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Aquamarine is one of the dazzling blue-green color stones that will steal your heart by appearance only. In addition, The Aquamarine Healing Properties can surely tempt you to have it around you.

If you haven’t experimented with the benefits of Aquamarine in your life, you must give it a try. From my experience, I can assure you will achieve your desired result.

If used in the right direction, any crystals have the power to shift your life upside down. Similarly, it can do the opposite too. I suggest you get the proper knowledge about its placements and other properties.

This article will share all the tiny details, including Aquamarine Healing Properties in different areas. Let’s begin with the true meaning of Aquamarine.

Aquamarine Crystal Meaning

The stone’s color gives an idea about its name, and Aquamarine is a combination of two words Aqua and Marine. If you see the meaning of both the words, the color and properties will be easier to understand.

Aqua stands for Water, and Marine stands for sea, that’s the secret behind this vibrant blue and green color stone.

Aquamarine is quite popular for its calming, cleansing, and stress-reducing healing properties. It has been used for personal growth, self-healing, and Feng Shui.

Before diving into Aquamarine Healing Properties more specifically, allow me to share the fundamental information about it. One must know the basics about any crystal before owning them.

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Properties of Aquamarine Stone

  • Colors: Light green and blue
  • Chakra: Qauramarine is associated with the throat chakra.
  • Number: Vibrates to 1
  • Planet: The ruler planet is Moon
  • Zodiac: sun signs are Aries, Gemini, Pisces
  • Bagua areas: Zhen (Family & New Beginnings), Xun (Wealth & Abundance)
    Elements: Wood
  • Origin: United States, Mexico, Russia, Brazil, India, Ireland, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan

Now, let’s see the Aquamarine Healing Properties that attract people more.

Powerful Healing Properties of Aquamarine

#1 Healing and Balancing Chakras

Aquamarine is a stone for courage, communication, and calming the anxious mind. The stone is mainly used as a pendant or neckless, and it eliminates all the stress and clears the mind clutter.

Also, it helps decision-making, which allows the wearer to move forward in their respective lives. In other words, if someone is habitually stuck in the past days, Aquamarine helps to heal the past and clears the future vision.

Aquamarine is best for those who have any thyroid or any health challenge in neck areas. Also, it helps eliminate shoulder pain.

The stone is recommended to wear in a pendant and allow it sometimes to release all the blockage and activate the throat chakra. The Aquamarine Healing Properties say that it’s best for teachers, public speakers, and those who find it hard to express themselves well.

#2 Enhancing Meditation Experience

As the stone carries the power of Water and sea, it calms the mind and smoothens emotions. If you find it challenging to sit and concentrate for a few minutes, this is one of the best stones to sit with.

Some of the regular meditators also sometimes feel stuck spiritually, for that Aquamarine can help clear the blockage and grow spiritually. The stone has a powerful energy to open the door of higher consciousness and give you an enlightening experience.

If you want to experience these Aquamarine Healing Properties, sit with a piece of this stone and meditate on it, or have it around your meditation space.

#3 Healing Relationships

As I mentioned earlier, this beauty is popular among feng shui as well. Be it a relationship or any health challenge; it is always because of energy blockage.

In order to clean the love corner, known as Kunn in Feng Shui, place aquamarine in the furthest corner on the right side of your entrance. It will help you attract the best partner for you. Or heal your marriage.

Placing the stone in the right direction activates the energy of love and compassion in your house and yourself. Yes, sometimes you yourself block a lot of happiness, Aquamarine, clear the block and develop a connection to yourself first.

Every relationship starts with us only, so to have a better relationship, one needs to have the best relationship with themselves first. The Aquamarine Healing Properties enhance the quality of relationships and invite more love and compassion through better communication.

#4 Magnet to Wealth

Money is one vital energy that most of the world’s population is fighting to have enough of. Yes, fighting for it, doesn’t it feel negative? Unfortunately, most people have blocked it by holding some past belief.

The left corner of the home is the wealth area called “Xun” in feng shui. If this corner of the house is having trouble with energy flow, the person experience lack of money.

Placing a chunk of Aquamarine in this corner clears the energy and activates the wealth corner. It releases the past judgmental belief about money and helps flow cash in your life.

The Aquamarine Healing Properties make this stone most required among healers and the feng shui world.

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#5 Balancing Element Wood

Aquamarine is a stone for one of the five-element, Wood. Balanced wood element promotes a new beginning, healing, and growth in life. The wood element might be imbalanced if you feel stuck in life or not growing despite hard work.

Placing a piece of Aquamarine at your workplace or in your house to balance wood energy will activate. Stone has their properties, but they work better with your intentions.

After knowing the Aquamarine Healing Properties, I suggest you place it with your pure intention. The clear your intention, the faster and better result you will experience.

#6 Enhancement in Inner Strength

Most of the strength lies in the mind, and if the mind is confused, doubtful, or overthinking, a person feels exhausted. Aquamarine clears the doubts and stops the overthinking that ultimately connects you to yourself.

In other words, it makes you more strong, more focused, and calm at the same time. Having Aquamarine balances the chakras and enhances the immune system.

The Aquamarine Healing Properties help your body heal faster and strengthen your inner self. Not to mention, it helps you grow individually in the right direction with the right attitude.

Aquamarine Spiritual Meaning

Aquamarine’s first spring birthstone is associated with tranquility, serenity, clarity, and harmony. As the stone carries the water quality, it keeps you calm and still during the challenging time of life.

Scientifically, the human body carries more than 70% water, so wearing Aquamarine helps balance emotions in the body. It enhances spiritual wisdom and keeps the energy flow in the direction of your higher calling.

The Aquamarine Healing Properties balance overall mental, physical, and emotional energy in alignment, crucial in spiritual growth.

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White Aquamarine Stone Benefits

The white in Aquamarine carries the qualities of Water. Wearing aquamarine balances stabilizes and regulates the mental, emotional and physical aspects of its user.

It also helps in grounding and stops unnecessary worldly desire. Instead, it enhances your spiritual energy and pushes you towards your higher self.

Final Words: I am confident that after learning all the Aquamarine Healing Properties, you will be able to recognize the troubling energy in your life. Having Aquamarine either in your home or on your body definitely will benefit you in many ways.

If you found this article informative and helpful with all of your queries, do share it with others and let them benefit from it. Sharing valuable information and guiding people in the right direction is the best help you could ever do.

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