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Reason to Read The Secret Book Summary

At some point in life, we all have gone through rough and downtime. I have read this book almost 50 times until now. Every time I read it with a fresh mindset, and it takes me deeper into my mind and reveals something new about me and the power I hold within.

So, I am sure you know that the Secret is First and the most worldwide popular book which revealed the unknown mystery about life, our thoughts, and emotions.

This book is translated into more than 50 languages and sold equally in each language and region. The Writer has done an excellent job by writing this book and revealing the secret to the world. Everyone can get an equal advantage to live life fullest by using the methods mentioned in the book.

Before I start The Secret book summary, I would like to answer some of the most asked questions.

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The Story Of The Secret Book

As I mentioned earlier, it is a best-selling self-help book written by Rhonda Byrne in 2006. The book is based on the movie “The Secret” created by the same author.

The story is about the idea of the law of attraction, which is Like Attracts like. Which also claims that our thoughts shape our reality.

The Key Message Of The Book

The key message of The book is that everyone can write their Destiny. If you can believe in your heart and imagine in your mind, you can write your future.

End of The Book

Byrne ends the book by saying Health, wealth, and prosperity in everybody’s inheritance. Understand that Money doesn’t bring unhappiness. It depends upon the individual how they handle it.

The last chapter also describes how to use The Secret to better your relationships.

Order of The The Secret Books

Are you aware that there are four books in The secret series?

If no, then Let me share the name with you.

  1. The Secret- Published in 2006
  2. The Power- Published in 2010
  3. The Magic- Published in 2012
  4. Hero- Published in 2013

The Secret Book Summary

Now, Let’s start  The Secret book summary.

There are nine chapters in the book. Each chapter reveals the theory of thoughts, beliefs, and energy at a different level.

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Chapter 1: The Secret Revealed

Have you ever seen someone earning massive wealth and then losing it somehow? I am sure you know somebody, or you may be the one. We think it was destiny. But no, it’s not destiny.

In the first chapter, the author reveals the reason behind this. The real reason behind this is the fear of losing money. Most people carry this fear deep within their minds.

Sadly, when they lost the money, they realize that they knew it was going to happen. Again they work hard and gain the fortune. And, the pattern goes on.

Byrne says, They don’t realize that they are using the law of attraction for gaining wealth and losing too. They need to change the thoughts of the fear of losing money.

She believes that thoughts have magnetic power, which releases positive or negative frequency. Whatever thoughts you carry in your mind, it goes into the Universe. And, you attract situations and people who help in bringing your ideas into reality.

She also explains that it’s no different than watching TV. Every channel is connected to some frequency. If you want to watch some various programs, you need to change the channel.

Similarly, If you want a different result in life, you need to change the old thought patterns.

Byrne brings the focus on the present moment and explains that If you are doing good in life, means You have been thinking good and positive in the past. If not, then it’s because you’ve been thinking negatively.

Throughout the first chapter, Rhonda demonstrates the science behind the law of attraction. She believes that it supported by quantum physics, where the consent is that the brain is powerful enough to produce anything.

Thus, the law of attraction is the law of the Universe. Just Like gravity, whether you believe or not, it is. The advantage of accepting the law of attraction is that you can use it to your benefit once you know how it works.

There is an example of Bill Harris, the founder of the CenterPoint Research Institute, who shares a story about his student name Robert.

Robert was facing continued harassment from his coworkers for being gay. Robert was stressed and demotivated when he contacted Bill Harris, who inspired him to focus on his passion of becoming a stand-up comedian instead of harassment.

After eight weeks, Robert informed that the coworkers either left the firm or the company transferred to a different section.

The author explains that the good part is that it takes continuous thoughts for something to happen. She challenges you can start transforming the way you think by meditating for a few minutes per day.

Meditation brings awareness about thoughts and helps you to be in the present.

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Chapter 2: The Secret Made it Simple

The truth is that The Law of attraction is working all the time. It doesn’t matter whether you are aware or not. If you genuinely believe that you don’t create your reality, then you will attract situations that will make you disabled. The author says to tell the Universe you have full authority over your life.

The author also explains how to know that you’re thinking negatively: monitor your body. Overthinking often make you feel heavy or create some pain in your body.

In this chapter, There is another example of the famous Jim Carrey. Carrey was an ambitious actor, and he uses to stop on his driveway to home every night. He uses to think about his future successes and imagine them.

