Communication Books: Best Guide to Enhance Skills

We all know that Communication is a bridge between individuals. It helps to build a relationship through the flow of information and understanding between them. Communication books can help you to enhance your skill and connect with people on a larger scale.

Before we jump to the book list, let’s see why communication has so much value in human life?

Well, we live in a society of people with a different language, culture, and principles. Communication helps people to connect and allow them to share ideas, feelings, and knowledge.

At the same time, It helps to understand the emotion and thoughts of others. Understanding helps to develop positive or negative relationships among each other.

Effective communication helps to bring people together and develop a better connection. These days it’s easy to share the information through the internet.

However, Excellent verbal and written skills are still valuable. It helps to deliver and understand information quickly and accurately.

A person who can connect with others, and put his/her thoughts and feelings into words, leaves an impression on others.

Effective communication is the key to build better trust and lasting relationships in personal and professional life.


There is always a space to learn and grow in life, and reading books are the best way to enhance personality.

Here are some communication books that can help you to understand others better and enhance your way of communication.

1- Everyone Communicates, Few Connect

There is a reason to keep this book on top. Before few years, I was an introvert, or you can say I did not know how to deal with people who are smarter than me.

I went to the book store looking for some other book, but this title caught my attention. I bought the book and finished it in a few weeks.

Why a few weeks? I tried to apply the tips practically, so use to read-only a few pages every day. John C. Maxwell, A leadership expert and bestselling author is the writer of this amazing book.

The book taught me; if I want to be an effective leader, I must learn how to connect with people. Some people may be born gifted, and I was clearly not.

However, the author reveals the fact that anyone can learn to communicate and build a secure connection. The book reveals Five Principles and Five Practices to develop your communication skill.

The book provides excellent tips about connecting with people while staying authentic and straightforward in all your relationships.


This is one of the communication books I recommend everyone to read to upgrade skills.

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2- How to Win Friends and Influence People

This book is one of those gem books that can transform you into a different and winning personality. After reading and apply the techniques, you can get the job and the type of people you ever desired.

In other words, you can accept every challenge and make it work for you.

The book was released in 1936, and today, more than 30 million copies have been sold worldwide. This book is the first book of Dale Carnegie, and it’s packed with rock-solid advice that has changed millions of lives.

It is the most popular book among the most successful and popular personalities of the world. You can consider it as the ladder of success in business and personal life.

You might be thinking 1936 is gone; it’s 2020!

You are right!


However, the principles and techniques of the book still help people to achieve their maximum potential.

The book provides you with the six ways to make people like you, the twelve ways to win people, and the nine ways to change people without any force.

Indeed, one of the best communication books you will ever read!

3- Talk Like TED

Have you ever heard or seen TED talk; if not, then you must do. They will catch your attention so that you will forget everything.

If you feel insecure and afraid of public speaking, this book is the best choice for you.

Carmine Gallo, the author, shared tips to enhance your public speaking skill. The book provides those precious ideas that develop the ability to win over hearts and minds.

Most importantly, it will boost your confidence to deliver the talk like TED talk.

Everyone has got some idea, but how you present in front of others makes the idea of success. The ability to an effective presentation is a single skill that helps you accomplish your dreams.


Public speaking coach and bestselling author Carmine Gallo collected all the data and skills from TED talk and presented in this book to the world.

In his book, you will know more than hundreds of leaders from different areas and their nine secrets of all successful TED presentations.

Gallo’s step-by-step method is engaging, persuasive, and memorable to anyone. The book is, no doubt, one of the best communication books you must read to enhance your carrier.

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4- Crucial Conversations

Have you ever meet a person who always takes your words in the wrong way? Well, those are the most robust and time-consuming people to have conversations with.

However, You can not ignore them because they might be essential and helpful in some other way.

This book trains you to keep your cool in a difficult situation and get the results you want.

The author provides three attractive and practical choices to use in such a situation.


In other words, the book prepares you for high-impact situations. The six-minute mastery technique is easy and practical. These techniques help you to Make it safe to talk about almost anything.

It also teaches you to Be persuasive, not abrasive. The author also provides useful tips to keep listening when others blow up.

If you really want to improve your communication skill, Read Turn crucial conversations and apply the tips in practical. Also, come back here and share your experience with us.

Honestly, It is one of the easiest and practical communication books everyone must-read.

5- Difficult Conversations

This is last on my list of top five books but one of the essential books. You see, most of the conversations we do, only 30-40 per cent talks, seem worth the rest of it useless.

The author shares many examples from the daily life of home or office. I am sure you will find those difficult conversations related. This book provides many tips to handle those conversations and save your energy.

The author shares many practical ways to avoid the most awkward conversation every day.

Based on fifteen years of his research, the author helps you with a proven approach to having your most robust conversations with less stress and more success.


This book will teach how to start the conversation without defensiveness and explain the underlying structure of every awkward conversation.

Most importantly, you will learn why what is not said is as important as what is and ways of remaining calm in attacks and accusations.

Now you know why this is one of the essential communication books, you must-read.

Final words: These communication books are life-changing and worthy of your time and money. I will recommend everyone to read at least once in life. If you want to suggest any other book, let me know in the comment box.

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