Amazon Prime Books | 50 Most Popular Books To Read In 2023

Are you thinking to Explore Amazon prime books? Well, If you are getting Bored at Home and want to go to some other world then you must.

I wanted to explore something new and surprising ways to entertain myself. Being a bookworm, I gave preference to books. 

Guess what? I found that Amazon is providing free access to 2,000+ Books. However, this offer is only for prime members.

But, If your local library is closed, then this is the best option to opt for prime membership and enjoy hundreds of books at almost no cost. 

If you are not aware, let me tell you Amazon has 30 days free trial offer for new subscribers. Isn’t it exciting?

However, if you like it, you can continue for $9.99 a month, and you can cancel anytime.

How to access Amazon prime books?

Well, just log in to your prime membership account and go to the prime reading page.

To access all the availability of Amazon prime books, you need to download Amazon’s Kindle app, which you can do on your Kindle, tablet, or cell phone no Amazon device required.

You are all set, you will see all the titles, including classics, nonfiction, children’s books, and many more.

The Amazon prime books catalog has more than 3000 books. Isn’t it enough to get lost in finding the right one?

Which also means you have a lot of options to start with. Start searching now.

Hey, Wait.. if you want to explore some extra thrilling and exiting books, then keep reading below.

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Here are 50 all-time POPULAR AMAZON PRIME BOOKS for you.

1- Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone 

Well, It’s a Harry Potter series buddy: an excellent introduction to the imaginative world. of course, you are going to get lost into it. One of the reasons to keep this series on top in the Amazon prime books catalog.

Happy reading. 

2-The Handmaid’s Tale 

I’ve been influenced by books always, but I’ve never felt emotionally drained to such a level. 

It’s a book I will positively read again because it is just so thought-provoking and compelling. 

3- Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 

Well, Rowling for sure knows how to impress the readers! However, this isn’t my ideal book in the series.

I loved the plot, and I was really shocked at the end. It’s classic and mind-blowing!  

4- Crazy Little Thing 

The story is lovable, sweet, and convincing. It’s all about sacrificing our understanding of the importance of the relationship on a physical level.

Cheapest book in the catalog. A good read!

5- Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

 At first, I thought there aren’t more illustrations. But later on, I realized that every single page was unique in its way, and the headers are incredible. Overall, a super amusing read! 

6- The Hunger Games 

THE HUNGER GAMES is a beautiful, breathless, and slightly brutal read. But, once you start, you simply can’t put down again. 

7- The Butterfly Garden 

So, This one is One of my favorite reads of 2020. while selecting this one, I knew my choice to get into this novel was a good one.

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8- The Hangman’s Daughter 

I liked this traditional thriller. It gives us a picture of the life of transitioning to modern times / ancient Germans. I found it very authentic. An informative read! 

9- Where the Forest Meets the Stars 

Well, there are some books you want to hold in your heart for life long. This amazingly beautiful book is the one too!

10- My Sister’s Grave 

This book is very entertaining. The short chapter format quickly drives the story along. The characters are well-written, engaging, and the plot was plausible.

11- Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 

This one extraordinary! After a constant build, the series kicks its stride. Very Deep and layered, it goes smooth and keeps you involved.

12-In Farleigh Field 

An undemanding book to read and enjoy. It’s an entertaining mix of English aristocracy and spy games. Not so great, but a fun one to read for a change! Recommended. 

13- The Things We Wish Were True 

Honestly, The first book of The writer I picked up and started reading, and I liked it.


Just wow! If you are a Time travel freak like me. You are going to get lost in this book. 

15-The Atlantis Gene 

Excellent storyline and characters. I particularly loved the character evolution of Kate and David. I think the book has done a great job of revealing the back story without overdoing it.

16- Left Drowning 

Left Drowning is a heart-wrenching emotional story about the tragedy and unfavorable situation someone goes through! 

17- Yellow Crocus 

Yellow Crocus -is a flower that blossoms in the most unfavorable conditions. What a fantastic name for this book. You will appreciate the thoughtfulness of the author embedded in this book. 

18- Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

This one touched so profoundly. It brought tears in my eyes, a smile on my lips at the same time.

Just a fantastic book to explore! 

19- Pines  by Blake Crouch

This is marvelous. Unfortunately, I would like not to reveal you anything about it, because spoilers will destroy the beauty of this story. 

