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The 5 Best Habit Tracker App You Must Use in 2023 – BigBrainCoach

If you are looking for an answer to what is the best habit tracker app, this article is for you. These apps will help you schedule and follow your routine if you are a busy person.

Life is becoming easy day by day, and it’s challenging to keep everything in line. The best part of modern times is that you have many options to help yourself.

You don’t need to hire someone to schedule your day and remind yourself. The mobile you are reading this article in will serve the job. All you have to do is, install the best app and schedule it once.

Before we go straight to the Best Habit Tracker App list, let’s understand what habit tracking is?

What is Habit Tracking?

In order to build a new habit or break a bad one, Keeping a record of your habits is a conscious procedure of measurement. Maintaining a diary or using an app help to keep track of your daily routines.

Be it weight loss, achieving a goal in a specific time, or following your health pattern, habit tracking helps.

Let’s see why it is so crucial to track your habit when disciplining yourself.

Why is it important to have a Habit Tracker App?

Changing a habit you are practicing for a long time is always challenging. . New behaviors demand a lot of effort and reminders. The good news is, you have got an extremely powerful computer called “Brain.”

This tool comprehends when you’re trying to perform the same thing constantly. The more often you practice a new habit, the less effort you have to put into it and the more intuitive it becomes.

This trip can be made more accessible with the aid of habit tracking apps, which allow you to keep track of and see your gain, as well as be aware of and recover from setbacks.

Many of the Best Habit Tracker App offer free trials, so you don’t have to fork over any money to give them a spin.

Best Habit Tracking App in 2022 Best Habit Tracker App

1- Loop

With millions of Android downloads, Loop is one of the most popular free habit tracking apps. As a result of its open-source nature, Loop is distinct from other programs. Anyone can clone and alter the app’s Github repository to their liking, allowing those with technical skills to make the app their own.

On the other hand, Loop is ready to use right out of the box. Simply tap or long-press a behavior to mark it completed, missed, or skipped, and see how you’ve performed in a simple habit tracking interface over the past few days.

The app’s metrics also allow you to see how your progress has changed over time. The calendar view is particularly useful because it lets you see at a glance which days of the month you followed or skipped your habit. You are the sole owner of the data you collect.

I found Loop one of the Best Habit Tracker App; you must try it once and experience its services.

Loop App Review: Loop for Android has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Loop App Pricing: Loop is a completely free app.

Download Loop Habit Tracker App: Loop is now available on Android devices.

Not compatible with iOS, Web, MacOS, or Windows desktop computers.

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2- Habitica:

Is it possible for you to turn your life into a role-playing game? Habitica’s authors pushed their creative muscles when developing this habit tracker app, which is primarily influenced by RPG games.

Habitica is like a video game in that the activities and tasks. To complete quests and missions, you can team up with pals and use the app. You can convert your entire life into a video game using Habitica.

Most Importantly, that can be just what you need to have fun and stay motivated while you level up in the real world. Therefore I added Habitica to the list of Best Habit Tracker App.

Habitica Review:

The 4.0 rating for Habitica on iOS is well-deserved.

Habitica Pricing:

Habitica is a free app with in-app purchases that helps fund the development of the software. There’s a wide range of options from $0.99 to $47.99 for a year’s gems worth.

Download Habitica:

There are iOS and Android apps for Habitica. Desktop PCs running MacOS, Windows, or the Web cannot use this software.

3- HabitHub:

Using Seinfield’s Don’t Break the Chain productivity strategy, HabitHub was created. The app’s interface makes it easy to see your recorded behaviors and progress over the past week.

Use any habit to see how you did throughout the course of the month. Using Android’s built-in action buttons to a notification, HabitHub’s reminders are excellent.

You may now label a habit as completed, skippable, or failed with a single swipe of your notifications shade. This tempted me to include HabitHub in the Best Habit Tracker App list.

You can add home screen widgets to see how well you’re doing with your routines at a glance, which is the nicest feature of the program.

HabitHub Review: The 3.9-star rating for HabitHub on Android is adequate.

HabitHub Pricing: Despite the fact that HabitHub is free, in-app charges ranging from $0.99 to $5.99 support the service.

Download HabitHub: Android users can download HabitHub.

No version of this software can be used on a desktop PC running Android, Web, MacOS, or Windows.

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In addition to habit and goal tracking, Coach.Me is a full-fledged life coaching tool. The free program has many features, but the basic templates are worth mentioning in particular.

Coaches have created these templates to make it easier for newcomers to follow along with guidance, exercises, and other instructions. The app’s in-built community is perhaps its most distinctive feature.

Asking questions and receiving high-fives from friends and the community about your progress and accomplishments can act as a source of encouragement and drive you to keep going.

Personal coaches are also available for purchase through the app, which may be precisely what you need if things are a little more challenging for you in the beginning.

Indeed, one of the Best Habit Tracker App and recommended one! Review: for iOS has a solid 4.3 rating on Apple’s App Store.’s Android app has a 3.8-star rating on Google Play. Pricing: A completely free app,, is available for download. You don’t have to pay to use the app, but you can pay for specialized instruction.

Download Apps for iOS, Android, and the Web are all available for Desktop PCs running MacOS or Windows cannot use this software.

