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Constipation before and during the menstrual cycle is a common issue in most females. If you are looking for some effective home remedies for period constipation, keep reading this article.

Some of you might experience Painful constipation 1 week before the period that lasts long. It’s normal and treatable at home with little lifestyle changes.

Make sure you don’t see any other symptoms, such as blood in the stool; in such cases, you need the doctor immediately. Constipation during or before a period is uncomfortable, but it can be treated easily.

Yes, it’s treatable because it happens due to hormonal changes, so by balancing your hormone, you can easily treat your constipation problem at home.

Before going to period constipation remedies, let’s see what are the main reasons behind constipation during periods. Understanding the causes will help you get rid of these problems easily.

Reasons Behind Constipation Before and During Periods

  • Hormonal Changes

As women, we go through many emotional shifts during monthly cycles. Scientifically, progesterone builds up before the periods start. It affects the digestive system and slows down its functions.

Most importantly, they believe the process mainly causes constipation during periods. One of the theories believes that rising estrogen causes constipation before er during periods.

Therefore, period constipation remedies include taking care of your digestive systems; we will only talk in detail in this article.

  • Underlying Conditions

Some of the pre-existing health challenges also cause painful constipation before and during constipation. If it’s the situation, you need to take a little extra care to get rid of it.

Now let’s see some of the easy and effective period constipation remedies.

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Home Remedies for Constipation Before and During Period

1- Increase Fiber Intake

Fiber is one of the most beneficial ingredients that enhance the poor digestive system. Increasing fiber intake will ease whether you have a regular constipation challenge or during periods.

In order to do that, include more apples, beans, lentils, dark, leafy vegetables and whole grains in your diet. A small amount of fabric food or whole grains in your breakfast or snacks will help a lot.

One of the easiest and most effective period constipation remedies is controlling your eating habits and eating more fruits and vegetables. Make sure to avoid junk, fast food and spices while treating constipation at home.

2- Increase Liquid Intake

Drinking more than a regular amount of water is one of the famous and influential period of constipation remedies. Liquid helps stool become softer and pass easily.

If you are not comfortable drinking more water, try lukewarm water. Luke warm water helps relax muscles and improve digestion. In my experience, it also eliminates the stress from our system.

Drinking warm water regularly will help you get rid of painful constipation. In addition, it’s super helpful to balance body weight by cutting extra fat from the body.

3- Practice Yoga

You may practice any other physical exercises, including fast walking. However, practicing a few Yoga poses on a regular basis has an enormously positive effect on the human mind, body and soul.

You don’t need to plan to join special yoga classes to treat constipation but spending at least 15 minutes at home will do its magic. Also, practicing a few rounds of Pranamayma (Breathing Practices) will also relax your muscles and ease constipation.

Yogasana not only helps release toxins from the body but also negative thoughts, stress and harmful emotions. For me, Yoga is one of the most effective period constipation remedies that have helped me.

4- Don’t hold It

One of the most common reasons behind any health issue related to digestion is people hold it when the body wants to flush it out. While working on getting rid of constipation, don’t follow your routine but your body.

Holding gives a different command to your mind, which plays a significant role in the functioning of your body. Holding also damages your body and emotions in many ways if done frequently.

Keep in mind to use the loo whenever your body demands, especially while following any of these period constipation remedies. It’s one of the most critical rules in treating painful constipation during a period.

5- Practice Breathing or Meditating

As I mentioned above, constipation during periods is related to your hormones, including emotional shifts. Your emotions have a significant effect on your digestion system.

Healing your solar plexus chakra will help manage your digestion system. Also, A few minutes of meditations before bed and early in the morning will miracle your constipation, including hormonal imbalance.

Meditation is a secret to any achievement, so if you decide to practice meditation, take a few minutes and practice pranayama before starting meditation.

A clearance, I am talking about the meditation that requires you to sit still, not mindfulness. It’s one of the life-changing period constipation remedies if you give it a try.

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6- Lemon Water with Black Salt 

Lemmon with devil’s dung and black salt is a fantastic remedy to treat constipation instantly. I am not a big fan of the citric product, yet it worked for me.

After waking up in the morning, take a glass of warm water and mix a pinch of delis dung and black salt. Add lemon juice, mix it well, and drink; let this be your day’s first drink.

The ingredients used in this water are the most effective ingredients for your digestive system, so I am hoping it’s available in your kitchen. Let me know in the comment box how did it go.

You need to constantly use this homemade liquid for period constipation remedies for a few days to see the result.

7- Try a Mild Laxative

Last but not least, if any of the above remedies dint work, try using a Mild Laxative. I suggest you consult your doctor before buying any Laxative available on the market.

Market products are habit developers as well, and Therefore, I recommend trying any of the above ideas for a month. I am confident that you will get the result.

If you are consulting your doctor, go to Ayurveda products, which are considered natural period constipation remedies. Also, using Triphala will help you in treating the hardest constipation.

Final Words: I can imagine how painful and uncomforting period constipation can be for some of you. The best way to treat it is to notice your mood, behavior, food and monthly cycle.

All the observance will help you find your cause and treat it at home using any above organic period constipation remedies.

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