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9 Signs of Earth Angel Lightworker | How to Recognize An Angel in Human Form

Do you believe that you might have some significant signs of being an Earth Angel Lightworker? You might have an explicit desire to become one and join the army desires to make this Planet a better place. Well, I am glad you are reading this article because my mission is to connect with as much as soul tribes.

Many people say these two are different personalities, warrior earth angels and Lightworkers. However, they are partially correct. I say Partially; In my opinion, no one is born only lightworker or Earth angel.

The difference is some of us chose to serve for humanity and others to the Planet. Earth angle or lightworkers; Ultimately, both are performing to the Planet for a better society.

Before we proceed to explore signs of being an Earth Angel Lightworker, let’s understand the word, earth angel and lightworker.

Meaning of An Earth Angel And Lightworker

The word itself suggests that a person who carries angelic qualities and service to the planet earth is recognized as an Earth Angel. For example, my favorite Leonardo Da Vinci and others serve in various ways to protect our Earth and its treasures.

On the other hand, Lightworkers are widely known as a healer. A channel, Deeply connected to the Universe, serves to heal the pain people are going through and save humanity. Being a Healer, I must commit it here that Lightworkers are The future Earth Angel Lightworkers.

Born as Earth angel may not recognize their complete psychic abilities, but a Lightworker profoundly knows how to heal the Earth. His or her intention grows to the infinity with time which heals and protect the planet and its people by sending healing energies.

Now let’s see how to recognize an Earth Angel Lightworker or discover your abilities of warrior earth angels?

9 Signs of An Earth Angel Lightworker | Earth Angels Characteristics

Born with Psychic abilities and recognizing it in early age can be a blessing; however, society forces to doubt yourself and become one of them. No matter what age you are, If you feel any connection with bellow capabilities, You are one of us. Here are nine earth angels characteristics, sooner or later you will develop.

1- Feeling of Connection

The first and foremost answer of how to recognize an Earth angel lightworker is the sense of connection to humanity. Angels are here to protect the people and Planet in different forms, and they do make us feel their presence from time to time.

Angel need not have wings on their back; however, helping and guiding Someone selflessly is the modern time invisible wings. If you feel that you are here to perform your best towards the Planet, humanity and be your best self, you are an Earth Angel Lightworker.

Even If you intentionally desire to serve the World and bring some change, Recognize it; it’s your calling, my friend. All you need to connect more to yourself, Follow some meditations, and strengthen your desires by awakening your psychic abilities.

To know in detail about psychic abilities, you may read the previous article I have already published.

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2- Sensing Others Pain without Any Efforts

Earth Angel Lightworker Images

You may Why ask why only Pain, why not pleasure? Well, water has value to only those who are thirsty. Similarly, Earth Angle Lightworkers are drawn towards Pain because Pain needs healing; pleasure doesn’t.

Being a Lightworker, I know how effortlessly we can connect to Someone who is in pain in the first place. You need not know the person; they may be Someone crossing your way or just touched your aura.

Initially, I could not understand what to do in such a situation as I couldn’t share it with others. Later on, I explored that we can heal the unknown by setting the proper intention and sending healing energy to the globe.

If Someone is constitutionally running into your mind, they need healing whether they accept it or not. If you desire to help them, You are an Earth Angel Lightworker, my friend; heal them by praying or sending good vibes.

3-Core Purpose

One of an Earth Angel Lightworker’s most potent signs is that they know the core purpose of their existence, To Serve to the Planet. Maybe not exactly in the same way, but deep within, they don’t feel fulfilled with their worldly requirements.

You see, People these days are depressed by unfulfilled desires and afraid of the unknown. I believe It’s the time to look within and search for that tiny desire that needs to be fulfilled, To Serve.

The Planet Needs more Earth Angle Lightworkers, Just like you and me, so that the entire World transforms. Still, you doubt yourself; well, You are not reading this article by chance, my friend. Believe it or not, Nothing is coincident because everything is connected and leading towards your destination.

Realizing the only mission of life itself helps to activate many hidden potentialities you haven’t discovered yet. The best job one can perform is to serve the Planet selflessly, which is the most significant sign of Earth Angel Lightworker.

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4- Mystic Abilities

Well, this mystery is already solved that every human mind on this Planet has some or other mysterious powers. The only difference is some of us have already discovered it, and some are still struggling out there.

Every tiny sign of being different from others needs to be thought about because it’s not just it is, But more than you think. Even experiencing tears in your eyes about others’ pain is a power that needs your attention so that it can become your power.

An Earth Angel Lightworker is not born with all the abilities, but observation, self-care, and attention all together helped grow. If you are drawn towards Telepathy, profound conversations, and staying alone with yourself, You are definitely born with many superpowers.

Once you learn to focus on your core purpose, the Universe itself will provide you with enough episodes to practice and grow your abilities.

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5- Love Romancing With Nature

Earth Angel Lightworker Images

As the title symbolize an Earth Angel Lightworker, Do you like romance with Nature, Beaches and mountains?

