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Tam Mantra Benefits | How To Chant For Effective Results

Mantra has been the most powerful tool to manifest everything since ancient days. However, modern society is adopting yoga and meditation more than Sanskrit Mantras. Tam Mantra, One of the shortest but potent Ones, can provide you magical results if you decide to chant for a few days.

In this article of bigbraincoach, I will share in-depth information about this lesser-known but secretly used Mantra for health, wealth happiness.

Before we go into the detail of Tam Mantra, it’s essential to understand what the word Mantra means?

Meaning of Mantra

In modern society, Mantra is known as repetitive words, such As affirmations. Well, I agree with this phenomenon. However, Actual Mantras are a collection of words, originated from universal energy and experimented with by Indian Yogis thousands of years ago.

Words, uttered frequently, affects our brain heavily and deliver a message to manifest it. For example, if you repeatedly say that I am an angry or calm person, you will actually become that after a few months.

Sanskrit Mantras Yogis collected words from the universal frequencies and put them together to benefit future generations.

Further in this article, we will explore the effect of mantras on our brain and their benefits. Now, let’s see what Tam Mantra is and how it can transform your life miraculously.

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Tam Syllable Meaning

The word “Tam” does not have any specific meaning, but unlike seven chakra Mantras, it significantly affects the mind and body.

If you are aware of kundalini shakti, chanting seven chakra Mantra is one way to awaken this divine shakti.

Let’s see what tam syllable is in the spiritual world.

Tam Mantra | Tam Syllable

Just like Om, Tam is also A Seed mantra or Beej Mantra. Beej mantra is used in almost every powerful Mantra according to God or Goddess. Tam mantra is for removing evil energy, any disease, Fear and destructive thoughts.

Tam Mantra is the seed syllable of Goddess Tara, famous as a compassionate mother, Source of Wisdom, and Of course, protector.

Tara is a Sanskrit word that means star, and the star represents the light of eternal life.

Goddess Tara is the second Goddess of ten Goddess of wisdom. She is popularly worshipped in Tantrik Manifestation. She looks like Ma Kali because Kali originally created her through her third Eye.

Tam bija mantra is also considered as tam mantra mahavidya that is super effective if someone chants during Navratri festival.

In Tantrik Mahvidya Tara, the Goddess of Tam Mantra is considered the second Devi. She is also known as Mother, who provide Moksha.

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Tam Mantra | Tam Beej Mantra Benefits

Tam is one of the Shakti beej | seed known for protecting her deity and fulfilling their desire. Shakti also enhances feminine powers, so chanting the “Tam mantra” has many powerful benefits.

#1 Chanting Tam mantra helps awakening feminine powers, allowing you to channel your life force energy in the right direction.

#2 Tam is one of the most potent Seed Mantra, easy to remember and repeat a minimum of 108 times daily. Repeating Any Beej mantra 108 times daily helps in manifest your desire early.

#3 As Goddess Tara symbolize a Loving mother, Chanting Tam protects you from the evil eyes and any harmful source.

#4 Chanting Tam also helps in removing any harmful energy in your home, aura or workplace. It creates a powerful aura around you that no evil energy can cross.

#5 Tam Mantra also helps inviting more health, Wealth, Happiness and peace into life. In other words, It fulfilled your life as a mother wants their children to be.

#6 It’s one of the best ways to Spiritual detox.

Om Tare Tam Soha Mantra

Tam Mantra Images

In Buddhism, Goddess Tara is worshipped as the mother of wealth and good luck and a love life. Chanting this powerful Mantra daily brings harmony in life and long-lasting relationship.

Chanting this Mantra also remove past harmful karmic connection and helps in developing better relationships.

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Steps to Chant Tam Mantra Effectively

As we all know, mantras are sacred and powerful words; therefore, it needs to practice in the right way for better results. Here is how to Chant Tam Mantra Effectively or few tips to follow while chanting mantras.

#1 Try to chant in the morning after bath and morning rituals.

#2 Use any chanting Mala; according to your zodiac, you can use crystal beads too.

#4 To avoid distraction, use some quiet and airy place, or you can do it in your home temple.

#5 If you want to see faster results of chanting this Mantra, adopt vegetarian and Satvik life for this period.


1- What does TAM mean in Buddhism?

Goddess Tara, also famous as “Mother of Liberation,” is a female Buddha in Vajrayana Buddhism. Mantra such as AH, OM, HRIH, HUM, and TAM is used in Buddhism meditation.

2- What is A Mantra Chant?

“Mantra Chant” means repeating a specific group of words that are considered sacred words called Mantras in Sanskrit, The ancient Language.

Mantra chanting helps in releasing stress and negative energy from your body and around yourself. It increases the energy level inside you and around you to protect you from anything evil.

3- What is a seed syllable in Sanskrit?

Seed Syllable simply means the origin of Mantras Or Beej Mantra for a specific God. Chanting the Seed Mantra stimulates the specific chakra in the body and provides related God or Goddess strength.

The Seed Syllable also means the cosmic power that affects the human mind-body-soul.

Final Words: Tam Mantra is an effective and powerful Mantra you must try to experience. I have been chanting it since 2008 and experienced miraculous result. 

Let me know in the comment box if you chant any other mantra and found it life-changing.

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