School friends are life lines!

Importance of School Friends For Life | Importance of Friendships in Childhood

School time and school friends are some of the most unforgettable and irreplaceable things. Do you also believe that school time was the best?

Of course, you do! I am pretty confident that reminiscing about the old school moments still brings a smile on your face.

The friendship we forged in our school days is most likely a lifetime. Even if we aren’t in contact with them in our day-to-day lives, we still enjoy their company just like we used to do before. Our naivety, our idiotic, everything seems beautiful.

A few days back, One of my friends shared a video on Whats App; it was a video playing some stupid stuff that they use to play in school days.

After watching that video, I realized, School friends have some strings attached. So, I decided to share some of the reasons why they are the best friends forever.

Reasons Why School Friends are Best Friend Forever

1- We grew up together

The first phase of our life when we started learning new things, discipline, playing, they were there. We also made our mistakes together, learned lessons together.

We experienced good and bad things together. We did embarrassing stuff while trying to perform something new. School friends hid our mistakes from parents and teachers, helped in every hard situation.

2- We accepted each other as We are

We weren’t like-minded people, and everyone had their opinion, we still have. However, we never let those differences came between us. We accepted each other as we are.

I guess the feeling of belonging somewhere brought us closer. You don’t have to hide your flaws in front of them because they didn’t care before either are they going to do it in the future.

We never judged anyone, and everyone was an open book. Honestly, I can’t say if opposite attract each other or not, but from these rag-tag friends, I think it does.

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3- We help each other no matter what happens

Do you remember when you made a mistake, and these friends made up some stories and help you be saved from being scolded? They kept you from being scolded and framed you as a smart, disciplined, and honest person.

Sometimes, due to misunderstandings or anger over something, school friends might get separated. However, there are no grudges. You still trust them deep down.

Most importantly, you know there are going to be there for you, no matter what!

4- School friends know each other very well

Mutual understanding is an essential aspect of any relationship that school friends share. They know you so deeply that even if you won’t express, they can feel you.

Whenever you’re sad, you can always talk to them and be your unpaid therapist. Talking to them also remind us of good old days and cheer you up.

5- School friends are Key to a magical world

Even after years, those days bring joy in our hearts. Don’t ask what happens when we reunite sometimes. Childhood was magic that can only be lived once, but as we grow, we do wish that the magical age of youth would last longer or return.

As we all know, those days won’t return, yet we wish for it. Today, their presence becomes the key to that magical memory vault. Not only our friend but the people we used to annoy or who supported us always give us some happy memories.

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6- They are a member of our secret society

How many were there in your secret group. The group that had a secret meeting place, gossips, bitching, sharing, and planning to plot for the next task. No outsider was allowed to those places and in that group.

The secret groups remain the same, and we still do the task. The only difference is, the people are changed. Instead of our rivels in childhood, we do bitching about bosses, jobs, and people we don’t like.

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7- Their home is our second home

We never had one home, the number of houses uses to make us feel that we are at home. It still does. Not only school friends but their parents also treated us like family and cooked for us.

When in trouble, your friend’s house can be the second place to crash for a while. Not only were we familiar with the house but also the people living there.

8- We are crime partners

Being together for such a long time does have its pros and cons. The pictures that we have of each other may be the most embarrassing thing we’ve ever done.

These pictures work as a weapon for anything needed. They may get lost in the ocean of images, but they never will be deleted.

Even you can be demanded of anything in exchange for those pictures. They can torture you by telling to share on social media.

9- School friends are strength to each other

I believe The bond of true friendship has the power That inspires you to overcome any obstacle. No matter what profession they belong to, when the time comes, they can perform any task for you.

They can be your lawyer, doctor, Inspiration, and of course, a counselor. The ability to perform well and help each other come from the pure heart. School friends share that intense bond together.

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10- They will never let you go or forget

Unfortunately, most of the friends forget memories with time. With time, those memories slowly become like an old dusty book. Thanks to these friends who help us clean up that dust and bring that joyful memory lane to the surface again.

As we grow older, we leave those memories behind, assuming that we are grown up now. Society doesn’t allow us to behave in the same way.
However, with school friends, you are allowed to behave in the same old and weird way.

11- They help us to live school days dreams

Our childhood dreams used to be very funny and unrealistic. They eventually fade away. However, School friends are the one who always reminds us of those dreams. They push us to make those dreams reality and live it.

Most importantly, they also participate in fulfilling and living those dreams.

12- School friends means a lifeline

The friends we make in that young age don’t just stay there for some time, but a lifetime. That bound without any reason has a meaning of its own.

We may not even be in the same city; we have a connection to them; we are always available for them. School friends are the only connection with no expectations and no demand.

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1- Why are friendships are important?

Friendship is the only relationship that doesn’t demand anything but spending time together and being there in the time of need. It’s the friends who teach to adjust, love, laugh, cry and grow by being examples to each other. 

Most importantly, these days, friends are the ones who protect you from being alone and listen to you. They give you a sense of love and belonging.

Final words: Everyone desire to have such school friends, but very few get lucky. Therefore, If you have one, treasure him/her, don’t let them go away. Let me know your experience with your school friends. 

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