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Francis Chan Books: The Easiest Way to Develop Faith In Bible and God

Francis Chan, an American best-selling author, was Born on August 31, 1967, in San Francisco. After the death of his mother, Chan was sent to Hong Kong to be raised by his grandmother.  Francis Chan books are enlightening and pure Love for God.

When Chan was only twelve years old, he lost his father to cancer. During his high-school and junior-college, He was actively participating in Christian youth groups.

For an instant, his faith increased in Christ, and he started taking an interest in service. Chan moved to Hong Kong in 2020 with his wife, Lisa Chan, who is a singer. Earlier he was living and working in the most deprived area, Sham Shui Poin Hong Kong.

Chan is a former priest of Cornerstone Community Church in California. Chan often talks about the Bible and living our lives that way. According to an unknown author, he is brave enough to defy “lukewarmness” in the Christian life.

Following are the most popular and best-selling Francis Chan books!

1- Forgotten God:- Reversing Our Tragic Neglect of the Holy Spirit

This book is a good reminder of God and his power. Its one of those Francis Chan books that changes you eternally.

In this book, Chan reveals how and why he is giving his life to the service he is passionate about. Through his honest and straightforward style, Chan breaks the doctrinal belief of people about the Holy Spirit.

He drives the focus of the reader on what the Bible states about the Holy Spirit. This book is a wall-shattering appeal for everyone to allow God’s Spirit to touch our daily thoughts, plans, and prayers.

Chan says that the holy spirit has been neglected for a very long time by us. In the results, the world is receiving only disastrous events. He inspires us to change our life, accepting the power of Father, Holy Spirit.

This book is truly a collection of gems by Francis Chan. Therefore, You must read it. In fact, not only read but allow the truths to transform you.

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2- Letters To The Church

This book challenges the modern structure of the western Church. Chan views can shake your opinion of suitable church life.

I genuinely appreciate his challenges. His writing is compliance, and he is passionate for Christ the Church.

Chan seems careful and monotonous in urging his readers that he shares only what he had experienced many times and others need to seek God’s will.

Chan questions many thoughtful questions and differences in behaviors and activities within our churches.

The main message of the book is to teach that the way we follow the Church does not align with the way the early Bible says.

Chan reflects on his failures and dreams, connecting it to the words of the Bible. This is how He shared the life journey of an ordinary man God is using to change the world.

This is one of the essential Francis Chan books that every Christians and church leaders must-read.

3- Erasing Hell- What God Said About Eternity

So, the title seems controversial but The Author, as always speaks the truth. It’s still unapologetic about what the Bible says. Most importantly, Chan is thorough and sincerely excellent in his sincerity.

The book presents a thoughtful yet straightforward read on a severe issue. Chan also reveals the truth about the real hell and people are going there, As the Bible says.

This is not a book isn’t about what Chan is saying but, It’s about what God says. It’s not a book about indifferent religious matters, but it’s about those people whom God loves.

The book is very engaging and full of wisdom. While reading the book, you will feel the truth of Scripture. You find not only find the truth but the strength to apply it in life.

One of the best Francis Chan books I will recommend you to read!

4- Francis Chan books- Fear God

Do you fear God and His will? If Yes, then you know what big difference it brings in life. Isn’t it? In the modern world, most people have lost this fear and don’t even bother.

This book is an essential book of Francis Chan that teaches us to understand that God’s real fear leads to the keeping of His commandments, life. Most importantly, It is the beginning of enlightenment.

To understand the relationship between God and humans, we must find someone who has directly interacted with Him in the Bible.

This book is a perfect read to understand the meaning and benefits of having a fear of God in dept. The author shares his experience of how to understand pure fear and transform your life with God.

This first but the best Francis Chan Books, I will recommend you to read!

5- Multiply- Disciples Making Disciples

Are you trying to be the best disciples in search of God? If yes, Then this the best, Simple, and practical book for disciples of Jesus Christ.

There are twenty-four sessions in the books. In this book, Chan reveals discipleship relationships and other essential points that will equip you to carry out Christ’s preaching.

One plus one or eleven? Multiplication is designed to do what Christ did: Become disciples and create disciples who make more disciples.

Keep doing Until the world knows the truth of Christ.

A simple book that provides every wisdom to live as a Christian. One of the best Francis Chan books, I believe, Every Christian must-read and practice it in life.

6- Crazy Love- Overwhelmed by a Relentless God

Do you think those who are in Love with God are crazy? Well, you need to experience how it feels to love God!

Or Have you ever felt like God is calling you to a passionate love relationship with Himself? If yes, Congratulations, Your are an extra blessed and unique child of God!

Crazy Love is an inspiration and enlightening book. However, some of you might get uncomfortable after realizing the truth.

The book will surely make you question about your relationship with God, people and the Church.

The main focus of Francis Chan is this book is how to build a relationship with God. He shares many real-life experiences of Jesus telling his disciples to come with an empty hand as they go to spread the news to prove that world needs to depend on God for everything.

One of the most engaging Francis Chan books, you must-read!

Remember, when you are genuinely in Love with someone, your world changes.

7- The Road We Must Travel- A Personal Guide for Your Journey

There is a reason for including this book on this list. The book is a perfect package of Highly respected, best-selling spiritual mentors, including Francis Chan, Eugene Peterson and Bill Hybels.

They all are going to guide you to navigate unknown roads of life in future. The book teaches you How to do appropriate self-care and deal with the challenges you face every day.

Most importantly, how to look at other people who are crossing you on your journey.

The book will provide you confirmation that you are on the right road and headed in the right direction. Some part the book will inspire you to keep moving towards the end destination.

Throughout the book, you will be reminded that no matter what you plan, God still directs your steps, and that is the best guidance you will ever receive.

One of the Most important Francis Chan books, Everyone must read to ease life-journey.

Final WordsThese Francis Chan books have a more significant effect on the mind. If you are serious about developing your faith in God and His will, Read once.