Well, it’s not you who like, its Nature itself who pulled you towards it. The gravity between you two is so connected that you feel so alive when you inhale mountains’ purity or look at the beauty of water. Unlike, like attracts like, deep within you carry that purity mountain and ocean have to get pulled towards it.

If you are reading it, I assume you know who you are and getting closer to your calling. Serving to mother Earth and entire humanity, do you think you could do any better in this life?

Whether your romance with Nature is to heal yourself or raise your vibrational mental state, The vital factor is you spend time with it. One of the un doubtable sign of being an Earth Angel Lightworker is, Nature is your greatest love.

6- Alone Time is Therapy

Since my spiritual journey began, I have encountered numerous people who are afraid of being alone to such an extent that they keep engaging themselves on the phone. Many of them don’t realize that they are so scared of loneliness. Instead, they keep reminding themselves that they are communicative.

If you experience alone time as recharging yourself, you are an Earth Angel Lightworker, my friend. It’s not about how alone time makes you feel but how you spend that alone time. There is no mystical therapy as sole time; all you need to spend is aligning your desire and communicating with yourself.

If you are as comfortable as your best friend with your alone time, trust me, you are going to be the dream individual you have ever imagined. An Earth Angel Lightworker must often spend time with himself/herself so that recharge after every service.

7- Feeling of Not fit for Modern Society

Here is the best and very well known sign of being an Earth Angel Lightworker. The feeling of being different, initially, can be depressing like hell. However, people do remark you for your uniqueness and goodness you perform silently.

Modern society, science and logical, is going through a mysterious shift that only few can feel. I assume you are not one of them, as you always think you don’t belong here. You do belong here, my friend, as mother earth herself need few of us who help heal and reconnect with her.

Therefore, Let go of the feeling of not fitting in the society and channelize your energy to higher purpose instead of trying to fit in the small World called society.
You don’t need to have all the above qualities; however, having a single one is enough to know that you are an Earth Angel Lightworker.

8- You Care, No Matter What

Earth Angel Lightworker Images

The worst situation gifted people face is that people hurt, but they can’t do it back. In my case, I always felt the reason behind their rude or hurtful behavior. The sense of understanding their mental state stopped me of reacting. Instead, I use to pray for their happiness.

Is it simple as I am saying? No, not at all, sometimes I use to get angry at myself, but with time I realized, its a power not weakness. With few such experiences even they changed their behavior towards me, and I don’t know what changed them.

Having empathy and serving to the planet start with SOMEONE, I firmly believe, That’s the first test an Earth Angel Lightworker need to pass.

Once the action of caring for others becomes a habit, Its easy to give and forget. It doesn’t matter, what you get back. Most importantly, you don’t expect at all and anything in return.

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9- Forced to Follow The Calling

Like me, Many gifted can be unaware of their calling and suffer until they follow the calling. I believe, just like Human teacher, Universe too forces us to listen and follow what it’s saying.

If Being a sensitive and kind person, you suffer a lot; you must connect to yourself. One of the most significant signs of an Earth Angel Lightworker is that you don’t hurt back and suffer from others’ mistakes.

To eliminate the suffering, develop the Vision of higher action and stay focus on that. In my experience, If you believe you are gifted, dream so big that it scares you. The Universe will guide you to reach your goal and mysteriously serve to the Planet.

Realize that your mission of being on this Planet is higher than you think and keep rising yourself.


1- Few Words about earth angel vs lightwork?

Well, I will say Earth angles have a bigger vision than lightworker. However, I believe A lightworker is future Earth Angle. With time and experience, they indeed grow and expand their services.

2- How to recognize an earth angel?

Earth Angels might not have a beautiful face or body, but indeed they have a charming aura. When it comes to behavior, they are calm, understanding, kind, helpful and detached at the same time.

Earth angels feet looks like Indian Goddess, small, comprehensive, and the fingers are visibly spread.

3- What Happens when two Earth angels meet?

Oh, That’s such an exiting query! Well, when two earth angels meet, they create a surrounding that everyone gets attracted. It’s as peaceful as depth of the ocean and as exciting as a bird sanctuary.

If Your query is about the relationship, it can be astonishing and as beautiful as heaven.

4- How long do earth angels live?

Well, Every Human being has been gifted a length of life as long as you want to live. However, it depends on how much you focus on self-care. Even Earth angels are in the human body, so they also need to take care while serving to the Planet.

5- Am I an earth angel quiz?

After reading all the above details, If you are still confused about your worth, visit the link below. Play the quiz and be sure that yes, You are an Earth Angel.

6- Can Earth Angels fall in love? 

Well, You need to give a deeper thought about this question. Earth Angles are made of love, they deeply and organically love and care for every creatures exist on this planet. 

On the other hand, If you are concern about the love normal human being do, they Might. However, Their love is unlimited and unbound so, may be the other person will not be able to their love. 

Final Words: Recognizing yourself as an Earth Angel Lightworker is a rewarding as Noble Prize. However, you don’t need to be acknowledged by society; Universe loves you, and that’s enough. I wish your bright and mysterious future to be more exciting and worth living.

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Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed