12 Steps To Self Care- Essential Tips For Balanced and Fulfilled Life

I believe these 12 steps to self care are essential for every individual who cares for others. Yes, if you care for others, it’s important for you to take care of yourself first.

Life is a journey, and we all have our own purposes in life. However, The first and most important purpose of life is to be happy. It’s important to understand that happiness isn’t outside its inside you.

Therefore, being happy is a personal and essential choice for all of us. To be happy, you need to stay connected to yourself.

Self-care is the responsibility everyone has towards themselves. Being healthy and happy allow you to be the best version of yourself.

Self-care is taking out time to be kind to yourself. Creating time to be with yourself brings a massive difference to physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

For me, these 12 steps to self care have been working like healing therapy.

Self-care is bringing change to your daily routine so that you always feel connected to yourself and the world. Self-care not only reflects on you but on others too. It allows you to do all things with kindness.

Here are 12 steps to self care 

1- Be yourself

Rare is real these days. So, just be yourself. Remind yourself daily that you are a fantastic individual on this planet earth. No one can replace you. So, Be the best version of yourself. Be bold and authentic with yourself.

Being real is the highest achievement in life. It will give you the satisfaction and happiness which nothing in the World can provide. Praise yourself for all the progress you have made.

Always dedicate time to congratulate yourself for being you. Remember, the world needs more genuine people. Fake is outdated. Being yourself is the first but essential step of 12 Steps To Self Care

2- Be good and kind to yourself

The wrong side of good people is that they are always kind to others but never to themselves.

Keep a note that Mental health is as important as physical health. Always think positive about yourself. Analyzing yourself is a different thing, but be kind to yourself and work on bettering your mental health.

Create some powerful self-talk and speak to yourself whenever you get time. After all, you are the one who spends most of the time with you.
Remember, to encourage yourself is your responsibility.

I feel this the most essential step of 12 Steps To Self Care.

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3- Practice detachment

Emotional health is as important as mental and physical health. Emotional detachment protects your mind from stressful people and situations. It also trains you not to take things personally.

However, detachment doesn’t mean that you don’t care for others. It simply means that you care so much that instead of dragging yourself into their pain, you chose to do something which can remove the pain from loved ones.

The Bhagavad Gita also recommends practicing detachment. Detachment balance your emotional health, which is ultimately helpful in keeping you physically and mentally fit.

One of the best benefits of detachment is that you gain the ability to let go of the past, painful memories, and anger. Staying detached can be hard but its one of the best step of 12 Steps To Self Care.

4- Let go and let god

The beauty of life is, it gives you many surprises every day. Not every surprise comes to please us; some comes to teach us something. So, learn to let go of things that are not into your control.

Life is all about learning to balance between expected and unexpected. Give thanks to the expected one and accept the unexpected one.

The unexpected situation always brings some messages for us. So we can learn from it and let go. Also, Acceptance keeps you in peace and saves your energy for something worth it.

In other words, not making yourself stressed is another step of 12 Steps To Self Care.

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5- Surround yourself with positivity

We become like those five people we spend most of the time with. Yes, it’s true. Energy affects, and it gets transferred too.

Therefore, choose your circle wisely. When it comes to your future and mental health, decide to be with positive people. They are the ones who can lift you and increase your energy level.

When you surround yourself with dreamers and doers, you get inspired to do more in life. You give your life a purpose that makes you feel complete and satisfied.

Self-care means you chose the people who are good for your mental health. Selection of positive people is one of the right step of 12 Steps To Self Care.

6- Follow your dreams

one of the most important steps to self-care is to keep yourself satisfied and happy.

Life without goals and dreams is like your car without fuel, a journey without a destination. Not following your dreams inviting depression, frustration, and unhappiness in life.

To live fullest, you have to live your dreams. No matter how much you feel stuck in any situation, always follow your dreams. It gives you satisfaction, happiness, and make your life worth living.

Research says most of the people regret on death bed for not doing what they wanted to do. So, don’t let your dream die. Follow it, pursue it, and life fullest.

Living your life on your terms and condition is one of the most important step of 12 Steps To Self Care.

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7- Make time for yourself

When I say time for yourself, it means only you. Take out some time in a day to spend with yourself. The best person to spend time with is within you.

When you spend time with yourself, you learn more about yourself.
Give time for your hobbies, spend time with nature, cook something you really like.

Schedule your time for yourself, and spend that time for whatever makes you feel happy and connected to yourself.

Keeping yourself happy and peaceful is one essential step of 12 Steps To Self Care. Therefore you have to take full responsibility for it.

8- Once in a year Travel solo

Traveling solo makes a big difference in life. It makes you more responsible for self-care. You don’t need to feel stressed or drained before going on a solo trip.

Just make a routine to travel for two-three days alone. It gives you extra energy and wisdom for better upcoming days.

When you disconnect yourself from the world for a while, you feel more relax and strengthened. These self-care journeys don’t have to be expensive; simply travel to the next town and see the views, or go camping or trekking.

The only goal here is to take time from your regular calendar and do something just for yourself. I feel you too can add this to your 12 steps to self care list. 

9- Invest in self-care books

The best investment one can do investing in something which doubles productivity. Books are the best way to discover fresh ideas and improve yourself. There are hundreds of best-selling self-care books available on amazon.

Buy some for yourself and get better tips to groom yourself. You can read on mobile or online too. However, it’s always better to use a paper book as it has a different psychological effect on the mind.

Reading a paper book is the best for the mind as well as eyes too. Reading is one of the soul feeding step of 12 Steps To Self Care.

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10- Don’t hesitate to say no to others and yes to your self-care

Saying no to someone is really challenging. However, learning to say no is an essential step among 12 steps to self care.

When you say yes to others, make sure you genuinely do. Before spreading happiness around, it’s important to spread joy inside you. Therefore, If you don’t feel like saying YES to others, Then don’t.

With a little practice, you can learn how to politely say no. Being true to yourself will make you feel more empowered, and you’ll have more time for your self-care.

11- Include Mental and physical exercise in your self-care list

The workout is the best activity to keep yourself physically fit. However, adding some mental exercise gives an extra boost to our self-care mindset. The workout is one of the important steps among 12 steps to self care.

Schedule time for the workout. Add different activities like Zumba, cardio, yoga for physical fitness. You can practice various exercises on a typical day. It also adds some modernity and motivates you to work out daily.

Meditation is the ultimate way to self care. It keeps you calm, peaceful and focused on your priority in life.
You can add mindfulness in your self-care and practice it while performing any activities. You need not take out different times for this.

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12- Practice Gratitude

The law of attraction says Practicing gratitude attracts more blessings. Take out time to say thanks for everything you have.

The advantages of practicing Gratitude are endless. Those who practice Gratitude daily experience more positive emotions, feel more conscious, sleep better, and express more empathy.

Gratitude must be your first and last thought of the day. I kept it to the previous because I feel its most important thought of the day. Gratitude is most essential step among 12 steps to self care.

Final Words: These are my 12 steps to self care. Let me know which one you like the most.

Sharing is Caring 🙂

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