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Powerful Teenager Prayer To Guide and Protect them from Evils

Teenage, The stage of life when a child starts dreaming about being his own Hero, experience new things, make his identity. Sounds super exciting. Well, Every exciting experience carries a lot of adverse pressure too. Offering Teenager prayer helps in raising the strength to face any challenges.

It’s an age that demands no boundary and no help; no matter what challenge children face, they want to solve them independently. Guidance seems to boss to them and bossing? You can’t even express in words as a parent, right?

Love life, Buddy’s problems, social conflicts, above all, these good grades, which shape their future, don’t you think it’s too much? All the rage, boiling blood, and stress they go through, in reality, doesn’t need any suggestions or guidance if they are not ready.

If you are a teenager reading this or a parent concerned about your teenage child, all you can do to make the thing go well is, Pray.

In this article of bigbraincoach, I will share the most powerful teenager Prayer that will help you raise your faith in God’s plan.

Prayer For Rebellious Teenager

Teenager Prayer Images

“Dear God, The day you blessed me with this beautiful bundle of joy, I was thrilled. I have always tried my best to raise him well and guide him to the right path. These days, I am struggling to connect to him. I am asking you to guide him and protect him from any harmful action. Amen”

Children want to decide for themselves at this point in life and do what they think is right; any disturbance makes them violent or disobeys elders.

Believe me, nothing will help you to reach the Heart of your child when they don’t want to listen to you, but Prayer does. A silent prayer to God comes to your children’s core and makes them feel what you want to say.

Of course, it’s going to test your patience first, but trust me, in the end, it will be worth it. Don’t say anything, just make them feel that you trust in their decision and you will be there whenever they need you.

I have been there, and it was heartbreaking when your child associates with the wrong group of people and develop bad habits. However, Asking God to guide my son and protect him from any harmful people or situation worked like a miracle.

One day, He came to me crying and said sorry for everything he was doing past few months. I asked him, What Happened?

He said, “My friends offered me to drink alcohol, and I did. The moment I drank, something happened to me, and I felt, what am I doing? You always treat me with so much love and patience, and I am destroying my life. I couldn’t drink anymore, and I left. Now I no longer hang out with those people.”

What do you think happened there? I bet, My Prayer was answered, God himself guided him, and my son came back to his proper sense. Here is The Teenager Prayer I used during those hard days to guide my teenage Son.

Teenager Prayer Images

“Lord, I always asked you to protect my family and keep us on the right path. My son/daughter seems going wrong direction, and it’s painful for me. You have always watched over my family, and; I am asking you to protect and shift my son/daughter to the right path. Amen.”

Bible Verses for Rebellious Teenager

Teenager Prayer Images

Colossians 3:20 “Children, obey your parents in everything, for this pleases the Lord.”

The truth is that Karma doesn’t give any discount to anyone, whether it’s a child or parent. It’s crucial for both of them to respect each other because it’s the truth, God’s will.

No child who disrespects or hurts their parents; someday they have to pay, so Parents must have compassion for their child. Sometimes, children unintentionally do things that doesn’t support their parent’s upbringing.

In such cases, Only Prayers for teenage are the best option and Let God touch the child and bring Him to the right path.

Teenager Prayer Images

Mark 12:30 “And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.”

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A Prayer For My Teenager How is Headed Down The Wrong Path

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“Dear God, I pray to you, Guide my son/daughter to walk on the right path. Provide him/her your wisdom, protection, and shelter so that no evil can touch him/her. As always, I surrender my challenge to you, and I know you will take care of it. Amen.”

Teenager Prayer Images

“Father, my wisdom to my child seems not to guide him/her well. I cannot show him/her the right path, and everything I worked for is falling apart. Please protect my child and show him/her the right direction. Amen.”

Prayer For Teenager Who Doesn’t Believe

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“Lord, Your mercy upon my family, has been the greatest blessing I ever received. I am worried about my teenage child, who is not showing interest in believing in your presence. Father, please show your kindness and let him experience your presence in his/her life as well. Amen.”

One of the most challenging situations for parents raising teenagers is their disbelief in spiritual activities or a higher source. Disbelief in God or higher power is a sign of closed Crown Chakra, The doorway To connect God.

The reason behind it the modern lifestyle and increasing mental and emotional state. The growing technology and social engagement have a powerful impact on the individual.

Social media has become a showcase where everyone is displaying their lifestyle, which is impacting youth enormously. Unfortunately, we, as a parent don’t have control at social media including our teenage.

There is always an open doo in such a situation that can do things for you that you can not. Offering teenager prayer develops a sense of belief in God, or a sense of gratitude will do the miracle.

Teenager Prayer Images

“Dear God, I am grateful to you for keeping me connected to you and guiding me to the right path. As a parent, I cannot develop the same faith in my child, so I ask you to do the same magic and let him believe in you. Amen.”

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Teenager Prayer For My Struggling Son

Teenager Prayer Images

“O My Savior Lord, My Heart is breaking, and my soul is crying to see my Son struggling with himself for(Reason). I pray to you to forgive him for his wrong choices and enlighten him to follow your guide path. Amen.”

Being different in society these days is becoming harder day by day for teenage children. It’s even hardest for parents who are unable to help their child overcoming such challenges.

Children are also struggling due to their wrong choices. The worst, they don’t like you showing them the right path.

To those parents, I will suggest never force your child to change; instead, empower them to become better in their own way. One of the most potent and effective ways to empower your child is Asking God, the highest power, to guide and help your child.

Teenager Prayer Images

“Dear God, My Son has been battling something He does share, but I can sense his pain. I have no one but you to ask for your mercy and guidance for my Son. Please be with him, guide him, and protect him from the pain he is going through. Amen.”

A Prayer For My Daughter | Teenager Prayer

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“Dear God, the greatest joy you send to me was in the form of my daughter. I pray to you for providing him your protection and guidance no matter where she is. Guide her to grow wiser, stronger, and fulfill her dreams by walking on your path. Amen.”

According to Indian culture, Daughters are the angle Send by God to bring more health, wealth happiness to our life. However, when they get married, they step into their world to create a life they want to.

Whether they are in kindergarten, stepping into a teenage, or getting married, parents always worry about their protection and happiness.

Instead of worrying, praying God to hover over and keep them safe and happy is a better choice. Here is some teenager prayer for the daughters.

Teenager Prayer Images

“Father, take all my worries for my daughter and give me the wisdom to surrender my joy, my daughter, to you so that you can protect her always. Teach her all of your teachings and give her the strength to follow you at all stages of her life. Protect her from any evil and hide my love under your wings forever. Amen.”

Prayer For Teenager In Trouble

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“Father, I pray to you for strength, wisdom, and purpose that will help my teen to stay on track and believe in your path. You have always protected my family without asking; this time, too, please help us to way out peacefully. Amen.”

Often teenage children act without considering the outcome and get themselves into trouble. Those troubles sometimes ruin their entire future.

Some challenges or Teenage trauma needs to be resolved at the right time, and that’s what parents always want for their children, Right?

No matter how helpless you are feeling for your child, remember God is always there for you, and For him, troubles are nothing. Surrendering the event to him and chanting a prayer for teenage going through it is the best thing you can do.

Here are some powerful Teenager Prayer that will encourage you to pray more and change the situation.

Teenager Prayer Images

“Dear God, I am helpless and tired of the situation my child invites and face the adverse consequences. Please show me the light and provide me patience to stay calm. Guide my child with your wisdom and show him the way out. I am giving all my worries and situation to you. Please help us. Amen.”

Teenager Prayer | Morning Prayer for Teenager

“Lord, I thank you for blessing me this beautiful morning and the people around me. I thank you for protecting me and providing me better health and parents. Guide me throughout the day so that I can make better choices and walk on the right path. Amen.”

When morning starts with the remembrance of God and offering him your heartfelt words, filled with emotions, the day becomes magical. It’s challenging to make a teenager pray.

One of the best ways to trick them into offering their Prayer is to encourage them to show their gratitude. Here is some gratitude Teenager Prayer that will help them open their hearts and believe in magical possibilities.

Teenager Prayer Images

“Dear God, Thank you for a new day, hope, opportunities, and a chance to be a better person and do something Good. I pray to you for strength when I feel weak, inspiration when I feel lost, and Embrace me when I am nervous. Let my day be brighter, inspiring, and worth living. Amen.”

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Bedtime Prayer For Teenager | Teenager Prayer Before Bed

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“Father, I am grateful for your love and guidance that made me feel safe today. Thank you for all the food, happy people I encountered today. Be my Protector and Guide throughout my life to achieve what I desire in my Heart. Forgive me If I went wrong somewhere, and help me to correct my choices. Amen”

No matter how tired or sleepy your child is, never let him sleep without offering gratitude for the day. The feeling with He/She go to sleep prepare him/her for the next day.

A few words, coming straight from the Heart, help create more favorable events in the future. Also, it releases all the stress or worries and allows them to enter into the next day with an exciting and happy feeling.

Here is some Bedtime Teenage prayer/Teenager Prayer that you may stick in front of their bed and ask them to offer.

Teenager Prayer Images

“Dear God, Thank you for the happy moments I lived and forgive me for the wrong choices I made today. I intend to be a better person tomorrow so let your wings become my shadow and provide me peaceful and better sleep. Amen.”

Final Words: I hope you make the right choices and guide your child in a better way. Also, Using this teenager prayer will help you to some extent. Best wishes for your teen for a better future and you for having an amazing child.

If you found this article helpful and informative, do share it with others and guide them to better ways to worry less and pray more.

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