He also shares about how he wrote a cheque of ten thousand dollars to self while his income was not even a thousand dollars. He wasn’t aware of the Law of attraction, but deep within, he knew that he was going to achieve it.

Negative thoughts are like a powerful driving force in difficult times, but you have to convince yourself to think positively.

At the end of chapter two, the author introduces the concept of “Secret Shifters.” These are some activities that can help to raise your energy and brighten your mood.

Secret shifters help you not to focused on thinking negativity. Instead, shift your thoughts to positivity. Byrne recommends making a list of everything that can help to change your mood in an unfavorable situation.

For example, you can make a file for your favorite songs, which lightens your mood and listen to it when you feel stressed.

Chapter 3: Way to Use the Secret in Life

So finally, In this chapter, you are going to learn about how to use the secret for your dreams and goals.

The author shifts focus in this chapter by presenting the idea of “ask, believe, and receive.”

In this chapter, Self-help specialist James Ray shares the story of Aladdin. Hey, do you remember the story of Aladdin and the magic lamp? Oh yes, It’s real!

The Secret book summary- bigbraincoach

Ray says the Universe is our real Genie, who is always ready to fulfill our wishes. But the Universe can’t understand what to give unless you ask for it.

So, here is the answer. There are three steps to make secrets work for you:

Step 1: Ask

You need to be very particular about your need. If your request is not precise, the signal will be complicated.

Unfortunately, the Universe doesn’t understand complicated things.

If you are not specific in your goals, no matter how positive you will think, you won’t attract results. So, be very clear in what you are asking the Universe.

Step 2: Believe

Believe is the essential factor for attracting what you want. So, You have to believe before you receive it. Universe also tests your faith level.

Have faith and move on with your duties and regular life and let the Universe work things out for you. Don’t wait for the result and stress yourself.

Stress is negative energy, and it can be a block between you and the Universe.

Believing before receiving is the hardest part of the Law of attraction. But, once you develop the belief, it will be the easiest to attract whatever you want in life.

Step 3: Receive

Did you noticed that to make The Law of attraction work for you, you need to create emotions before it happens?

Yes, That’s right.

Before you receive your result, you must create the happiness you will feel after getting it. Act as if you already have it.

The Universe understands the language of energy. If you start living at that frequency where you already have it. You force the Universe to send the result faster.

The key point is, The more profound your belief in-universe, the faster you get the result.

Chapter 4: Powerful Processes

Well, In This chapter, The author focuses on various practices to help you “ask, believe, receive.” 

Rhonda mentions a speech delivered by Neville Goddard in 1954, an influential meta physicist. 

Goddard advises replaying your day in your mind before bed. But instead of reflecting the day as it was, replay your day as you wanted it to be. 

This idea sets up your mind for the next day. It creates powerful vibration before you sleep and give the universe command to bring the situations for the same.

As it says, Your last thought before you sleep is the first thought in the next morning.

The author presents the concept of visualization here. You know many of the great inventors believed in imagination or example, The Wright Brothers.

Visualization is a process to help you forget about the past and focus on developing a new belief system. 

There are some bonus ideas to help to develop visualization. Focus on moving visions: instead of thinking about your dream car, visualize yourself preparing something delicious, cutting, chopping, opening fridge, etc. 

The book also gives you an idea about creating a “vision board:” a board where you can display images of your dreams. Also, place the board in some visible area like on your fridge or somewhere you can look at the pictures as you ask and believe.

The Vision board helps you in believing.

Chapter 5: The Secret book summary- The Secret to wealth

Secret of Wealth- bigbraincoach

In this chapter, The author shares ideas about how the Law of attraction will make you rich.

As above, each technique is proven by some famous personalities.

The Secret Success story- The legendary Jack Canfield author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series reveals his desire for a particular amount of money. 

Earlier, He used to believe that only evil people have money. Therefore, he never had the desired cash. After meeting W. Clement Stone, His life changed.

Stone told him about the Law of attraction and suggested him to change his belief system by creating a specific goal and focus on visualizing.

He did the same. After Thirty days, he received millions of dollars for the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.

As always, Byrne shares some new ideas and reminders about using The Secret:

  • Train your brain to believe that you do afford your desire things even if the situation is not favorable right now. 
  • Don’t analyze the situation and try to figure out things by yourself, don’t stress. Have faith, and somehow you will receive what you believed.
  • The other way to invite wealth/prosperity is to donate some. The feeling of “I have enough to contribute” will give you more to do the same.

