The Top 6 Books Similar to The Nightingale You Must Read

Are you looking to engage yourself in reading more stories or Books Similar to The Nightingale? This article will share some brilliant stories to pick the best one for you.
In case you have yet read the book Nightingale, Here is a brief synopsis you may like. The story was about World War II when Nazis trapped a woman, “Vianne,” with her child.

The story runs around Vianne and her 18 years young sister Isabelle. Their life is difficult; they are going through various challenges and crossing them with courage and patience, representing the human spirit.

Not to mention, the story can often make you heartbroken and awaken your spirit. So, if you are looking for such empowering and women-centered provoking stories, keep reading.

Books Similar to The Nightingale

1- All the Light We Cannot See

The book is a story about a French blind girl Marie-Laure and a German boy named Werner. Both are struggling to survive world war II. Not to mention, the book is on the list of NewYork best selling hits.

The highly acclaimed, multiple award-winning author Anthony Doerr has shared this book, built on beautiful imagery. NO, I am not going to share the story because I want you to dive into the life of Marie-Laure.

If you decide to read this one after the Nightingale, you may find many characters hitting your core. A well-written story can make you feel connected and keep you engaged till the end.

Yes, we are blessed to have eyesight, but reading this book made me realize that another parallel world is rolling around us; we must feel that as well.

If you are looking for more books similar to the nightingale and lilac girls, this is your search; read once.

2- Lilac Girls

“Lilac Girls” Is a story about three girls from different places Poland, Germany, and America. It’s about their life before, during and after World war II.

Not to mention this inspiring story is not fiction but a real tale representing the situation during the war and their overcoming strength. I am confident that you can assume the circumstances WWII caused for ordinary people.

Reading this book might be disturbing, but knowing your history and meeting various Hero’s and Heroines is a different level of motivation. Connecting to them through books encourages me to give meaning to my life.

If you are looking for books like the Nightingale and all the light we cannot see, this book is my recommendation.

3- Where the Crawdads Sing

“Where the Crawdads Sing” is a gentle story about thoughts, emotions, and reactions caused by loneliness. It’s a warming story about a girl named Kya Clark, AKA Marsh, who has been abundant by everyone, including her parents.

By age 16, everyone around her, her sibling, friends, society, school, and her parent left her alone, and the journey of Where the Crawdads Sing began.

You might get lost in the story if you have ever felt abundant by your loved one. The story is touching, inspiring, and thought-provoking. So, if you like reading the struggle and roller coaster journey of Kya, this book is for you.

You must read Where the Crawdads Sing if you are looking for books similar to the nightingale and lilac girls.

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4-White Houses by Amy Bloom

The “White Houses” is about Lorena Hickok, an American journalist, and Eleanor Roosevelt. These two power people met in 1932 while reporting on Franklin Roosevelt’s first presidential campaign.

The truth based on this book shares their not-so-good first meeting to become the Love of life. If you choose to read this fantastic book, you will learn a lot about Hick’s life.

In order to bring the depth of their relationship, Author Amy Bloom went through thousand of news, diaries, and letters. It’s easy to fall in Love but challenging to stay in Love.

Although the book story rolls around Lorena Hickok, the journey of her entire life, including the white house. Therefore, this book is recommended if you are looking for power books similar to the nightingale and lilac girls.

5- Before We Were Yours

The book “Before We Were Yours” is Based on one of America’s most notorious real-life scandals, where poor children were kidnapped and sold to rich people.

The book starts with two storylines simultaneously moving forward, one in 1939 and the other in the present day. Eventually, they moved and connected.

The two Foss sisters were stolen and kept in a foster house where they went through a lot; it’s heartbreaking. So, the book is a Disturbing, Heart-wrenching & Powerful Piece of Historical Fiction future generations must know about.

The book is the perfect blend of present and past, so if you are looking for books similar to the nightingale and lilac girls., this is recommended!

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6- As Bright As Heaven by Susan Meissner

This story of “As Bright As Heaven” begins in 1918 during the Great War and the Spanish flu epidemic. It was when a family, including the parents, Pauline and Thomas, along with their three daughters, moved from Quakertown to Philadelphia.

What a family expects while moving to another place and what happens with them is a story you will love reading. The book teaches us a lot about love, loss, and family.

You may have read many books, but you might like reading about the pandemic, the Spanish Flu, and the number of people & families it affected. You might feel more connected, especially after the world suffered from Covid 19.

A stunning novel to read if you are looking for books similar to the nightingale and lilac girls.

7- The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

This book “The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo” has been sold as a historical romance with everything a reader looks for. The book is about a bisexual Hollywood star, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, who wasn’t allowed to talk about her love life.

When she got ready to share her life story, she chose a writer whose carrier was nothing in the market. When you read the book, the answer reveals why Evelyn recruited Monique, the worst journalist of the year, to write her biography.

I found this book phenomenal, spectacular, and outstanding. It’s my recommendation to you if you love reading books similar to the nightingale and lilac girls.

Final Words: These historical women are a true inspiration for those looking for real heroes instead of fictional ones. I began looking for books similar to the nightingale and lilac girls, and these hooked me for more.

If you have any other recommendations for my readers and me, let me know the name in the comment box. I would love to read and add your choice to this list.

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