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9 Indoor Plants For Spiritual Protection and Positive Energy

Are you looking for Indoor Plants For Spiritual Protection? Well, I am going to share a few plants that have helped me miraculously.

Plants, the source of Prana, have been used for mental and physical well being for ages. Our planet provides this essential need “Prana” for free of cost. While the number of lives and buildings is increasing, tress is getting reduced.

There are few specific, worldwide popular plants for spiritual protection you can grow at home and Save the environment as well.

Let’s understand why planting trees are beneficial for our family and us? Let’s be authentic and talk only about you and me; World will automatically get healed. I am sure you know running wi-fi in your home produces electromagnet waves, which is harmful to brain functioning.

Having internet and other gadgets have become a necessity these days. However, understanding the effect on the individual is ignored. There are a lot of devices that, No doubt, beautify your home but harms mental health at the same time.

We are going to share Some indoor and outdoor Plants For Spiritual Protection from negative energy and evil eyes. Yes, Evil eyes exist and can affect well-being, happiness, finance, and a family’s peace.

Before we go to the list of best indoor plants for spiritual protection, let’s understand what spiritual plants or how plants protect or heal us.

Meaning of a Spiritual Plant?

The concept of “Spiritual plant” can vary in different regions, religions or in cultural background. However, if you look at the deeper meaning behind the concert, it’s the same for everyone. Some believe that some plants hold power that can be used for human growth.

In Many religions some plants are worshiped such as Basil is one of the most worshiped plants around the world. Some plants such as ayahuasca and tobacco are used to explore the power of consciousness and so on.

Therefore, a spiritual plant is a plant who contributes to developing human consciousness, heals their mind and body. Most importantly, plants that clear negative energy around the home are considered as spiritual plants.

Now, let’s see what are some of the best indoor plants for spiritual protection.

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9 Indoor Plants For Spiritual Protection

1- Basil

India is the wealthiest country on this planet for Ayurveda, spirituality, and its ancient culture. Basil is the most worshiped plant in India as it’s considered as a holly plant.

Basil not only generates positive energy and keeps the surrounding fresh and mosquito-free but also delivers beneficial herbs. Indians plants basil inside and outside the home as well. It’s one of the sacred plants people worship every morning and evening.

Basil has been one of the Plants For Spiritual Protection that protects the home and family members and recognize negative energy. If after taking care instead of flourishing, its drying means there is something not right in the house.

Consuming 4 to 5 leaves daily of holly Basil, you can heal your digestive system and feel fresh for the entire day. It has the purest energy that boosts your aura and keeps your energy at a higher level.

You can plant The holly basil either in front of your main door or inside your home at Balkani or terrace. The most important thing about growing basil is, it requires lesser care.

2- Plants For Spiritual Protection- Bamboo Plant

One of the worldwide best selling plants from china is Bamboo Plants. It represents strengths and has been a symbol of hard work, patience, and longevity. Often it’s widely used as indoor plants, necessitates a little extra care.

The plant removes the negative energy, cleanse the house, and enhance the surroundings. Bamboo plants also boost confidence, increase self-esteem, and double the business if placed at the office’s right place.

Bamboo is one of the Plants For Spiritual Protection that also carries many healing properties. It includes one of the powerful healing agents, methanol, that cleans and promotes healing skin. The bamboo plant is also considered a prosperous plants as it spreads positivity and happiness around it.

The bamboo plant holds a mighty aura that positively affects the person who often contacts it. It is also used as an herb worldwide that increases focus, limits aging, and strengthens the immune system.

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3- Aloe Vera

The magical and clinical aloe Vera is one of the Plants For Spiritual Protection. It is holistic and has been used for skincare, health, and spiritual activities since ancient days.

Many ancient cultures consider it a sacred plant as it liquidates all the negative energies around the home if planted inside or outside the home.

Not always beauty performs at its best; when it comes to nature, the ugliest things provide us such things we can’t even imagine. Aloe Vera may not look as beautiful as Jasmine or Peace Lily but protects you from all the evil eyes and harmful energies.

One of the best things about this protective plant is, it doesn’t even need watering every day. The survival time of Aloe Vera is a symbol of strength, longevity, and freshness.

To change the myth about this plant, add a few indoor or outdoor benefits, get the above advantages, and stay protected. Also, This plant is worldwide leading as a wealth plant that enhances your business and lifestyle.

4- Jade

Healing stone or plant, Jade has always been on my top list of indoor plants. It not only adds extra beauty to my home but makes me feel fresh, energize, and pro-active.

Jade is one of the Plants For Spiritual Protection, Health, Wealth, and Happiness. Other than safety, It is also known for activating the house’s wealth chakra or the office.

This auspicious plant has beautiful leaves that can change your Mood and raise your vibration within a minute. Jade, One of my indoor plants; I love spending my time staring at it or being around it.

This beautiful succulent is considered a good luck charm worldwide and has been one of the best for new offices or businesses.