The author suggests you believe that Money doesn’t bring unhappiness or bad things. It depends upon individuals, how they think about it or use it.

6: The Secret to Relationships

The Secret book summary- bigbraincoach

This chapter demonstrates how to use The Secret to better your relationships.

The Secret Success story- Byrne Share the story of a man who was an artist. He desired romance but always painted himself alone. His house was full of such paintings. 

After learning about The Law of attraction, he replaced the painting with loving relationships. After a few weeks, he was dating a beautiful woman and was incredibly happy.

Byrne states that its essential to have balance and connection between your desire and actions. She shares various examples about keeping the balance between your desire and work.

As mentioned earlier in the book, If you have confused desires, the Universe is not going to respond to your wish. No matter how much you visualize.

So, Before asking for something, look deeper into your heart and then go to the next step. Be ready to receive it.

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The Secret Book Summary- Chapter 7: The Secret to Health

The Secret book summary- bigbraincoach

The author shares the idea about the “placebo effect.” She explains how to use the Law of attraction to improve your Health.

The Secret Success story-  Dr. John Demartini says, “While giving advise, You tell the patient that this is just as effective as medicines and see the results.”

In his research, he understood that the human mind is the most significant factor in healing. In fact, it’s more potent than medicines.

When you are trying to heal your body, Focus only on your healed body, not the illness. Engage yourself in positive thoughts and affirmations.

The disease can only live in the body if you are holding it in your mind. Here, Holding means if you are thinking about it.

Avoid thinking about illness if you want to have a healthy body. Talking or thinking about it creates negative energy in your body, and it helps disease to grow.

The example of Morris Goodman is the best. His plane was crashed, and he was told that he wouldn’t be able to walk for the rest of his life. 

Goodman tells, he refused to accept. While he was bedridden, he uses to visualize himself walking out of the hospital before Christmas.

In just a few months, he walked out of the hospital as he had imagined. Nothing is impossible as long as you believe.

Chapter 8: The Secret to the World

In this part of The Secret book summary, you will understand how resisting thoughts bring a negative result. When you focus on fighting against debt or illness, you pour your energy into that. Unfortunately, you give your power, and it grows.

Instead of focusing on debt, think about wealth coming into your life. In this way, you give your energy to wealth; you attract more wealth and prosperity.

Here the key is to recognize what you don’t want and then focus on the opposite. When you do this, you send a message to the Universe about your wish. The Universe delivers your desire.

The Secret Success story- Michael Bernard Beckwith says people have become addicted to the old thought pattern. They Think that gaining wealth is hard.

They think becoming wealthy is all about destiny. It’s hard to earn money. With all these myths about money in their heart, They wish to become rich. Unfortunately, this myth is behind fear, greed, and negative emotion.

However, Beckwith believes this old thought pattern can be removed and develop new ideas of health wealth and prosperity.

Till now, it’s evident that The mind creates your reality. If you can imagine your future, you can create your destiny.

Chapter 9: The Secret to You- The Secret Book Summary

In the last of The Secret book summary, Byrne reveals the spiritual side of The Secret. She explains that we all are made of energy, and energy cannot be destroyed, but it can be changed. 

Everything is inside you. The Universe is your genie, waiting for your command.

Byrne reminds readers about the awareness of their thoughts. If you leave your mind to run, it will go in no direction. It’s essential to give the right idea to the brain so that you can create happiness in life.

However, awareness is the key to getting answers. If you are aware, you will find the answers to all your questions. You will realize that everything is teaching you something.

The last chapter of the book is all about “purpose.” As Neale Donald Walsch believed that God doesn’t decide our life purpose. It’s we who decide our life purpose.

So, decide what you want to become in life. What kind of lifestyle and life partner you want. Ask the Universe, belief, and receive.


1- Is Secret easy to read?

The Secret book is one of the simplest and easiest books to read. In addition, it’s super exciting and easy to understand as every chapter is filled with examples for us to understand.

Don’t expect heavy content as It’s simple to understand and follow easy steps in real life.

Final Words: So, this was the The Secret book summary. I hope you are going to make the rest of your life best. 

I highly advise this book to you because it has changed my life and I am sure it will change yours. If you enjoyed reading this article, do like and share with some of friends who might like reading it. 

Also, don’t forget to bookmark this page for more informative articles like “The Secret Book Summary” for instant access in the future. 

Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed

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