20- Mockingjay 

Sometimes emotions need to be decoded to set them right for the future. This is going to be a collective experience for those who read this book. 

21- Daughters of the Lake 

I am really glad to find my Mysterious collection in Amazon prime books. And I found this one! Ah, Mistry around, a century-old puzzle, murder, every suspense in the same place!

You will love it too. 

22- Whisper Me This 

An entertaining book that centers around woman-who heads to her childhood after hearing her mom is in the hospital, and her dad is in a severe, chaotic mental state.

Must read! 

23- Say You’re Sorry

Say You’re Sorry was a fantastic start to the series. Wonderful characters and a compelling mystery will keep you guessing until the very end. 

24- Wool Omnibus 

well, I felt The Wool Omnibus is actually a collection of five novellas combining the action. Its a serialization of a continuing storyline.

25- Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Again, you are going to see many magnificent scenes and quotes pressed between these pages.

Full of truth and emotion. You are going to fall for it again and again and again.

26- When I Found You 

If you want to experience a genuinely emotionally-resonant read, This one is for you. 

27- Not Quite Dating 

This book is sweet, like a Candybar, and easy to read. This is going to make you feel good. It’s a straight romance and refreshing in its simplicity.

28- Catching Fire

This book is an advanced version of the hunger game! It’s full of twists and surprises. 

29- Everything My Mother Taught Me 

In 28 pages book, The author has recorded a gripping tale about commitment, betrayal, love, secrets, friendship, and what forces someone to silence.

30- Unspeakable Things 

This book is touching, powerful, and very compelling. It’s out of my typical genre to read but Beautifully composed. Must read! 

31- You Have Arrived at Your Destination 

Out of all the Collection in Amazon prime books, This one blew my mind. If you are a sci-fi lover, you got a perfect book. 

32- Ark

It nicely adjusted between human value, the emotional importance of the discovery. It will inspire you to find a big hope in the very smallest of things.

33- Summer Frost 

I Loved it! Best in the Collection of those haunting thought-provoking stories. 

34- The Snow Gypsy by 

Many moments are going to remind you that life is a gift. However, sometimes brittle.

36- Wish Me Home 

A magnificently written, insightful story about coming back from disastrous pain, hopelessness, and loneliness. This book resonates with positive possibilities. 

37- White Rose, Black Forest 

If you love ancient fiction, you’ll definitely enjoy reading this tale! It’s about world war 2. 

38- Lies That Bind Us 

 This book references a lot of Greek mysticisms, which you can fight, are also misleads. Stories are not genuine. However, Teach us a lot about ourselves. 

39- Digging In

When a book represents a thrilling and pleasant story and brings insight to its reader, it is a miracle. The personal experience of the writer connected me more. 

40- The Man in the High Castle

Again, if you love history, then this book is fascinating. It was my first book, and I was driven aside by the world-building.

41- Everything We Keep

If you like Romance novels, Then Go for it! One of the best Amazon prime books in the romance genre.

42- The Dead Key 

Mystery book! There were so many plot surprises; you never could fully guess what was next. The book will keep you engaged.

43- The Mermaid’s Sister

If you are into romantic stories, Amazon prime books have numbers of bestselling in the collection. It is mainly a love story. I enjoyed it.

However, sometime you may struggle with the pacing. 

44- The Paper Magician

The book is fun and light read. I liked how The magician uses their tricks to perform magic. 

45- Hidden 

This contemporary novel is fascinating. If you haven’t read it yet, go for it. 

46- Slaughterhouse-Five

Yes, this book is an anti-war novel, which is stated within its irregular and confused organization.

If you will dig a little more Amazon prime books have many historical books on the list. 

47- Out of Breath 

It’s a beautiful, nerve-racking yet inspirational story. Full of emotions. Well, I don’t like reading much drama. Yet I wanted this one! 

48- The Misremembered Man

It has amazingly developed characters, farce, drama, suspense, and an unexpected twist at the end. One of the best Amazon prime books everyone must-read.

49- Angelfall 

So, I don’t have any word to say about it. Just buy it and read it!

50- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 

Well, It ends too interpretive and convenient. However, the story is as always compelling. More importantly, Its Harry potter series, Therefore, go for it without second thought.

I hope you will enjoy most of the collections of Amazon prime books. 

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