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Vietnam is a place famous for its coffee, landscape, Culture, Language, God, and food. If you want to experience or learn more about it, some Vietnamese Movies on Netflix will reveal a lot.

Watching Movies, especially about any country now, only increases your Geographical knowledge but helps you know the people. The mindset and culture of other countries are the best way to grow yourself.

Also, it’s one of the best ways to entertain yourself by sitting at home, paying a lot less than going to the theatre. So get ready to explore some of the best entertaining, emotional, and mind-blowing movies.

Here are the top 7 Vietnamese Movies on Netflix to watch in 2022. The list involves some of the old and a few newly listed movies.

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Best Vietnamese Movies on Netflix

1- The White Silk Dress

Vietnamese Movies on Netflix Images

“The White Silk Dress” Represents the story behind the name and one of the heritage of Vietnam. The story rolls around a family of 6, including four daughters.

The Movie “The White Silk Dress”, won the Vietnamese Golden Kite and Busan International Film Festival award in 2006. The family’s struggle will touch your heart while representing the backdrop of Vietnam in the 50s during the French colonial rule.

Despite all the poverty and violence in the mid-20th century, Vietnam has an inspiring story that represents the power of hope and vision. If you are searching for some of the best Vietnamese Movies on Netflix, this one is for you.

2- Superstar Teacher

Do you like a movie that makes you laugh and at the same time teaches you to learn something that’s valuable for you? If your answer is Yes, then the movie “Superstar teacher” is for you.

The movie is about a music teacher who has a dream, unlike all of us, to be someone in his profession. However, He is told to go to an island and teach some of the troublesome children.

Yes, the story, in short, Might feel a little serious, but it’s the opposite. The movie is total fun, and in the end, you will learn something Valuable, unlike the music teacher did.

Superstar Teacher is one of the most popular Vietnamese Movies on Netflix; you must never miss it in 2022.

3- Fool For Love

Vietnamese Movies on Netflix Images

The Movie starring Charlie Nguyen, Dustin Nguyen and Kathy Uyen was the first hit movie in the history of the Vietnamese film industry. As the title says, Movie is about a boy who is a nerdy fool for his first sight love.

The story runs around three popular stars playing the role of a hotel clerk, a singer and a gay man. The Movie is filled with fun, so you found one of the best movies if you like watching light movies.

Not to mention the film is full of turns, twists and unexpected humors, which make it more engaging. The thing lover Boy does get her lady Love will impress you in funny ways.

If you are searching for the list of best Vietnamese movies on Netflix, including this one in your watch list, you won’t regret it.

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4- Go Go Sisters

Vietnamese Movies on Netflix Images

Go Go Sisters is another Vietnamese movie available on Netflix that will take you to your college days and remind you of your partner in crime and best friends.

The movie is about a woman who decided to reunite her tribe in order to fulfil a special desire. The fun these Go Go Sisters will present will touch your heart and make you laugh simultaneously.

Not to mention, watching this movie with your friends will double the joy and happiness and refresh the memories of past good days. The film represents the Vietnam way of friendship, Unconditional Love, and sisterhood.

Indeed one of the heart-touching and best Vietnamese Movies on Netflix will remind you how to laugh from your belly!

5- 200 Pounds Beauty

The Film “200 pounds beauty” is a story about a singer with a fantastic voice who goes through a lot to change her appearance. The movie is about an overweight lady ready to change herself for the glamour.

Sometimes, people with heavy weight hesitate to bring themself out because of fear of rejection. I found the movie very much related to the world we are living in.

In my opinion, 200 pounds beauty reflects the modern world where talent is less appreciated than appearance. Also, the movie inspires you to have the courage to do anything in order to fulfil your goals in this life.

Overall, the movie is inspiring, engaging and worthy of the list of Top 7 Vietnamese Movies on Netflix.

6- Good Morning and Good Night

Vietnamese Movies on Netflix Images

Good morning and good night are one of the musical Vietnam movies for music lovers. The story rolls around two young musicians living among the hustle and bustle of H? Chí Minh City.

They met with each other, shared their stories and felt a connection. They also share their fears and blockages that need to be eliminated in order to move forward.

If you like music and are looking for something to inspire you, this movie definitely has a lot for you. I found it engaging and worth watching, so I added it to the list of ” Best Vietnamese Movies on Netflix.

7- Goodbye, Mother

Vietnamese Movies on Netflix Images

“Goodbye, mother” is a sensitive, heartfelt and emotional movie. The movie crossed all the levels and jumped into the top ten most-watched movies on Netflix within three days.

If you are a regular Netflix user, I assume you know the value of being in the top ten list on Netflix.

The story goes around a boy returning from the Us for his father’s last rite and meeting His mother after 9 years. He brought His boyfriend with him and could not live freely because of the LGBTQ Tabbo around.

The surrounding also forced Him to reveal the truth to His mother. The movie is a message for society and thus deserves to be on the list of “Best Vietnamese Movies on Netflix.”


1- Which country does not have Netflix?

As of 2022, Netflix is one of the most popular platforms easily accessible in over 190 countries. However it’s not available in China, Crimea, North Korea, Russia or Syria.

2- Which country has the biggest Netflix library?

As of March 2023, According to Industry data, Slovakia had the most extensive Netflix media library worldwide. It had over 8,400 titles available on the platform.

Final Words: I hope you will enjoy watching these Vietnamese Movies on Netflix, unlike millions of others. Also, you will enhance your knowledge about the culture of Vietnam.

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