The energy it carries is higher than any evil eye or negative energy; Planting Jade inside your Balkani will be your best choice.

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5- Plants For Spiritual Protection- Sage

Sage, Worldwide popular leaves for spiritual rituals, mostly smudging, is one of the plants for spiritual protection. It carries many properties that not only protect you from evil eyes but also enhance your overall well-being.

Sage leaves are used to cleanse the surroundings and enhance the home’s vibrational status since ancient days. Even today, It’s one of the popular tools used by healers around the world.

Having a Green sage, Indoor or Outdoor, provide better health, Mood, freshness, and happiness. This sacred plant is also a symbol of wealth, longevity, wisdom, protection, and good luck.

Using dry leaves of sage once a week or new moon day, or full mood day helps protect the home and members from negative energies. Using sage essential oil regularly reduces stress and opens the third eye chakra that increases focus and intuition.

Opening third eye chakra means recognizing the harmful energy, and smudging helps to remove that energy. For me, Smudging sage has been one of the no replacement and plants for spiritual protection I regularly use.

6- Peace Lily

Peace Lily is the ultimate plant that you must add to your garden if you haven’t done yet. As the name carries peace with it, one of the most potent plants is spiritual protection and inviting peace to the home.

The plant is a symbol of longevity, innocence, purity, abundance, and so on. NASA has researched and accepted that peace lily has protective and robust energy that harmonizes home instantly.

Planting this beautiful plant reduces electromagnets wave from devices, purify the air, and protect from evil eyes. Spending a few minutes every day with Peace Lily reduces stress, enhances energy, and supports healthy well-being as well.

Chinese Feng Shuai also states that Peace Lily is a must-have Plants For Spiritual Protection for inviting Peace, Happiness, and Abundance.

7- Plants For Spiritual Protection- Orchid

This exotic and beautiful plant is one of the popular plants everyone wants to have around them. Orchid flowers are one of the best gifts to enhance someone s Mood or say Thank You to someone. Gifting this plant also presents love, care, and your wishes for them.

In Chinese Feng shui, The orchid plant is considered as love enhancement and fertility. No doubt its flowers are seductive and the source of sensual energy.

Planting Orchid eliminates negative energy and enhances family and better relationships with each other. In modern society, most of the population is disconnected from themselves, which creates jealousy and envy.

It’s hard to found people pray for others’ happiness; such an environment forces you to protect your home, relationship, and overall well-being. Plants are a high vibrational medium that helps raise your house vibration and maintain love, peace, and harmony.

Orchid is one of the Plants For Spiritual Protection of relationship, love, happiness, and promote family s healthy growth.

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8- Jasmine

Another Magical and protection plant for your home of self is beautiful Jasmine. Its widely been used in incense while performing any spiritual or religious act. Not only the plant but the fragrance also is calming and enhancing vibration around.

Jasmine is one of the best plants to attract spiritual love, such as friendship or soul mates. Not to mention, Meditation has been an act of transformation that people found challenging to perform. Sprinkle jasmine essential oil around or use its fragrance in any form while meditating and experience its magic by yourself.

It’s one of the Plants For Spiritual Protection of the home, love life, and enhancing life quality. Jasmine also helps to awoke your inner psychic abilities and encouraged your resolution to be yourself.

It’s one of the favorite fragrances and plants of every healer, meditator, or spiritual person around the world to raise their vibration.

9- Plants For Spiritual Protection- Morning Glory

One of the magical ingredients to protect your personal space is Morning Glory. The plant holds many spiritual properties that protect, enhance, and keep your surroundings refreshing as a beautiful morning.

The plant has a more substantial spiritual effect than other plants regarding love, compassion, and kindness. It helps activate the third eye chakra and enhances your energy to catch and eliminate any negative energy.

Having morning glory around personal space or home not only eliminate negative energy but block the evil eyes that can harm your happiness. It’s one of the best Plants For Spiritual Protection you must have around your home.

The flower of morning glory has a short life span; however, it represents the circle of nature that helps in grounding and strengthen patience and acceptance.

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1- Which plant is good for spiritual growth?

There are many plants who in some or other way contribute to the spiritual process positively. However, in some cultures ayahuasca vine is used in shamanic ceremonies. It’s a ceremony where they use this plant to prepare a drink that helps in healing and enhances human consciousness.

The other plant which is native to native to Mexico and the southwestern United States is peyote cactus. The most important thing about these plants is that they might not be legal around the world.

As the consumption of this can be done only under observation of experts. As these plants have a powerful effect on mind so it’s not easily available.

Final Words: These are my Experience with plants and above are some of the best indoor Plants For Spiritual Protection. Its the best and high vibrational energy source for spiritual protection. Planting the above plans guide and helps in recognizing and eliminating negative energy.

If you found this article helpful, informative and guiding, do like, share and comment with your opinion about my view. Also, don’t forget to bookmark this page for more informative articles like “Indoor Plants For Spiritual Protection” for instant access in future.

Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed

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