rigpa. So, basically this three-step you need to follow to practice.

1- Focus on achieving Rigpa, the natural state- The guru not only provide knowledge but through his power, He/ She make you feel the true nature of your mind.

2- Get Ready to Experience Oneness- When you open your heart to your guru, you start experiencing the power of meditation. It takes you to the real truth, the true nature of your consciousness.

3- Consistency is the Key- This is last but most crucial step because nothing is permanent. If you want to stay awake and stay faithful to your truth, you must practice daily. Most importantly, Experiencing Rigpa and practicing daily makes you free and liberated.

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Benefits of Practicing Dzogchen Meditation

Every meditation has the same results; however, getting trained under a qualified teacher is an entirely different experience. Allow me to share what I experienced after practicing Dzogchen Meditation in brief.

1- You obtain instant awareness while practicing other techniques take a little longer time, here you achieve quickly. As you perform Rigpa, it becomes easy to achieve a higher level of awareness quickly.

2- When you go through the purification process, your focus enhances drastically. As you know, Attention is required to perform Dzogchen meditation; It ultimately provides you with a better concentration in life.

3- Here was the real and the most robust deal for me. Sometimes, Being empath use to make me feel frustrated. However, after practicing Dzogchen meditation, I am able to channelize my emotions and use them in a better way.

4- No doubt, when you master your emotions, get connected to your real state of consciousness, it feels paradise. The Calmness that you never imagined starts flowing through you. You just witness the happening, and that’s the state every meditator desires.

5- Last but not least, Regular practice enhances overall well- being and keep your energy level at its highest. For an instant, Dzogchen meditation seems more difficult, but the result is harder to explain in words.

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Dzogchen Meditation Books

There are many books available in the market that provide information and essential detail about this meditation. However, It will be better if you choose books written by some of the teacher or Dzogchen meditation.

Here are some Important Dzogchen meditation books I found really helpful to gain insight.

1- Dzogchen- The Heart Essence of the Great Perfection

Undoubtedly, no one else can make you understand better than His Holiness Dalai Lama XIV! The book is very insightful, and the explanation is Profound as well as technical.

However, you need to be fully present and focus on gaining insight. Excellent writing to find the Rigpa and understand it fully.

Its is the most enlightening, Informative and In-depth book on Dzogchen available. His Holiness provides in-depth insights into one of the most significant systems of Buddhist meditation.

He explains the philosophic foundations behind this meditation and practical practices done in the schools and different organizations.

His Holiness has explained the essence of Dzogchen Meditation and answered many questions related to various aspect of Dzogchen.

If you want to understand one of the best Buddhist meditation technique and learn the essence of Dzogchen mediation, This books is much helpful.

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2- Fearless Simplicity- The Dzogchen Way of Living Freely in a Complex World

If you are looking for a book with clear guidance and message to understand about how to calm your mind, this Dzogchen meditation book is a great read!

The book explains about training in the ordinary, sleepy state of mind and creating an atmosphere where all difficulties naturally get dissolve.

Most importantly, the book is written by one of the greatest Tibetan meditation master and author of Carefree Dignity. With his years of experience and teaching style, he guides us to become ease with our surroundings and ourselves.

He explains how The true bodhisattva spirit develops when you gain a personal sense of freedom. After the realization of freedom, you learn to direct your awareness of the needs of others, your Compassion expands.

This is where inner simplicity become fearless in a complex world, and you learn to accommodate all phenomena. Empathy grows; you start caring for everyone. Most importantly, no one is a threat any longer.

3- The Great Secret of Mind

I felt The book is a combination of a summary of the philosophy and system of Dzogchen meditation. As we all know that it’s one of the most exceptional meditation technique of Buddhism prevalent in Tibet.

The author has added several quotes delivered by Dzogchen and other meditation masters. He connects the quotes to his teaching, and that helps us to understand the author’s explanations and descriptions of what Dzogchen meditation and philosophy involves. It’s an excellent introduction and summary of the technique as well.

The book provides insight into the relationship between the mind and the outer world. It also guides to open the greatest secret of the mind’s luminous nature.

I think you are going to learn many amazing facts about the behavior of the human mind and reason behind it. Most importantly, the author provides details guide to train your monkey mind with effortless meditation.

This Dzogchen meditation book also provides tips about how, without modifying anything, you can dissolve thoughts of sorrow and enter into the spaciousness of pure presence.

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Dzogchen Teachers
1- Namkhai Norbu

Respected Namkhai Norbu was of the greatest Tibetan Dzogchen meditation master. When he was two years old, Namkhai Norbu was famous as the ‘mindstream emanation’, when he was only two years old. In other words, He was a gifted soul to the Tibet and Dzogchen meditation.

He established the first community of meditation in the West and spread the wisdom of Dzogchen around the western countries.
Most importantly, He was one of the pioneering Buddhist mediation who contributed to spreading Buddhism to the West.

2- Sogyal Rinpoche

Sogyal Rinpoche was one of another most significant Dzogchen meditation teachers and contributor to Buddhism, also known as Padmasambhava. The Padma is a Sanskrit word that means ‘lotus flower’ s and sambhava mean ‘born from.’

It is believed that Sakyamuni has predicted his birth. He was mostly known for his miraculous powers, including the ability to command evil spirits.

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