How to Make Friends as an Adult

How to Make Friends as an Adult | How to Make Friends in Your 40s

How to Make Friends as an Adult | How to Make Friends in Your 40s | Why is it Hard to Make Friends as an Adult

Today, when technology has presented so many options to do in your free time and platform to meet different people, loneliness is growing. Which is proof that no one or nothing can replace human connections.

One of the reasons behind growing loneliness or less connection is the busy life and over-thinking. Meeting new people, connecting to them is easy and exciting if you avoid a few things.

There are multiple advantages to making new friends and growing your circle, however you must know your limits.

In this article I will share some tips or you may say the answer to “How to Make Friends as an Adult ”. Before sharing tips to make friends in your 40s, or as adults, let’s understand why it’s hard to connect with other people as adults.

Why is it Hard to Make Friends as an Adult

Here are some common reasons behind the challenges every adult goes through in making new friends in old age.

1- Limited Opportunities for Socializing

As we grow we get less time to communicate with other people. After 30s or 40s the major focus of life goes to building a comfortable life for the family. As compared to 20s you get less time to meet new people and go to new places.

In youth, you get a lot of time to connect with other people as there are less family responsibilities. Not to say that if you don’t meet new people, how will you connect and make new friends.

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2- Fear of Rejection

How to Make Friends as an Adult

As an adult, everyone is cautious about their character, acceptance and belonging. It’s an age where you feel settled with your friends, family and relatives. Adulthood is also a life stage where maturity is a thing which gives you insight about everything.

When it comes to making friends at this age, emotions pop up which is What if they don’t accept me? Everyone has their own developed mindset, circle and judgment. The fear of passing their judgment creates fear which doesn’t allow an adult to talk to a new person.

Remember, it’s all true, but when you are now looking for an answer to How to Make Friends as an Adult, it’s easy to bend things.

3- Different Life Stages

Once college life is over everyone chooses their own path of life which is obviously different from others. As an adult everyone has their own way of living life, set of rules to follow and other differences.

For example, some might have been married for long and have kids while others are still enjoying singlehood. Such differences create confusion in mind and people find it difficult to connect.

4- Lack of Shared Interests

At an early age, no one thinks and makes judgment, no matter what field other people are in, it’s easier to connect. With growing ages, people start valuing their time which feels less. In order to engage in the direction, people search for a connection based on interest.

Very few people like me like meeting a variety of people, even the total opposite one. For most of the people, connecting with different interests feels challenging as they think it has nothing to offer them.

It’s one of the reasons grown ups find it hard making friends in their 30s or 40s.

5- Technology

Where people find it challenging to spend their time without technology, they secretly lack human connection in their hearts. Due to heavy uses of technology, social media, real human energy is lacking in everyone’s life.

You might connect thousands of people on Facebook and twitter, feeling real, but not sure about it. Deep down in your spirit you know that meeting real people on social media and developing real relationships is highly doubtful.

I am confident that you felt connected to all of the above reasons for struggling to make a real connection. Let’s find out the real and effective answer to How to Make Friends as an Adult.

How to Make Friends as an Adult

Making friends as an adult can be challenging, but it is possible. Here are some tips that may help:

1- Join Clubs or Groups That Align with Your Interests

How to Make Friends as an Adult

Joining various communities, clubs, and groups where people gather together, talk and connect. It might be a game group on weekends, a kitty party, books club or any other gathering. These are places where you can encounter a variety of people.

Among them, finding someone who vibe with you isn’t very hard. If you already have some hobbies, use it to socialize and give yourself time to connect. Adulthood is also a time when you need to develop some hobbies which is a chance to meet more people.

These places are an effective answer to How to Make Friends as an Adult as you will find a lot of like minded people.

2- Attend Social Events

In the modern time, there are a lot of social events happening every day around the city or colony itself. Social events especially networking events, social gatherings or many parties are especially focused on making contact.

Take advantage of these events for your benefits and communicate with other people. In these gatherings there are usually a lot of sessions about how to make friends, or communicate to win people.

I believe it’s the best way to meet many people in less time which is an opportunity to share contact and fix next meet up. In addition, people in these places are with the same mindset to connect with other people and make friends.

Attending social events is one of the answers to How to Make Friends as an Adult and learn a lot about human connections.

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3- Volunteer

Volunteering on various occasions for various purposes is one of the best ways to use your time. In addition, participating in something good for society gives the next level of feeling. Any spiritual or social event is the best way to invest your time and connect with friends.

These are some places where there are high chances to meet people who share the same interest. As you read above in adulthood it’s challenging to meet like minded people.

Know your interest and find places related to your choices and connect there. For developing friendship, know that it’s not one meet thing, it takes time to grow.

Give yourself time, connect to real places, contribute to something good and allow the universe to send some friends for you. Engaging yourself in good works is an amazing answer to How to Make Friends as an Adult.

4- Take Classes or Workshops

If you are in your thirties or forties, I am assuming you are professionally settled and experienced. Personalities like you can teach other people and help find their purpose in life or learn skills from you.

Take workshops or classes in your free time or weekend to share your skills with others. It’s one of the ways to help other people grow and make new connections as well. You never know who can connect you closely and you may find a friend for life.

Finding like minded people in adulthood is easier if you take initiative to walk out on your weekend. It’s super healthy for new people on holidays instead of being lazy at home and watching TV.

In addition, If you plan for paid courses, you might earn a few extra bucks and make your time more productive. I believe it’s one of the double beneficial answers to How to Make Friends as an Adult.

5- Use Social Media as Tool

How to Make Friends as an Adult

Being someone who works on the internet and spends a lot of time researching and reading, I never scroll social media. I believe social media is for two reasons, either you influence people in a positive way or connect to them, genuinely.

Do not be a part of those who scam or waste their and others time by just chit chat and scroll for time pass. Social media can be an effective tool to meet and greet real and like minded people. The only requirement is you need to be clear in your intentions.

Connect very few people and take an initiative to meet them for coffee, of course if they are willing. If you feel they are avoiding you, let them go and move on. Facebook is one of the most popular platforms where you will find people from your city very easily.

Let these social media help you find similar people to your choice, so filter your profile in the right way. Not needed, yet I like to suggest, use only free time to find someone on social media, don’t spend a lot of time.

If you can learn to use these platforms correctly, it’s one of the common ways yet effective answers to How to Make Friends as an Adult.

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6- Be Open-Minded and Approachable

Last but not the least, make your adulthood more flexible and adopting. In most cases, at this age people have their own agenda to live their life. Pay attention, I am saying, EVERYONE, If you can’t bend yourself, do not expect from others.

Friendship is the only relationship which can be most beautiful for life time if we accept each other as they are. When you are looking for a genuine friend, stay flexible and don’t hesitate to approach first.

Sometimes, people do want to connect but hesitate because of pre-judgement. Pre- judgment about those whom you haven’t communicated yet, can be false. Take the first step with faith and communicate with a very clean intention.

People like clean hearts so be the one and attract the right one. It’s one of the simplest and effective answers to “How to Make Friends as an Adult.

Final Words: I am confident that if you can bend a little and think about other people’s choices, it’s easier to make friends. In order to connect you need to be less judge mental and more empathetic at this age.

I think it’s not very difficult as you are not going to marry them, right? It’s just friendship which requires only mutual respect. If you found this article informative and helpful, do like, comment and share with someone who might be looking for this.

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