5- StickK:

Unlike other goal-setting apps, stickK uses a system of legally binding agreements to keep users on track. Your new goals and targets are put into action by signing the Commitment Contract with stickK and putting money on the line.

Loss avoidance can help you avoid losing the money you invested in your new goal, but more importantly, it can help you keep yourself accountable to yourself by making it clear that your new goal has real-world consequences in addition to just a mental one.

A total of 51 million dollars has been put at risk by stickK users, who have made 533,000 pledges. According to the website, 42 million cigarettes would have been saved as a result of the efforts of its members.

There is a lot of potential in those numbers, so that it might be worth a go. So, you can consider it one of the Best Habit Tracker App.

StickK Review: Despite this, stickK for iOS receives an unsatisfactory 3.3 rating. stickK’s average user rating on Android is 3.8.

StickK Pricing: StickK can be downloaded for free, but in order to take part in the accountability system, you must pay a fee.

Download StickK: iOS and Android versions of stickK are available for download. There are no web, MacOS, or Windows desktop PC versions of this program at this time.

Benefits of Habit Tracking Benefits of Using the Best Habit Tracker App

For many people, tracking their habits on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis is a worthwhile endeavor. The following are a few examples.

  • A Habit Tracker makes goals feel more attainable:

Intimidating to have a long-term objective might be. Because of this, some people never begin. On the other hand, a daily habit tracker provides you with modest victories to celebrate each day.

When you can clearly see your progress, it gives you the energy to keep going. As a result, it helps you achieve your long-term goals by breaking them down into manageable daily tasks.

  • A Habit Tracker Boots your confidence:

To-do lists and checklists are common habits for many people. Keeping a habit tracker is a must for you if you want to succeed. When you think about it, it’s like having your own personal to-do list.

The Best Habit Tracker App provides the same sense of satisfaction as checking off a task from your to-do list. Having the satisfaction of checking off a box to indicate that a habit has been successfully performed is wonderful.

  • A Habit Tracker Keeps you Focused:

It’s not uncommon for people to feel as though they have a never-ending to-do list on any given day.

Not only does this make you feel vulnerable, but it also increases the likelihood that you will become sidetracked and lose sight of your initial purpose.

A Best Habit Tracker App serves as a regular reminder of your life’s larger objectives. It becomes a sort of running checklist that helps you stay on top of your to-do list when you do it regularly.

  • The Best Habit Tracker App Helps you stay motivated:

The more you do the same things, the more they snowball. You’ll feel compelled to keep going when you see all the little X marks you made.

As if you were playing a game that you didn’t want to lose, it can be virtually addictive. Many studies in the field of psychology demonstrate that making your life more like a game can boost your levels of motivation and enjoyment.

What Habits Should I Track Using The Best Habit Tracker App

Making sure you’re recording the proper items is essential to having a fruitful habit tracker. I’ve discovered that it’s difficult to cling to rigid or particular practices.

This includes your tendency to be too critical of yourself. I’ve been working on my list for months, and here are the eight items I’m tracking every day:

  • Mindfulness: If I sat down to write or meditate.
  • Movement: If I got some good exercise, like a workout or a long stroll, I’d feel better.
  • Knowledge: A documentary or podcast would be an excellent choice for me to take in while I was doing any of the above.
  • Gratitude: If I included even a single thing I am grateful for, it would be a start.
  • Water: Drinking at least 2L of water would help.
A list of ideas for more daily habits to keep track of:
  • Brush my teeth using dental floss.
  • Make a clean, comfortable bed.
  • Practice a form of yoga.
  • Take a walk or jog
  • Lift some weights.
  • Learn something new by reading a book

And some ideas for bad habit trackers so you can keep track of the things you didn’t do:

  • No smoking
  • No drinking alcohol
  • No sugar
  • No caffeine
  • Mondays with no meat
  • No bad words

Let’s see some of the key features that make an app one of the Best Habit Tracker App.

What makes A great Habit Tracking App?

Have a mobile app: As a starting point. As a rule of thumb, having a smartphone app is essential. In order to keep track of your habits, you need a device that will constantly be at your fingertips.

  • Allow for flexible Habit Tracking:

You can use a mobile app to keep track of things in more ways than just a calendar, which is the whole point of utilizing one. Most of the finest applications will allow you to set a goal number of times a week, track habits you’re trying to change, and give you a lot more control and detail over what you want to do and when.

  • Be under active development:

Habit monitoring applications are easy to create and maintain. Thus it’s not uncommon for them to be abandoned by developers as a side project or for fun. So we only included programs that were still supported—so you can be sure they will work for the next few years at least.

  • Be quick and easy to use:

A few seconds should be all to your Best Habit Tracker App to keep track of your habits. You’ll stop doing it if it’s slow or uncomfortable to use. This list does not include any apps that make the task more difficult.

Conclusion: It’s all done now! Apps that assist you in keeping track of your personal goals have been introduced to us. Are there any in particular that caught your eye? Developing excellent habits in all aspects of our lives is critical.

This means that every action we take impacts how well-off and happy we are in the long run. As a result, let’s all work together to impact the world positively.

If you found this article helpful and informative, share this article with others and help them enhance their habits. Sharing valuable information and guiding them in the right direction is the best way to help others.

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Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed

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