What is Emotional empathy

What is Emotional empathy | Example of Emotional Empathy

What is Emotional empathy | Example of Emotional Empathy | Types of Empathy | Cognitive Empathy vs Emotional Empathy

As human beings, we are the most beautiful and intelligent species on this planet. God has gifted us all with so many powers and qualities that still need to be explored. Yes, we all are gifted with powers but some of us use it for the well- being of others and some opposite.

Empathy is one of the emotions generated by the human heart that can be seen in everyone on various occasions. Catching or feeling another person’s emotion is one of the powers all of us are blessed with.

In this article I will share some insight or answer the question “What is Emotional Empathy” in my words. Let me clear one thing before proceeding further that I am not a psychologist so I will not use education terms.

I am someone who believes in the spiritual powers and has experience so I will use simple words to make everyone understand this emotion. Before moving onto the main topic, I would love for you to understand empathy first.

What is Empathy?

Empathy is the power that allows you to feel or understand other people’s emotions, thoughts and experiences. In other words, somehow you can feel others’ pain, pleasure and emotions without going through it in real life.

Empathy is the quality of a human being which allows them to connect with each other on a deeper level. It helps connect to someone by developing better relationships at an emotional level.

Empathy is crucial in human beings as we all are social creatures who need to have emotional connection to one another. Without empathy, human interactions might be meaningless and you find it hard to connect with other people.

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Types of Empathy

Before I share my wisdom to What is Emotional Empathy, let me share the three types of empathy. It will help you understand emotional empathy very clearly.

1- Cognitive Empathy

The word cognitive represents the power of mind, which is the tool that helps us process our thinking. Every individual acts upon things, gets experience and processes the entire scenario and reaches an understanding.

The understanding, in simple terms, is known as their ability to understand about particle events. They operate or make decisions based on their experience and the lessons they learned.

Not to mention, we all can learn different lessons from the same events. Understanding the other person’s thoughts, emotions and perspective is called cognitive empathy. In other words, if you can catch another person’s perspective about something at once, your cognitive empathy ability is powerful.

2- Emotional Empathy

The second type of empathy is emotional empathy. While you are looking for an answer to What is Emotional Empathy, you will get an idea in short at this point.

As you read above, cognitive empathy means catching other’s perspective towards any significant subject. Emotional empathy means catching others’ emotions in significant events without talking to them.

Not to mention, every individual can experience different emotions in some particular event. Feeling someone’s exact emotion and knowing what they are experiencing comes in emotions empathy.

3- Compassionate Empathy

As the word suggests, this type of empathy is having compassion about other people. In this type of empathy, the outcome is a mixture of both, cognitive and emotional empathy. In other words, you don’t judge their perspectives or emotions, you are just compassionate about them.

Such people are rare to find but I am sure you have someone who not only understands your emotional state but knows your thoughts about any situation.
Empathy is there within everyone, that’s why it can be developed intentionally. However, some people are born empaths.

Now, let’s talk about your original query “What is Emotional Empathy”.

What is The Definition of Emotional Empathy?

Emotional empathy is a gift that allows you to sense the exact emotion another person is experiencing within their hearts. It’s also a gift which gives you power to touch another person’s core and build a deeper, stronger relationship.

Some people keep asking “What is an example of emotional empathy? To those, you are absolutely right to ask questions as it allows you to focus and understand in depth.

Here is a simple example of emotional empathy.

You easily can feel the emotions of someone you are living with or close to. However, understanding someone unknown is different. Sometimes, you meet someone for the first time and during conversation you can sense their emotions.

Or, your friends or family who didn’t share any of their inner state but you sense if they are happy or sad. If the same emotions you start experiencing within you, it’s called emotional empathy.

Emotional empathy is a key component of strong, deep and meaningful relationships. Every great, long lasting and compassionate relationship requires emotional connection.

Another example is when your siblings or friends go through a break up or business failure, you can sense their pain and feel the same in your heart. I have got many requests who tagged other questions along with “What is Emotional Empathy”. Allow me to answer some of them here.

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What is the Difference Between Cognitive and Emotional Empathy?

The main difference between cognitive and emotional empathy is the area of connection. In cognitive empathy you catch the other person’s thoughts and perspective towards events.

On the other hand, emotional empathy is when you catch their generated emotions in regards to the same event.

In other words, Cognitive empathy is a gift related to understanding the mind and emotional empathy is related to the heart. One allows you to sense their thinking pattern and the other allows you to sense the emotions coming out of thoughts.

Final Words: Empathy is a gift which gives you power to make them stronger and deeper. We humans need friends, family and even some strangers to fill colors in our life. The color is emotions that come out of every encounter and experience with them.

I hope I was able to make you understand the deeper meaning of emotional empathy. If you found this article simple and informative, do like, comment and share it with someone who might be looking for this.

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