9 Best-Selling Self Healing Books Everyone Must Read in 2021

Self Healing Books hold the real secret to transforming life. If you are reading this article means you are curious about self-healing, right? Unlike Reiki, there are many ways to heal your mind body soul. 

If you are in search of different Natural ways to Heal your self, Well, You are at the right place. In this article of bigbraincoach, I am going to share the best books with you. Firstly, I would like you to understand what self healing is precisely?

What is self-healing?

The human body holds an immense capacity to heal itself. The disease usually happens when we ignore our bodies or don’t fulfill its basic requirements to keep us healthy for a longer period.

Healing means being your true self. True self includes your thinking, feelings, doing, and being. If all these are in alignment, you achieve complete wholeness in life.

This wholeness includes the healing of your physical, emotional, and mental pain. When the body is in balance, it heals itself, which is called self-healing.

Here are the top 12 self-healing books for you!

1- You Can Heal Your Life

I read this book back in 2008, when I was totally unaware of healing. However, I started reading and found many things that were accessible to accept and practice too.

It was my first book about self-healing. Instantly, I got connected to The key message of the book. I also believe that If you are ready to do the right mental work, you will be able to heal anything.

The fundamental basis of the book is the truth that the mind and body are connected. Therefore, The root cause of any illness is in our minds. The imbalance of some emotional or spiritual aspects of the brain causes disease.

You Can Heal Your Life is a New York Times bestseller book. By 2008, More than 35 million copies had been sold worldwide. Now, It is available in more than 30 languages.

The book provides many suggested affirmations and exercises. If you follow them, You gain the right emotional position to do them.

This self-healing book has the potential to change your life. One of the Must read Self Healing Books to start increasing your healing power.

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2- The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma

The Author is a pioneering researcher, and one of the world’s leading masters on traumatic stress. In this book, he provides a new paradigm for healing.

It is a tender, thoughtful, and transformative book about trauma.
The Author gives experimental, innovative analysis with his clinical experience to explain trauma in a better and authentic way. He provides clarity about biology and social relationships about trauma.

Van der Kolk explains how trauma can affect every aspect of your mental and physical health. For instance, It can make you tempted to dangerous and painful situations. Therefore, one must heal any past negative experiences asap.

Also, he clarifies many misconceptions we carry in our minds. I highly recommend this self healing books to those who want to heal any trauma or mental health.

3- Running on Empty: Overcome Your Childhood Emotional Neglect

Sometimes we are the one who pulls our self back from happiness and a fulfilled life. However, deep in our heart, we pray for a happy and wealthy. Have you ever thought why your prayers have not been answered yet?

An invisible thread which you are unable to see, but it may be affecting your present. After all, emotions are an inseparable part of human anatomy.

To some of you, this book might be the most important discovery in your life. It’s an excellent way to understand human emotions. Sometimes the incidents that didn’t even happen in your life but affected your everyday emotions and behavior.

This is one of the Self Healing Books that covers all the excellent information on both the causes and t

he solutions. It gives you the whole idea about issues of emotional neglect.
If you are a parent, you will understand how parenting plays such enormous roles in shaping your child s future.

Everyone goes through emotions. Therefore, everyone must read this Emotional self-healing book!

4- Toxic Parents: Overcoming Their Hurtful Legacy and Reclaiming Your Life

Another phenomenal book about self healing! Your childhood emotional imbalance causes many of trouble in your life. The title of the book may provoke some of you or may connect to some of you.

Above all, This a must-read book for all of you. Its a well-written and a very enlightening book. The language is very readable.

You may have seen someone who tends to have a chaotic and complicated definition of love. It is because they have seen their parent or some in childhood. Someone who manipulated, dominated, and wrecked each other in the name of love.

The Author runs To the core of such issues. She gives sensible, practical, and clearly explained steps to support handle the feeling of guilt and anger.
Most importantly, The Author explains the real benefits of following through with every step. These actions are the process to gain self-worth and freedom.

