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If you are someone who believes in gathering real information and learning by self, These Books by Dolores Cannon can be super guiding for you. Dolores was a great author who believed in exploring inner power and sharing with the world. 

Hypnosis is a way you may train your mind to become whatever you want to be. In addition these books will help you find the blockages caused by past events. 

During my healing journey, I read some of Dolores cannon books that helped me in the right direction. Along with my choices, In this article of BigBrainCoach, you will learn about her other books as well.

Here are some of Dolores cannon books, I recommend to every reader.

5 Best Dolores Cannon Books You Must Read 

1- Between Death & Life

This book can be the most beautiful experience for those who believe in the boundaries of physical existence.

The Author talks about Ghosts and poltergeists, also Guides to deal with them with the help of guardian angels. Many pages explain the Thoughts of God and the Devil.

If you still struggle with their existence, it will clear all your doubts and take your beliefs to the next level.

The Author talks about The significance of unfortunate lifetimes in detail and clears every single point. Most importantly, she presents a definite guide for us about Planning for the existing life and clear karmic accounts before birth.

This book helps me to clears so many misconceptions about Karma. Whether you believe in God and the devil or not, you must believe in Karma.

I believe If every individual on this planet understands the law of Karma, the world will be a better place. Therefore, there is a need for the application of Karma philosophy in every action we take.

If you want to become a better persona and heal your past, you must read one of the essential Dolores cannon books!

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2- The Search for Hidden, Sacred Knowledge

This book is a fantastic read and can give you many proofs that everything is connected. The Author has shared many of his client’s experiences to prove her point, which is appreciable.

The book seems in-depth explanation about the ancient knowledge, they say, is hidden. Most of us consider just mystery and treasure it like that, but its no more secret.

The Author reveals every concept of ancient secret and presents human experiences. The book explains very clearly that there is a connection between it all in cosmic links.

Modern yogi, sages, and healers searching the meaning for their life are experiencing it in the present day. The secrets hidden into holly places like temples, churches, and caves are revealed in this book through human consciousness.

Most importantly, it’s available for every human being to experience. If you want to understand the ancient secrets about human consciousness, you must read these Dolores cannon books.

The Author is one the writer; every healer must-read because she has opened the door of infinity.

3- The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth

We experience so many things in the journey of life and left them behind by thinking that it was just a coincidence. Have you ever done it? Let me tell you; Noting is coincident in life.

While reading the book, I connected a lot of my memories, dreams, and real incident of my life.

In this book, the Author has discovered three waves of volunteers from a different dimension of consciousness. This book provides much evidence that memories are connected to various aspects of consciousness, whether we understand or not!

The Author has given thorough information about the Characteristics of the Three Waves of Volunteers. Also, How a person faces difficulties when he or she experiences it for the first time.

Most importantly, I learned how the mental shift affects our physical body and situations.

If you are interested in learning more about the new earth and different volunteers’ waves, you must read it. I believe it’s one of the crucial Dolores cannon books to the human species.

4- Custodians- Beyond Abduction

So, do you still believe in aliens? Or have you ever seen a UFO?
Whether your answer is yes or no, prepare yourself to challenge your belief system before reading it.

There are chances your whole opinions can change about life. The Author has worked with some UFO researchers to investigate the Abduction phenomenon in 1980.

She has written many books related to UFO and Aliens. In this book, she presented many case studies and real experiences through her hypnosis sessions.

These experiences include topics such as alien visits, their abductions, and missing time.

Most importantly, She shared Spacecraft from other dimensions and planes of existence, which is very interesting to read. If you are curious about aliens and life beyond your reach, this book is worth exploring.

This is one of the exciting and informative Dolores cannon books; I will recommend everyone to read!

5- The Convoluted Universe

This book is a sequel to the previous book, and it has a series of 5 books. While reading the book, I thought this woman was definitely gifted to humanity.

The book includes much new information and concept which can make you think twice about the knowledge you have about life. In life, so many things cannot be proven, but it can expand your mind to an extreme level.

The Author has shared many hypnosis sessions where people went in trans and talked about their experiences of God, Aliens, or I will say different dimensions of life.

Most importantly, This book contains the concepts in Metaphysics that Author learned through her experience exploring the subconscious mind.
This book is specially designed for those who want to expand their mind by using ‘Quantum Physics.’

Being a regular mediator, I found this book as a guide to my next level journey. Indeed, one of the Important Dolores cannon books to humankind, you must read.

Author Dolores Cannon Books in Order to Read

If you are wondering about Dolores Cannon Books Reading Order, Here is the list of her published books, you may decide to read accordingly.

  1. Five Lives Remembered
  2. Jesus and the Essenes
  3. They Walked with Jesus
  4. Between Death and Life
  5. Conversations with Nostradamus — Vol 1
  6. Conversations with Nostradamus — Vol 2
  7. Conversations with Nostradamus — Vol 3 (followed by Addendum)
  8.  A Soul Remembers Hiroshima
  9. Legacy From the Stars
  10. The Legend of Starcrash
  11. Keepers of the Garden
  12. The Custodians
  13. The Convoluted Universe — Book One
  14. The Convoluted Universe — Book Two
  15. The Convoluted Universe — Book Three
  16. The Convoluted Universe — Book Four
  17. The Three Waves of Volunteers & the New Earth
  18. The Search for Hidden Sacred Knowledge
  19. The Convoluted Universe — Book Five


1- Who is Dolores Cannon?

Dolores Cannon is popularly recognized as a pioneer in the spiritual world of past-life regression therapy. Originally She was a hypnotherapist who helped people to heal and better their lives.

Dolores Cannon is a best-selling author and one of the best past-life expressionists and hypnotherapists. She was born in St. Louis, Missouri, the USA in 1931.

She had an unique and exciting story about how her journey began. She had been specializing in past-life therapy and healed many people around the world.

2- How old was Dolores Cannon when she passed away?

Born in 1931, Dolores Cannon died in the month of October 2014. At the time she was 83 old and died at Washington Regional Medical Center in Fayetteville, Arkansas on 18th Oct 2014.

Final Words: I believe life is all about exploring our inner world and potential using various techniques. If you are like me, these Dolores cannon books will help you get effective results.

If you found this article informative and guiding, do share with some of your friends who might benefit from it. Also, don’t forget to bookmark this page for more informative articles like “Dolores cannon books” for instant access in the future.

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