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Are you looking for healing crystals for stomach-related challenges or ease of constipation? You are reading the accurate article that will share the top 5 Crystals for Constipation and digestion problems.

Constipation is one of the growing challenges for most people. According to Wikipedia, constipation is one of the most common issue these days. I have suffered for several years until I learned to heal myself and get rid of it.

Yes, Crystals, along with some easy lifestyle changes, will help you get rid of chronic constipation within a few days or weeks. Here are the top 5 Powerful crystals that will help your digestion be better.

Top 6 Healing Crystals for Constipation

1- Amber

Amber Crystals for Constipation

Amber is one of the most powerful crystals which is related to solar plexus. Indigestion is a direct rest of the power digestive system or lack of fibers.

Wearing Amber or healing your solar plexus chakra with the help of Amber will strengthen your digestive system. It also boosts the mind power, which directly affects your stomach.

Having around your body cleanses your aura, boosts the immune system, and releases all the stress and negative energy. Negative or poor thoughts also affect your system and cause constipation.

Everything you do or think directly affects your digestion, so wearing Amber will help you strengthen yourself and get rid of constipation. So, In my opinion, Amber is the first and most effective Crystals for Constipation.

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2- Rutile Quartz

Crystals for Constipation Images

As you read above, anything you think or do affects your digestive system, so your emotional health is crucial for the digestive system. If you have emotional or psychological imbalances, Rutile Quartz is your crystal.

Rutile Quartz, also known as the illuminator of the soul, helps you grow emotionally and spiritually. Having Rutile Quartz on your skin helps eliminate phobias, fears, and anxiety while relaxing the mind and body.

The crystal regulates blood circulation and stimulates better digestion by eliminating constipation. Wearing a pendant heals your chakra, balances your emotions, and eases constipation for a long time.

Therefore, another helpful and effective Crystals for Constipation is Rutile Quartz.

3- Calcite

Calcite Crystals for Constipation

This beautiful piece of crystal mother earth has offered as powerful as its beauty. It’s one of the stones that release all the negative emotions and promotes better digestion.

Calcite is also used to heal and activate all the major chakras in Human Body. Having this beauty around your body releases any emotional blockages, calms your mind, and stimulates your digestive system.

Calcite is the perfect crystal for you if your surroundings affect you mentally or emotionally. Keeping this crystal on your body or in your purse will eliminate all the negativity around you and protect you.

In other words, Calcite is super helpful in promoting your mental and physical health by providing a better environment. Therefore, it deserves to be on the list of Healing Crystals for Constipation.

4- Pink Moss Agate

Pink Mose Agate Crystals for Constipation Images

Pink Moss Agate has been in demand since ancient times as it strengthens the core of human beings. Indigestion and poor digestion both result from a poor core.

A poor core also results from form low self-confidence and disconnection from self. Wearing Pink Moss Agate, first and foremost, develop the connection between your mind, body, and spirit.

Most importantly, it eliminates all the reasons and toxicity that negatively affect your core. It strengthens you and stimulates your digestive system, which automatically helps get rid of constipation.

Pink Moss Agate looks gentle but has an enormous effect on your mental, emotional and physical health. Therefore, It’s one of the best Healing Crystals for Constipation.

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5- Ruby

Ruby Stone Crystals for Constipation

Over physical activities or mental tiredness also cause constipation in some people. To those people, Ruby is the most effective stone to strengthen themselves and eliminate constipation.

Ruby is mainly connected to the heart chakra, the main center to secure your physical and spiritual body. Wearing Ruby activates the heart chakra and maintains the balance between spiritual and physical strength.

It releases physical pain, blockages, stress, and any disease that affects your digestive system. Therefore Ruby is another most effective Healing Crystals for Constipation.

6- Black Tourmaline

Crystals for Constipation Images

Black Tourmaline is one of the most powerful crystals popular for its protective power. Sometimes, negative energy around you makes you feel weak, sick, and unhealthy.

Having Black tourmaline on your body protects you from such evil or unhealthy energies. When your body is at its best, it functions at its best by digesting food in the right way.

Another way to carry the crystal with you is to keep it in your pocket and allow it works for you. You may use black tourmaline to heal your abdomen for better effect.

Therefore Black Tourmaline is another helpful, powerful Healing Crystals for Constipation.


1- What are some of the best foods for constipation?

In order to allow your system function in the most effective way and desist everything you eat, you must give it more fiber. Foods that have a high amount of fiber in it helps your digestive system digest and flush everything out.

Foods such as rhubarb, sweet potatoes, spinach, broccoli, chia seeds, pears, citrus fruits, apples, figs and so on have high fiber. Along with healing crystals for constipation, Including these foods in your daily diet will help you heal faster.

Final Words: Using these crystals ad pendants jewelry or carrying them with yourself is the best way to stay protected and healthy. Also, keeping them in your home cleanses your house and promotes better health and happiness.

In order to have the maximum benefits from these Healing Crystals for Constipation, make sure to buy authentic crystals. The purer the piece, the faster it gives you the result.

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