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Spirituality is nothing but an expensive lifestyle that very few are able to achieve. There are some of the best Best Books on Spirituality available in the market you must read, if you are seeking higher consciousness.

People these days are confusing spirituality with their limited belief and a little achievement. Being spiritual is above all the material and mental achievement level.

In order to awaken more than average, one needs to go through a lot of mental, emotional, and physical changes. Yes, It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to follow everything that your spiritual self asks for.

If you are ready to dive deeper in the spiritual realm, here are some of my choices and Best Books on Spirituality, you must read at least once.

10 Best Books on Spirituality and Meditation

1- Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind

I have put “ Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind” on top of my list because of its content. The book is a guide to those who are seeking to have control over their mind through Zen practices.

If you are willing to meditate, experience the result of meditation but find it challenging to sit and meditate, Zen is the best answer. Once you learn to follow Zen rules, you start training your mind to go in the direction you want to take it.

As I said earlier, spirituality is an expensive lifestyle, it’s one of the Best Books on Spirituality that can help you achieve that lifestyle easily. Once you teach your mind Zen ways, it will be easier to sit, meditate and have a bigger perspective towards life.

2- The Untethered Soul

The book is authored by The Untethered Soul, Michael Singer who is a bestselling author and popularly known meditation teacher. The book shares a lot of deep insight to those who start questioning their identity.

Spirituality is definitely for those who keep questioning their identity as you are not just this physical body but much more than that. In this book the author shares many simple exercises and ways to simply untethered your spirit.

By diving deep within yourself you can find all those answers that are hunting you to hunt for answers to them. Most importantly there are many activities that help you to live in the moment, heal painful past trauma and explore the power of deep you.

While reading the book, I realized a lot of my characteristics that I never knew and that’s the power of being spiritual. Therefore, I believe it’s one of the Best Books on Spirituality, every seeker must read once.

3- The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity

There is an artist hidden within each one of us, some of us are not even one persona aware about it. If you are a woman, especially a mother, you might need to read this book as it can hit your core and let you know what you possess inside.

Mothers, who make their priority their children, family and household activities, have something that most of the working women don’t. Being a woman, I can claim that it’s provoking to find your passion, follow them and be something which you are.

As you might have heard that painting is a form of meditation that can help you awaken your inner self easily. Therefore, I added this amazing book in the list of Best Books on Spirituality and meditation.

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4- Celebration of Discipline: The Path to Spiritual Growth

Although spirituality is beyond religious bind yet, every religion demands some of the discipline that can take you to the spiritual path.

In this book, Celebration of Discipline, the author Richard J. Foster explains the rules the Holy Bible has offered to the Christians’. In this book you will come to know how those classical disciplines can help you clear the fog and see a more enlightened way to live.

Spirituality is a way to freedom, to self actualization, to create a better space for upcoming generations and the book guides you to become a part of the spiritual group. I suggest every Christian to read this ultimate book and follow the guide to explore their true self.

The author shares many verses in the book which gives you a bigger insight that you have never seen before. If you are not practicing meditation, this book will guide you to achieve the stage many meditators achieve.

I must confess that it’s one of those Best Books on Spirituality that can hit your core and make you search for your true self.

5- Secrets of Divine Love

I have deliberately included these two books in the list of spiritual and meditation books. My intention behind this action is that I believe every religion has the same essence.

However, most of the religion followers find it hard to accept , respect and explore other religions. In this book, the author, A. Helwa shares many scriptures shared in the Holy Quran that can give you a deeper sense about the divine and His way to connect.

If you are rooting to connect to the Devine more profoundly and feel His precious closer, this book will help you to achieve it. There are many actionably activities that will help you rise above this world, grow spiritually, and get closer to God.

It’s one of the religion based and Best Books on Spirituality that every one must read and understand the depth of Islam. Yes, learning your religious scripture and understanding its core will take you to the height where meditation takes practitioners.

6- Animal Speak

Animals carry pure energy with themselves, I am hoping that you do agree with this statement. It’s one of the reasons your pets keep you happy and create a happy and lively environment around your home.

Loving and getting loved by animals opens your heart’s chakra which is the connecting chakra of your spiritual and physical body. If you are trying to experience magical Love, affection and togetherness, this book can guide you in the best way.

Understanding the pure nature, those living who can not speak your language can be challenging but once you learn to connect you become something you never Imagine. It’s one of the reason, every spiritual person believes in their spirit animal.

If you want to understand nature, animals, and open your consciousness through experience, it’s one of the Best Books on Spirituality for you.

7- The Sacred Enneagram

Being spiritual means accepting your good and bad, working on yourself and growing in the process. “The Sacred Enneagram” is one of those books that guide a common man to understand themselves better.

Most importantly, recognize the thing that doesn’t serve any good and work upon it so that the journey becomes smoother and easy. Using the enneagram as a spiritual discipline can help you go deeper within yourself and transform.

The reason behind adding this book in my recommended Best Books on Spirituality is that one must work upon themselves to purify. This book does the work in the best and most profound way.

Also, Spirituality is about finding your own path, instead following someone blindly. The book follows this principle and guide in the most profound way to find your own path.

8- The Life You’ve Always Wanted

The Life You’ve Always Wanted is another transformative book one must read if desire to walk on a spiritual path. Accept it or not, everyone, deep down, wants to live a balanced life, spiritually and materially.

This book offers a lot to someone who wants to take their life to the next level spiritually. If you are a Christian and want to become wiser and desire closure to God, this book is a roadmap for you.

I found this book very informative, spiritual and life changing for the disciple who wants to change their life following ancient rules. It’s one of the reasons I included this book in my selected and Best Books on Spirituality.

Do read if you follow Christ consciousness and want to experience miracles in your life following spiritual tips.

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9- Awareness: The Perils and Opportunities of Reality

Being spiritual means being aware of each money you create, thoughts, experience happening and your feelings. Awareness is something that requires a lot of effort to happen.

I found this book fascinating and most recommended from my side because it has a gem of things in it. The book is a blend of Christian spirituality, Buddhist parables, Hindu breathing exercises, and psychological insight, de Mello’s words of hope.

Can you imagine what this book has for you? I think this small insight will tempt you to pick it up and make it your next read. Therefore, it’s one of the Best Books on Spirituality. I recommend it to all spiritual seekers.

10-The Mind Illuminated

Last but not the least, “The Mind Illuminated” is a step to step guide to meditate and explore your mind. The book is a great combination of human psychology, cognitive mind and Buddha’s teaching.

The nine-stage model of meditation presented in this book helps to unlock the mystery you are caring inside you. The book is super informative and beneficial to those who have started their meditation journey.

I found it one of the most effective and Best Books on Spirituality and meditation for beginners.

Final Words: It doesn’t matter if you are beginner or pro, knowing every tiny detail about mind and its power is worth reading. I suggest those seekers who read these books who are willing to transform themselves by using others’ experiences.

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