Another One of the amazing Self Healing Books, everyone must read once in a life.

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5- Self Healing Books- There Is Nothing Wrong with You

Self-love can take you to the highest peak of happiness. Similarly, Self-hate can wreck your life.

In this book, The Author exposes the source of self-hate. You are going to learn about How self-hate works, identify and remove it from your mind and heart.

Huber describes how we carry the belief there is something wrong with us. Always find the faults in ourselves and punish ourselves until we change.

It’s good to wok on bettering yourself. However, If you fail, stop creating self-hate. SO, The message of the Author is not to improve yourself but have compassion for yourself. Stop creating self-hate if you are not up to yours or other expectations.

The book is easy to understand and follow. Most importantly, it will give you life-changing ideas. This is one of that Self Healing Books which will teach you how to start treating yourself the way you treat everyone you love.

6- Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents

The name of the book is screeching about why one must read it.

In this book, clinical psychologist Lindsay Gibson reveals the toxic environment of parents. You will understand how emotionally unavailable parents create a sense of neglect in their children.

Indeed, you will learn different ways to heal the pain and trouble caused by your childhood. When you release yourself from your parents’ emotional immaturity, you will regain your real strength.

The book will teach you how to transform your reaction and avoid disappointment. Above all, you’ll start developing more positivity and new relationships to build a better life.

A must-read book if you want to know your real strength. All of us go through some of the childhood trauma. Knowingly, unknowingly it affects our life. To discover your true potential, this Self Healing Books is an essential read.

7- The Highly Sensitive Person

Do you crave for alone-time everyday like food and water or fresh air? If noise and confusion or people quickly overwhelm you, you are a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). Welcome to the gang, my soul tribe!

This book is a life-changing book for a highly sensitive person like me. However, Some of You may say that Everyone feels overstimulated sometimes. Folks, It’s different for the HSP, it’s the way of their life.

Dr. Elaine Aron is a clinical psychologist, and an HSP will guide you in recognizing some gift in yourself. Therefore, you can make the most of it in your daily situations.

Do you know, Most of the highly sensitive people are bright, deep, and reflective. The book will make you understand your weaknesses and teach you how to balance yourself.

In the end, you will feel extra blessed and proud of yourself.
One of Must read if self healing books If you are HSP.

8- How to Heal Yourself When No One Else Can

Many times we go through a lot of things, but no one understands us. It’s not like they don’t understand, but they don’t have the right solutions for you.

The Author, Amy B. Scher, is an Energy therapist. She offers an easy-to-understand approach to removing blockages we carry with ourselves, unknowingly.

The book is packed with Lots of factual information with effective practices. The practices are easy to understand and doable!

This book is for everyone who wants to unlock their full potential. Even Oprah accepts that Amy Scher has got the gift of energy medicine and healing. She digested it into this book, which is enlightening, encouraging, and Most important helpful to everyone.

I highly recommend this self healing books to therapists, coaches. Moreover, It is beneficial for those who are seeking easy-to-use tools for healing.

9- Quantum Healing: Exploring the Frontiers of Mind-Body Medicine

As the name suggests, the book is written by a remarkable physician, writer, and quantum healer Deepak Chopra. Therefore, You are going to learn An extraordinary method of healing.

The Author reveals the science behind the ability to heal yourself with your thoughts and feelings. If you’re trying to cure some disease, this book is definitely worth a try.

The book includes Lots of case studies. The book will definitely shift you from modern technology methods to the deepest core of the mind-body system. The base where healing begins.

If you believe in science, spirituality, or both, you will feel the connection. This self healing books is Worth reading if you are interested in exploring quantum healing.

Final Words: There are many other books available in the market, but these books are focused on self-healing. If you haven’t read The secret and power of your subconscious mind yet, do read it.

I hope these self-healing books will help you to heal your mind, body, soul, and bring more happiness, peace, and harmony in your life.

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