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Childhood experiences can damage the rest of the life of a person. In order to live a normal, happy and healthy life, There are some powerful Crystals for Healing Emotional Trauma that can heal the past.

According to CDC, More than 60 percent of American Adults are unable to live a peaceful adulthood due to some childhood trauma. It’s the fact that childhood is the pillar and if it has been in fear or pain, the future can’t be good if the pain isn’t healed.

Unfortunately, the deeper the wound the more time and effort it takes to heal. There are a few natural ways to eliminate all the hidden pain and heal the empty space with needed Love and care.

5 Most Effective Crystals for Healing Emotional Trauma

1- Rose Quartz

Crystals for Healing Emotional Trauma

Rose quartz is one of the most popular crystals for healing and filling the wearer’s heart with love, care and compassion. Childhood trauma is one of the most unfortunate events one can experience at a very early age.

When an adult enters into his / adulthood, they find it difficult to cope with the world and new events. So, if you are going to hold some painful or disturbing memories, it’s time to release them and heal yourself.

Wearing Rose quartz pendant will help you heal and open your heart for new opportunities and inviting more loving people in your life. Even having a tumble, pyramid, or anything made up of Rose quartz will heal you.

So, one of the very first effective Crystals for Healing Emotional Trauma is having a pendant around your neck or wearing something on your skin.

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2- Clear Quartz

As the name shouts, this beauty of nature helps clearing all the emotional and other blockages of mind and heart. The unhappiness in adulthood is being planted in childhood or sometimes, its generational.

If you are trying to heal your past and looking for effective Crystals for Healing Emotional Trauma, using clear quartz for the start is good. Wearing a bracelet or spending time while meditating with this crystal will guide you to the events that are causing pain in you.

Once you realize which event is holding you back, it will be easier to cleanse and heal those trauma by other crystals or meditation. However, if you command you to clear quartz in the proper manner it can guide, cleanse and heal pain and provide you happiness in the present days.

3- Carnelian

Crystals for Healing Emotional Trauma

Carnelian is a seventeenth century stone which is associated with sacral chakra. Sacral chakra is the energy place which is mostly affected by your emotions, be it good or bad. IN other words, it’s the chakra that makes you feel happy, sad, confident or less resulting from your past memories.

Wearing Carnelian will help you stimulate blocked sacral chakra which ultimately will release the past unhappy events that are harming your present. It will cleanse the chakra, release the past pain and make you feel light and refreshing.

While you are looking for some powerful Crystals for Healing Emotional Trauma, healing your sacral chakra is essential. For that, carnelian is one of the most effective stones you may get benefits from.

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4- Pink Calcite

Another powerful heart chakra crystal is Pink Calcite that opens the center of Love and compassion. Any trauma in the past plays a crucial part in someone’s current and future state of mind, especially when it comes to relationships.

Relationships with self and others are one of the most forcing reasons for a person’s happiness. If you truly desire to heal, move on happily and for that looking for Crystals for Healing Emotional Trauma, Pink Calcite can do magic to you.

This magical crystal promotes mental and emotional well being by increasing Love, kindness and compassion for self and others as well. Wearing a pendant, ring, or bracelet not only increases your beauty but encourages you to open your heart to the potential happiness in your life.

The only thing you need to make sure is, have the best quality crystal from a genuine dealer as cheaters are everywhere.

5- Amethyst

Crystals for Healing Emotional Trauma

Amethyst is widely popular for its healing and highest source of wisdom properties. When trying to heal yourself, never forget to connect yourself to the divine, purest energy source universe. ‘

When hurting within, it seems difficult to connect to the universe or God, this beautiful gem not only steals my heart but opens the portal of infinity. While you are looking for the best Crystals for Healing Emotional Trauma, include Amethyst for making every coming day perfect and full of wisdom.

Understanding life and connecting to the source helps healing past trauma or unhappy events. Amethyst is the perfect crystal to gain more insights about life and move on easily with the power of the divine.

Final Words: Select any of the above shared crystals to gain specific things and experiment with it, if you are new to this mystic world. If you already have experienced the most, have some of them on your skin with the right intention and let them heal your past.

Crystals work best for those who believe in the mystery they carry with themselves, so do not forget to program before using them. If you found this article helpful and guiding, share it with others and help them heal and have a better future.

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