Miracle Healing Prayer for My Son | Prayer for Healing My Son

Miracle Healing Prayer for My Son | Prayer for Healing My Son 

As a parent of one the most painful situation one can go through is seeing their children suffering. This is the reason when a child is ill, the mother doesn’t sleep but stays awake and watches for the child.

The worst part is the pain she experiences does not allow to do any other activities. Prayer is one of the most sacred things that do wonders in such circumstances.

When prayer is done in the right way with full faith, it does miracles and changes the situation. In this blog post of BigBrainCoach, I will share some Miracle Healing Prayer for My Son, which you may use if you are looking for it.

Also, read the guiding texts as I share the right method and intention to be in while praying and asking for something.

Miracle Healing Prayer for My Son

Prayer for Immediate Healing

“Heavenly Father, Today I pray to please take away all the pain my son is going through and heal the wound immediately. Please touch Him, comfort Him and restore His health completely. Amen.”

Before praying, it’s crucial to keep your mind completely in alignment and silent. When you do it, it reaches God in no time as the silent mind has power to connect easily.

Have full faith in your own love for God and His will for you. Never forget that your son is a gift from God and God loves Him more than you do. Therefore before using this “Miracle Healing Prayer for My Son” remind yourself about God’s gifts you are owing right now.

“Lord, I have been so blessed to live a life filled with loving people. I am burdened by seeing my son in pain. I know you love Him more than I do, please Take away His pain, Heal Him and let Him be under your love and care. Amen.”

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Prayer for Strength and Comfort | Miracle Healing Prayer for My Son

“Heavenly Father, I pray you to please bless my son with strength and courage to easily cross the illness he is going through. Shower your love and care upon Him, Let Him feel your presence around Him. Amen.”

Know in your soul completely that God listens to you and responds as well. All you need to do is, keep praying and know that your son is now under God’s light and healing.

Always have faith in God’s plan for you and your family. Children are the part of parents, especially mothers. Therefore while using this “Miracle Healing Prayer for My Son” Let God take over and do His miracle. Just pray and enhance your faith.

“Dear God, My only source of strength. Today I pray to you to please let my son heal in your presence. Let go of His pain and suffering Lord, bless Him with healing and your power to become completely healthy again. Amen.”

Prayer for Pain Relief | Miracle Healing Prayer for My Son

“God, please take away all the pain my son is experiencing these days. Please Let you light Surround him and grant him relief from his suffering. Please be around him and Let him feel Your peace taking away his illness and making Him healed again. Amen.”

The energy of pure thoughts and prayers do reach the people you are sending. Therefore, even when you are being around your child, make sure to give Him good vibes instead of feeling bad for him.

While using this Miracle Healing Prayer for My Son. include a few words to give him pain relief. Stay Connected to God, when you are around your child and spread God’s light upon Him.

“Heavenly Father, Seeing my child in pain takes away all my peace. I pray you to please take away His pain and give Him healing energy to heal faster. My faith is in only you. I know you will do miracles for me and my son Lord. Amen.”

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Prayer for a Miracle Healing to my Son

“Dear God, I believe in Your power to do miracles and your mercy upon those who are in need. Today, I pray for a miraculous healing for my son. May he be restored to full health and strength though your mercy. Show Your glory through his recovery Lord. Amen.”

Once in a while it’s really good to praise the Lord for who he is , what He can do and how He has done miracles in others life. Today while you are searching for “Miracle Healing Prayer for My Son” take out some time and Praise Lord.

When you do it, it’s a great way to connect and receive His blessings in life. As they say, being grateful is a great way to receive more to be blessed in the future. Count your blessings and praise the Lord.


1- How to bless your son?

As a parent, know that you are no less than God for them. You created them so you have a huge impact on their mind, body and soul. Your simple “God Bless you” will do magic.

However, keeping your palm on their head, touching their forehead and pouring your blessing will have a greater impact. Make sure to never create any negative thoughts for your children. Just a blessing, even if they go rebellious.

Know that your blessing has the power to change them.

2- What is a 5 finger prayer?

5 finger prayer is a format that teaches children to pray in different groups of people. It’s a fun way to cultivate prayer in today’s young generation and spread Good vibes in the society.

Children use the same prayer in the five different groups and align them at their fingers. In that way they are able to develop a praying habit and manifest their prayers at the same time.

Final Words: Prayer does miracles, there is no doubt. However, Let your prayer be a part of your daily routine because that’s How God blesses you everyday to live a peaceful life.

In addition, when we pray regularly, read scriptures, we gain more insight about life and God’s will. It helps to stay strong when circumstances are not in our favor.

I wish you good luck and lots of prayers, good wishes to your children. If you found this blog post guiding and helpful, do share it with someone who might find it helpful. Also, remember to bookmark this page for more guiding blog post like “Miracle Healing Prayer for My Son” for instant access in the future.

Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed