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11 Powerful Children’s Morning Prayers to Guidance and Protection

Children, The future of Our planet, is the basic foundation of the better world we expect. They must be taught all those essential habits early, which will help them shape their future. I believe Children’s Morning Prayers are a necessary practice that, as a parent, you must teach them as soon as they start understanding you.

Morning prayers are also the foundation of the upcoming day and food for a better mental state. Those words, mixed with emotions, are the best offering to God. In return, He delivers you the best of his to let your faith grow more robust.

In this article of BigBrainCoach, I will share some children’s morning prayers mixed with essential ingredients which will definitely make your day.

Whether you are a school authority, Parents, or spiritual guide, you will shape their thoughts and day with these Morning prayers. Most importantly, Children will feel a connection to God with the help of these words; I will deliver here.

Before we jump to the main topic, let’s understand why is children’s morning prayers must do the task?

Importance of Children’s Morning Prayers

Just like morning breakfast provide better physical strength and prepares them for the day, children’s morning prayers play the same role to start a day.

One day, children will be adult, so they need to be taught the right way of thinking at the right age. Asking God for being with them and guide them to walk on the right path must be taught at an early age.

If they get exemplary teaching in childhood, definitely they become a better individual adult. The habit of good morning prayer and showing gratitude to a higher source is the most extraordinary habit a parent or teacher can develop in a child.

Here are some guided Children’s Morning Prayers to follow instantly.

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Children’s Morning Prayers/ Short Morning Prayer For Kids

Kids are a mirror of God who needs realization, and in order to do that, short morning prayers after opening eyes help. Guide your kids to pray before leaving the bed in the morning so that God can watch over them for the entire day.

Also, morning prayers before leaving bed make them understand that there is some invisible power watching, guiding and protecting them.



Children’s Morning Prayers

Children's Morning Prayers Images

Children’s Morning Prayers/ Morning Prayer for School

School is the first official place where children start shaping their behavior and learn to be in discipline. I believe it a huge responsibility of the School to teach children morning offering prayer.

By offering, here I intend to say that We must teach children to offer our action to God. As adults, we can make them understand that the right Karma is the best offering to God; they don’t need to be taught right or wrong.

Morning Prayers in the School is a fun and the starter of the day; it must be something that children can relate to themselves. Here are some of the children’s morning prayers can be performed in school.

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Children's Morning Prayers Images

Morning Prayer for School

Children's Morning Prayers Images

Morning Prayer for School

Children's Morning Prayers Images
Children’s Morning Prayers/ Morning Prayer for My Children’s Protection

Do you know parents are the first creator of God who can shape their child future? Well, mothers, don’t forget, you not only used your blood and flesh but your emotions and words to create them.

Your words have a magical effect on your child’s mind and future as you are biologically connected to them. Parents often worried about their friend circle, bad habits and addiction; Morning prayers for your children is the best way to protect them.

If you are parents and want God or a supreme energy source to protect your child, use the right words to defend them. Here are some children’s morning prayers performed by parents for their safety.

children's morning prayers Images

children’s morning prayers By Parents

“Dear God, Provide my children laughter and joy to fill the day today. Please give them self-reliance and strength to face difficulties.
Father, protect my children from feelings of regret or condemnation and shower them with your grace and hope. Amen”. 

“Dear Lord, Thank you for being with my children in the day or night. So we are putting our trust in you as they lay their heads down and close their eyes to rest.
I pray for good dreams for your blessings to surround my children in every way. Amen”.

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Children’s Morning Prayers/ Short Prayers for Children

If you, as parents, want your prayers to be answered, please keep your prayers in your heart and stay connected to God.

Children are the most precious gift God has gifted to parents, so it’s obvious to feel anxious for their healthy being. The only Suggestion I will give here that make your faith stronger in God and ask him to take your worries.

Asking God to take care of your children and provide them with what you ask for is the best thing you can do for your children.


Ask your child to ask God for guidance and show their gratitude by using words written bellow.

Short Prayers for Children Images/ Children's Morning Prayers

Final words: I am sure these children’s morning prayers will help you to guide and protect your children by affirming these prayers every morning. If you liked it, do let me know in the comment box, and don’t forget to share it with friends and family.


Stay Blessed

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