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7 Signs of Spiritual Pregnancy | 7 Symptoms of Spiritual Pregnancy

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Motherhood is one of the common desires women carry in their heart. Whether you are planning or already having a heart with you, This article is not just a co-incident you are reading.

I believe you are on the journey of a spiritual pregnancy, which indicates that you will bring someone extra special into this world.

What I said above, I mean it. Everything coming in front of you has a message for you; you only need to locate the connection and accept it. I am a big believer in “Everything is Connected” because I have countless experiences.

As a matter of fact, Pregnancy is one of the common goals; however, giving birth consciously is optional.

In this blog post of Bigbraincoach, you will discover many secrets about spiritual Pregnancy and how to have a spiritual pregnancy. Most Importantly, You will explore how to build a connection with the child in the womb.

Meaning of Spiritual Pregnancy

To understand spiritual Pregnancy, you must understand what it means to be a spiritual person? Well, If I put being spiritual in one sentence, then it means to stay aware in the present and chose to create Good Karmic accounts.

Therefore, Spiritual Pregnancy, For me, is to stay conscious about you becoming a parent and going to give a magic birth. Spiritual Pregnancy is about staying aware of bringing a new baby into the world and shaping him/her to become a good human being.

If you have studied “Mahabharata”, Arjuna s son, Abhimanyu, learn about Chakravyuh while he was in his mother’s womb. It’s evidence that a child learns a lot of wisdom and knowledge while growing in a mothers womb.

A spiritual pregnancy is about shaping your child with soul wisdom and soul characteristics. In other words, Giving a magic birth instead of delivering a normal, unconscious and worldly child.

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Signs of Spiritual Pregnancy 

Yes, You read correctly; Universe itself guides you to give the magic birth you are chosen for. There are millions of women delivering a baby right now, but think about how many of them doing it consciously?

You, reading this article, is one of the Spiritual pregnancy symptoms you are experiencing. I am sure you are experiencing many different things but are unaware of the message.

Here are some signs from the Universe about Pregnancy:

1- Started Observing Babies

The most visible and familiar sign from Universe you get is seeing baby everywhere. It’s not that they appear suddenly, but you start noticing them closely all of a sudden.

Spiritual Pregnancy sometimes happens unknowingly, but mostly you get prior notifications from the Universe. We all live in human society, so having kids around is natural.

However, when these kids start attracting your attention frequently and make you think about them, it’s time. It’s time for someone to enter this world through you, and the Universe is intimating you to prepare yourself for the same.

2- Encountering Pregnant Women everywhere

Seeing pregnant women wherever you go is another sign of your future Pregnancy. It’s not usual that you see a lot of women carrying the baby in their womb.

Surprisingly, even those who live near maternity hospital don’t encounter many mothers to be ladies. When you start noticing pregnant women frequently and start thinking about them naturally, it’s a sign.

Wondering that it happens with everyone? No, my friend, most couples on this planter plan pregnancy to have a baby because it’s essential for them or their family.

On the other hand, spiritual Pregnancy is a conscious choice about introducing a soul to this world differently. Here again, I want to state, If you are reading this article with a baby or planning pregnancy, you will have a magic birth to a special baby.

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3- Strong Intuition About Life Shifting

Life is always unfolding different chapters we can even imagine. If you feel a sense of change is about to happen but understanding it, You might think about becoming a parent.

I have often seen people suddenly decide to plan Pregnancy; the Universe itself plans such pregnancies. Also, It’s a sign that you must think less and learn to go with the flow. If you want to explore few tips to go with the flow and live in the present moment. Read My previous article about it.

Believe me, an accidental or unplanned child is always a life changer, so one must embrace it and try to connect the child. All the planning and preparations fall side, and you decide to move to the next level.

4- Getting Drawn Towards Babies

Yes, Babies are always the center of attraction, but often Universe chose only those to present extra special gifts who don’t seem interested. If you are one of them who don’t find babies attractive and suddenly you are drawn towards them, you got the signal.

