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Top 9 Gary Soto books for Middle School Children and Adults

If you are a poetry stories lover, you might like Gary Soto books I will share in this article. The books Gary Soto has written have impacted many of us in real life.
Poetry like Romeo and Juliet and stories like ancient myths or real-life related always touches millions of readers.

The author has grabbed many notable awards for sharing his imagination with the world for his work. This article will share some award-winning books for middle school and adults.

Before we go to the book’s list of Gary Soto, I would like to answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

Some of you might want to know, “what type of books does Gary Soto write”?

The author writes about poetry, novels, memoirs, children’s literature. Among all his work, Petty Crimes New and Selected Poems Living Up the Street are Gary Soto’s most famous books.

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Top 9 Gary Soto books for Middle School Children

1- Too Many Tamales

Gary Soto books Images

“Too Many Tamales” is a story about an adventurous Christmas evening. ” Maria ” is a young girl who thinks she is grown up enough to copy her mother’s jewelry.

It’s a family story filled with fun and various perspective of people involved in the Christmas celebration. If you love reading funny and light stories, you must add one of the Gary Soto books to the library.

The story begins when Maria Loses her mother’s ring and asks others to help her find it. The search period is exciting to read because of others’ expressions opinions. I am sure you will love it and have fun while reading it.

2- Baseball in April and Other Stories

If you are a fan of real-life short stories, I recommend this book by Mexican American author Gary Soto. As the name suggests, the story is about his baseball practices and stuff related to it.

The book has a collection of eleven short stories where the author shares are significant events of His daily routine of those days. If you are a sports fan, you might be aware the drama the players experience during practices is super exciting.

I believe it’s one of the Gary Soto books suitable for entering adulthood and children. It’s a collection of fun moments to read and experiences to learn for a lifetime.

The book represents many intelligent, tough, vulnerable kids and their perspectives towards life. You will feel connected because no matter what age you are, dreams and desires are always the same.

3- Gary Soto Books –The Afterlife

As the name shouts, The afterlife is a story about a boy named “Chuy,” which begins when he finds himself dead. If you like reading with a better imagination, this book is for you.

The author, no doubt, has produced an exciting story that will hold you till the last page of the book. They killed him when the main character got troubled by his comments, for some guess.

He realized he was dead; he decided to visit everyone He loved and cared for. The journey He chose to walk afterlife is engaging, entertaining, and fun filled. It’s one of the best Gary Soto books for young readers to spend their holidays with.

4- Accidental Love

It’s a story of a chubby yet muscular girl “Marisa Rodriguez” and Alicia that will push you to think differently about love. It’s one of the unique and worth reading books are written by Gary Soto.

The “Accidental Love ” starts with an accidental phone call, and the story turns into a reality she had never imagined. If you are into high school drama, including love stories, “Accidental Love ” is one of the Gary Soto books you must read.

The story has all the melodies that a teen wants and doesn’t want. If you are an adult and choose to read it, you will definitely travel in flashback, and if you are a teen, you will instantly connect to this book.

Although the book “Accidental Love” has a calm plot, It will make you keep reading until the book’s last page. Despite her less attractive appearances, Marisa will leave her footprint in your mind.

5- Buried Onions

“Buried Onions” is a story about a 19 years old boy “Eddie” whose struggle might make you feel the reality around some of you. Yes, the book presents “Violence,” but the author has made extra efforts to catch the reader’s interest.

“Eddie” has experienced some full violent events and wants to leave all that behind and build a better future. However, his efforts seem to pull him back rather than forward.

In other words, He seems trapped in a place that doesn’t offer many options to get out of it. In Eddie’s age group, you might feel the trap and feel the story connected to your life but in a different perspective rather than violence.

One of the Gary Soto books in the fiction category might interest you to experience his fantastic writing.

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6- Marisol

“Marisol” is the story about a 10-year-old fourth-grade girl named “Marisol Luna.” Marisol is a born dancer whose lifestyle will inspire you to do more in your childhood.

She keeps learning different dance forms as Her life rolls around dancing. Her parents want to move, but Marisol must follow her dreams as a pro dancer.

She is devasted to think of her life without dance and no old friends, but she cannot give up on her passion. She designs a plan to follow her dreams with her two friends.

It’s one of the Gary Soto books that will connect you to reality and inspire you to learn from her a lot.

7- Facts of Life

Gary Soto books Images

“Facts of Life” is a collection of stories about the adolescence life of three friends and their friends. There are ten stories of various events related to these Hispanic young adults.

“Facts of Life” teaches many real-life lessons by reading their ups, downs, and sometimes boring. Their life, growing from teen to adult, seems roller coaster-like real-life children.

It’s one of the Gary Soto books every teen must read to understand the way life works. If you are in your teen, “Facts of Life” will be one of your adventure tours for a lifetime.

8- The Old Man and His Door

The book is based on a song in the Spanish language called “el Puerco” (the pig) and “la Puerta” (the door). The story is about an older man who by mistake brought a door.

The smart gardener, the older man, was lousy t to hear her wife, you know what I mean. So instead of bringing Pig, He got the door, and the funny story begins with the door.

It’s one of the best bilingual books by Gary Soto that fits any age group. If you like funny stories filled with creative ideas, It’s one of the Gary Soto books that end your search.

It’s an Adorable and comical book that presents many creative Ideas, children, can benefit from it. Also ad the story has many fun moments; it’s a lighter read.

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9- Gary Soto Books – Taking Sides

Gary Soto books Images

“Taking Sides” is a fiction book authored by Gary Soto that you may like to read. The book rolls around a young Spanish boy Named “Lincoln Mendoza.”

The 8th-grade boy was a star player until her mom decided to move to a place with less crime. He has to adjust to a new school with new fellows and, above them, face an unfair coach.

While trying to adjust and suppress his feeling, He had to decide what He wanted and How to get that. The story isn’t unique, but the author’s style will hold you till the end.

It’s one of the Gary Soto books that every teen must read to understand the age and its challenges more profoundly.


1- How Many Books Has Gary Soto Published?

The author Gary Soto is famous for his work for children. According to the internet, He has written over twenty books of poetry and prose for adults. In total, He has written over more than thirty books for younger readers and elders. 

2- What Type of Books Does Gary Soto Write?

Gary Soto has written many books in different genres. Genre such as poetry, novels, memoirs, children’s literature is the areas he is popular for. 

3- Which Group of People does Soto Gary Soto focus on?

Gary Soto Books are, in general, focused on young adults and children. However, He shares all the experiences that connect even adults and elders. 

Thus, His books are popular among all age groups. 

4- What book series has the largest fan base?

There are many books that inspired the author to write more and make a series of the story line. Such books have many visionary backgrounds that attracted a lot of fan base and not to mention made the author a billionaire.

“Harry Potter” is the book series that has the largest fan base around the world. The book has been filmed and attracted millions of viewers. I am a huge fan of Harry potter. More than 500 million copies have been sold around the world.

5- What is the most famous fanfiction?

Fanfiction books have been attracting a lot of readers as they create the next level of excitement and develop connections. According to the internet “Fifty Shades of Grey” is the most famous fanfiction book written by E.L James.

The story is about an innocent girl named Anna and a highly successful businessman named Christian Grey. The book has series sharing on of the message if read with a learning mindset.

Final Words: I am sure one of these Gary Soto books will catch your attention and make you have fun while reading. The author is already Famous among young and teen children.

However, as an adult, I have enjoyed all of his writing, and I am certain you will too. If you found this article helpful and informative, let others know about it by sharing it on your social media.

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