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Money Meditation: 3 Ways to Clear The Block And Attract More Wealth

Going through Financial challenges and tired of using the Law of Attraction for manifest money? If you are getting into debt after working hard and saving a lot, This article about Money Meditation is for you. You will learn how to recognize the real money block and how to attract unexpected money.

I am sure before reaching out this article you have already read much money making ideas or tips for manifesting money. Reading this article can be a breakthrough for you, so stay with me till the end.

Before we go to how to manifest money using money meditation, you need to learn a little truth about money and Meditation.

The Ways Money Manifestation Meditation Works

You see, money is first and foremost essential everyone is trying hard to manifest. However, Nobody seems honest to acknowledge it or accept it.

Even if someone appreciates their money or become wealthy, most of the people around Him/Her create negative rumors’ instead of trying to hack their way.

Unknowingly, many of us develop negative beliefs about wealth in early childhood. Many Like me develop such destructive beliefs associating with negative people or spending money on someone who doesn’t appreciate it.

In both cases, I am sure you will agree that mistake and loss are ours. Unfortunately, people are so blocked and trapped in the present situation that they can’t think better. At this point, Meditation helps in calming the mind, recognizing the block and releasing and replacing it.

Before I share Money manifestation meditation with you, Allow me to help you recognize the blockage so that your meditation becomes more effective.

Before you start practicing any guided money meditation, it will be beneficial to sit with paper, pen and write down your thoughts about being wealthy you. for instant, what close you wear, car you drive, watch or phone you will use etc.

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3 Ways to Clear The Block And Attract More Wealth

#1 Accept The truth

The hardest part of facing a money challenge is accepting that we did something wrong. Denying is natural and acceptable; I can understand it. You might have been working hard for a better life, and you have a good intention about Money or the future.

The only truth here is you definitely went wrong somewhere, unknowingly. The very first and common result of meditation is that it provides the strength to accept the fact.

In order to move on and develop different beliefs or create a better life, it’s crucial to let go of old ones. Accepting that something wrong you did, is one step closer to recognizing the actual belief or money block.

Before you decide to try any manifest money meditation, make a mindset to accept the truth.

#2 Seek Forgiveness

Yes, Money is a very powerful energy that demands your apology for not treating it well. Once you recognize the block, accept it and ask for forgiveness.

There is a popular meditation called “Hopponoppono”, which specifically unblocks all the money blockages. Or simply affirming,” I am sorry for not valuing and respecting you”, does the wonder.

The intention of seeking forgiveness to energy increases Money’s value and removes all the hidden ego in you. It also helps in increasing your self-worth and matches your vibes to money energy.

Matching your thought, intention and energy to your desire is the key to attract it more.

#3 Stay Open to Receive and Show Gratitude

Energy is like a magnet, and it gravitates towards each other, no matter its type. Once you clear all the blockage, Invite a river of wealth in your life and promise to love, use it and invest it wisely.

Most importantly, keep a list of how not to disrespect or waste money in future. Now, you are ready to use the law of attraction by visualizing; however, only visualization often does not work; you must mix your emotion.

You may practice all of the above steps during meditation, but you must act consciously upon it daily. The choices you make, think before acting or saying because you are reprogramming your mind and body.

One of the most effective ways to adopt it is to reflect on your day before bed and see where you acted unconsciously or could have done better. Reflecting on your day allow you to make changes for tomorrow to act, say or behave differently.

After this, now you are ready for money manifestation meditation, so let’s see how to do money meditation and invite wealth in life.

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Guided Money Meditation/ Money Meditation Script

Any manifestation meditation requires a significant energy level in order to match that frequency. While meditating to attract more wealth, the use of specific music frequency can be helpful.

If you are using any guided meditation available on youtube, it already content music, otherwise use music while meditating.

Here is the script; you may read it before and visualize while meditating or record in your voice and follow it during meditation.