Such parents often turn out as the best parents, so if you are getting any of the spiritual pregnancy sign and are not ready yet, just chill.

Embrace all these signs, and get ready to welcome someone unique and extra blessed one.

5- Stronger Self Connection

Well, modern life has become a little messy where people seem more connected to the world through social media and less connected to themselves.

If you encounter any sign of getting disconnected from your ordinary life and feeling focused on yourself, that’s one of the gentle reminders. Let me be very honest at this points; babies are a Gods gift that requires your total attention.

A little distraction also means you lack something. If you feel like returning to yourself and your family, the Universe is preparing you for spiritual Pregnancy.

Its universal truth that Babies make the family bond stronger organically. So if you are becoming more focused and feeling strongly tied with your family, you are about to take your life to the next level.

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6- Number 9 and 3 is haunting you

Unlike other angel numbers, 9 and 3 has compelling you to see them frequently is also a sign of having spiritual Pregnancy. Number nine is a sign of pregnancy month, and three is for the magical child.

I am really glad someone is trying to figure out all the signs and their secret meanings. It will help you to prepare yourself and provide the best for your unborn baby.

The world is changing, and if someone is trying to find the connection, it’s a courageous step. Mothers are the child’s creator, so develop the bond with God and be prepared for creating something magical.

7- Sense of someone entering into your world

Last but not least, The soul who is choosing you as the mother will find a way to connect with you magically. Most importantly, You will sense it too.

If an unknown force is trying to enter your life and feel excited about it, you experience spiritual pregnancy symptoms. Pregnancy mostly delights every parent, but such pregnancies make you think differently, too.

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Lets see How To Build A Connection With The Child In The Womb?

Ways To Build Connection with The Baby in The Womb

Let’s see how to develop a connection and talk to your unborn child. Spiritual Pregnancy also guides you to make sure to develop the baby differently. Here are few tips for doing so.

  • Try to feel the baby’s movement as soon as you confirm with the Pregnancy. Science might suggest differently, but you don’t only provide flesh and blood to develop the baby but emotions and energy too. So Don’t wait for a specific period to do so; start from day one.
  • Move your gentle touch on your belly in different motion and feel your baby connecting to your touch. Believe me; it’s a magical way mothers can connect to their unborn child and hear them.
  •  Practice meditation to connect yourself to the baby. Calming your mind will help you to feel the movement more profoundly. Meditation is one of the easiest ways to do so; it will also help balance your hormonal changes.
  • Music, Specially binaural beats, will help you connect yourself and your baby as well. Apart from binaural, try to listen to soothing music or read some spiritual books. Don’t forget that it’s not only for your joy but for the baby’s betterment too.
  • In India, there is a ritual called “GarbhSanskar” for pregnant mothers. Try to do some spiritual activities on a daily basis; It will help your child inheriting spiritual qualities.
  •  Most profound way to connect your baby is to talk directly like He or she is in front of you and listening to you. The more confidently you will talk, the more effectively and strongly you will connect.


1- Which chakra is responsible for pregnancy?

Every chakra is responsible for specific emotions and functions of the body. For pregnancy, Sacral Chakra is responsible and when you consciously activate, balance and try for pregnancy, the result is a healthy pregnancy.

In order to activate and balance it you may use some yoga poses, reiki and meditation or simply keep your hand and affirm. It will release the negativity and heal it. There are many simple poses to strengthen the pelvic region and the sacral chakra.

2- What is a spiritual baby?

A spiritual baby is the one who is growing in the womb who is completely dependent on the mother. A spiritual, or unborn baby is a gift, shaped by the outer environment. In other words, the mother is responsible for the child’s future.

A spiritual Child needs to be nurtured spiritually to have a fulfilled life and better development. It’s the time when the child is into the most flexible state.

Final Words: If you sense any of the above symptoms, know that you are experiencing spiritual pregnancy signs. Let me know your experience or thoughts in the comment box. 

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Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed