Learn to Seize the Moment and live life fullest!

7 Simplest Ways to Seize The Moment And Live Life Fullest

Life is short; we never know what the next moment holds for us, so learn to Seize the moment. Everyone is talking about the same, but is it so easy to follow and live in the present?

Sadly, The honest answer is NO! It’s not easy.

If it were easy, then the world would have been a better place, and people would have been happier.

The truth is everybody is living either in the past or in the future. However, The right knowledge about life and A little effort can bring you in the present and help you to seize the moment you have got.

I have seen people avoiding talking about the only truth of life, death! I believe if you want to know the real value of the present moment, try to experience death.

In my experience, Accepting death and waking up with a grateful heart every day allows me to be thankful for the moment and people I have got.

Living in the moment means bringing your consciousness in the present moment and do the right thing.

7 Simplest Ways to Seize The Moment

1- Give Meaning To Your Life

Many people live the same day repeatedly and complain about it. They never take any efforts to change it.

The most crucial difference between other species and a human being on this planet is that you have been blessed with a beautiful mind to give a meaning to your life.

Meaning provides a purpose for your lives. Many emotional problems you face are because of the lack of ambition. When you decide to give a meaning to your life, you understand each moment’s value and start using it wisely.

Every thought you create or act you do, you invest your energy in it. The energy allows you to connect to the deeper purpose of your life. Therefore, you must give meaning to your life.

When you know the purpose of your life, you invest your energy in the right place. The more you engage yourself in building a meaningful life, you grow.

Meaning also provides you with a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life. Most importantly, it makes you seize the moment.

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2- Choose Your Own Path

My life’s philosophy is “Listen to everyone, respect their opinion but do whatever you feel is good for you.” Many people think this isn’t right, but the most precious lesson I learn by doing it that I cant blame others for my decisions.

Most of the unsuccessful [here I am talking about personal, professional, emotional, overall] people always blame others. In my case, I am responsible for my failure or success, which saves my lot of time and energy.

Always chose your own path; things will go wrong; you will learn. Life is all about trial and error; no one is perfect here. So its win-win situation.

These days people are lost; they think living to fit in the society is best for them. Unfortunately, that’s the biggest reason behind all the mental illnesses. Think about it!

Don’t live to please your boos, your friends or your family. The path that gives a sense of meaning to your life and satisfies your soul is the right path for you.

The right path provides you a great full heart to seize the moment and live life fullest.

3- Think Less, Act More/ Seize the Moment

One thing, which is causing a lot of pain and disease is overthinking. I am sure you agree with me at this point.

Overthinking causes a lot of damages in the mind and body. Everyone knows, but they say they don’t know how to stop it. Well, the best way is to bring your thought into action.

Before a few years, I was experimenting with my thinking pattern. I learned one thing: When you think positively about your goals, dreams, you get inspired to bring it into action. I couldn’t stop myself to control that force and acted on my idea within a few days.

On the other hand, when the thought was negative, it just kept going on. I felt there is no stopping point. It drains energy, makes you feel heavy, and keeps you busy in all those negative series of thoughts.

Acting on your ideas means developing your creativity, building leadership, and enhancing your decision making quality.

Most Importantly, when you bring your ideas into reality, you seize the moment and get inspired to do more.

4- Keep Your Relationships In Balance

We are social animals; we can’t live without people. Or you can say we have to deal with people at some point.

One of the reasons behind mental illness or turbulence in life is an imbalance in your emotions. Most of the challenges have been seen in the family or other relatives.

Have you ever thought, why like this? People are comfortable with friends. They call them another family but distant with actual family?
The main reason behind it is that everyone is trying to control each other in families.

Controlling is negative, no matter in what relationship. Like you act with your friends, not trying to control or change them, Consider your family in that way. Guide them, Love them, care for them, and accept them as they are, are the secret of a healthy relationship.

Every relationship where you invest your energy affects your emotional health. Therefore, keep your emotions so that if someone leaves, you don’t get emotionally sick.

Emotional balance develops a healthy relationship. It inspires you to seize the moment and create a healthy life around everyone.

5- Keep Yourself On Top In Your Priority List

The greatest mistake we make in life is that we expect others to take care of us. Let me tell you; It is the open invitation to suffering, pain, and disease.

Just a gentle reminder, you came alone into this world, and you will go alone. Then why give authority about your happiness or suffering to others?

No relationship asks you to keep them on top of your priority list; It’s you who forget to take care of yourself while taking care of them.

Learn to keep yourself on top of your priority list because if you are healthy and happy, you will do good to others without expecting anything in return.

Don’t forget when you do good without any expectation; the Universe provides you more than you expect.

When you take care of your mental, physical, and emotional health, you allow Universe to fill your life with more love and kindness. That makes you seize the moment you have got in this life.

6- Know That Everything Is Connected

Have you ever experienced that you are stuck with some questions, and some unknown people provide you with an unexpected answer?

Or, you think about someone, and you get a call from them? I am sure your answer is yes!

Whether you believe it or not, nothing in coincident in this world, everything is connected. You are a part of this nature. Most importantly, you are a unique individual on this planet.

Knowing the importance of life gives you a sense of responsibility towards humanity. Also, it inspires you to connect more people and play your role in an individual’s life.

Let me tell you, If you are reading this, you are not here to live an ordinary life. You are sent here to do something extraordinary for the world or someone, so don’t limit yourself and live in misery.

Knowing your purpose allows you to seize the moment and inspire you to connect the dot and move forward.

7- Spend More Time With Nature, Less With Gadgets

I am sure you have the experience that you feel more energetic and fresh when you spend time with nature. Have you ever thought why so?

Well, nature is so kind towards human being that it always takes all the worries and stress and gives its fresh energy to us. Unfortunately, we are destroying it daily by thinking that urbanization will fulfill our basic needs, which is totally wrong.

Its nature, which fulfills our primary needs. Even if you live in urban areas, I will request you to have some indoor plants and contribute to saving the environment.

Spending time with gadgets has become a need these days. Therefore you can not entirely disconnect yourself. However, You can surely limit the time duration.

Go out in nature and feel the cool breeze and seize the moment. It connects you to yourself.


1- What is the meaning of seize the moment?

I am not defining Seize the moment but I in my opinion, living every moment you have been blessed with is called seize the moment. Life is unpredictable so thinking about life’s challenges is not worth the time.

Final words: Life is beautiful; sometimes, it may seem hard. Consider it’s trying to teach us something. Once you learn the lesson, you will feel its beauty and seize the moment you have got.

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Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed

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