#1 Sit in a silent place where natural air, trees and birds surround you. Select any comfortable position which allows you to sit 25-30 minutes without any disturbance.

#2 Practice breathing for few minutes in order to bring your attention in the present moment and clear your mind. Inhale, hold your breath for a few second and then exhale.

#3 Once the breathing is done and you can feel the air touching your skin, take your mind to somewhere your favorite place surrounded by trees, water, birds, and feel the bliss.

#4 Let’s say you went to a beautiful garden; start observing every tiny thing deeply. The smell of flowers, birds chirping, people are laughing, children playing, and the water of the fountain, watching these in details take your consciousness deeper.

#5 Visualize your wealth around these tiny things you observe and feel the excitement into your belly. Let go any of old belief, regret or shameful event related to money and see your growing wealth around blooming flowers.

#6 Look at yourself, your dressing, sitting position, body language and develop the emotion of a millionaire who is sitting and observing his/ her fulfilled life around his wealthy creation.

#7 Stay Aware and remind yourself; it’s the blueprint of your future creation so make sure it’s all the way you want, perfect design. Touch everything around you which make you feel worthy, wiser, bolder and your future self.

#8 Be thankful for the fountain of wealth and repeat some affirmation. This is how you drop the seed of wealth along with the future design into your mind and let it grow there.

#9 Stay there and enjoy the outcome you constantly desired as much as you can. Then bring your attention in the present moment whenever you like.

#10 One of the essential parts of meditation is now you must keep in mind. Don’t let the hangover of your creation fade away. Keep that feeling in your belly continue while you are out of meditation.

Use this script at least for 21 days constantly, and let me know the result in the comment box. Here is some money magnet affirmation that you can use during meditation or after meditation.

You can also use money meditation Abraham hicks, bob proctor money meditation, or mary kate money meditation to unexpectedly attract large sums of Money.

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Meditation for People Who Owe You Money

If someone owes you money and taking more extended time than you expected, then you can help them by sending good vibes.

The current situation is financially breaking most ordinary people. If you practice meditation daily, Bring that person in front of you, ask the universe to solve all their financial challenges.

Remind him/ her to return your money at the end of your meditation. One invisible act of yours will help him/ her to guide and pay your money back.

Now, lets see How to attract unexpected Money using money meditation affirmations. 

Attract Unexpected Money Using Money Meditation Affirmations

Affirmation, along with meditation, works wonderfully. You may use my affirmation listen below, or my suggestion will be to create your own in your language.

The reason behind my suggestion is that you feel connected to the words and mix them with your emotions. Affirmations without feelings take a longer time to manifest.

#1 I am worthy of all the material luxury I desire.

#2 I am receiving all the money because I deserve to have all of it.

#3 I am working to receive passive income because money is my best friend, and I love living around it.

#4 A river of wealth is constantly flowing towards me, and I can use it, invest, and handle it wisely.

#5 I Love my work because I know It provides more money which helps me live the life I want to.

#7 Every day, I am becoming more wealthy, Happy, healthy, peaceful and financially free.

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1- Why does transcendental meditation cost Money?

As you read above, Money is the highest and most needed energy the world is looking for. Transcendental meditation helps you reaching to the core of your subconscious mind with the help of the guide.

The Teacher is not only guiding you but sharing his vibrational energy and purest intention to reach you there, which is worth millions. So, investing in transcendental Money will never make you regret it.

2- How to make money from a meditation blog?

Well, Teaching meditation is not like another blog where you can get information from other sites and post on your blog. Teaching meditation requires a whole energy level that you can share with your students.

So I believe, you must qualify in order to start blogging about meditation.

Final Words: Money is vital and essential energy, don’t feel guilty to want it more. Using Money meditation, reading books related to generating wealth, and surrounding wealthy people is key to attracting more wealth.

Don’t forget to share your experience in the comment box of practicing money meditation

Stay Blessed, Stay Wealthy

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