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Top 7 Self-Help Audio Books Everyone Must- Listen in 2023

Are you looking for Self-Help Audio Books to listen to during your alone time? I must say, Wise decision!

These books can be your best friend throughout this pandemic situation. 

For those who are not into reading, audiobooks are the best option. You can listen while doing your work and get the benefits.

One of the main reason behind lack of reading interest is less focus. Increasing you daily focus will automatically take to to the library and books will attract you organically. 

Here are my favorite 7 Best Self-Help Audio Books, you may like.

1-Atomic Habits

If you are looking to learn more about the habit loop, I would suggest you start with the ‘Power of Habit.’ There is a very sensible view of creating and maintaining habits.

The author has Covered every set of challenges that a person faces while creating a new pattern.

I always knew habits shapes our life; however, how to create the correct habits and develop them is what this book will teach you. Perhaps, its one of the best books on habits and routines.

One of the core ideas in Atomic Habits is to concentrate on the small changes. Over the times, the gathered effect of small habitual daily behaviors is unbelievable.

Most importantly, willpower and habits are equally important to design your life. 

Habits do not restrict your liberty, but They create it. Building the right habits in the present enables you to do more in the future.

One of the best Self-Help Audio Books one must listen to it.

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2- Thinking Fast And Slow

Indeed, the most thought-provoking book I’ve ever heard about thoughts. This book is for those who have the slightest desire to understand the way our mind makes errors and decisions.

The explanation about how cognitive biases arise through the use of heuristics is enthralling.

The author takes behavior psychology to a different level with robust data and evidence. Everyone who believes in improving the habits relates to your subconscious thinking a must-read.

Very insightful about the functioning of the human brain. Behavioral Economics scholars will find in the book an excellent introduction to the nuances of the subject.

The overall experience will be the most enriching and worthwhile. One of the best Self-Help Audio Books you must listen.

3- Mindset

A significant book about the growth mindset. The author validates that it’s not easy to cut yourself off a rigid mindset.

However, remind yourself of the most important lesson: if you failed, try, try, and try again.

The book is based on an easy yet compelling premise. According to Dr Dweck, each of us adopts one mindset about life: Either fixed or growth.

People with fixed mindsets begin to see individuals’ potential as finite, while People with growth mindsets understand the human potential as more dominant and flexible.

This is as easy as it is innovative. The concept of the book will transform you, even if you struggle to change your mindset from ‘fixed’ to ‘growth,’ you can still benefit others by acknowledging work rather than talent.

One of the Best Self-Help Audio Books to listen to.

4- The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

Author Stephen R Covey describes how we see the life that is our paradigm. And a shift in our paradigm can head to a change of our positive mental attitude and Public Relationship.

The author provides many stories to describe the theory very clearly. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is one of the life-changing books that everyone must-read.

It is a book about YOU in a holistic value. It is about provoking you to explore your essence; personality, integrity, beliefs, and ethics.

One of my Favorite Best Self-Help Audio Books for everyone!

5- Principles: Life and Work

The book is very encouraging in aspects of setting leading principles in personal life and work. It isn’t just a book, but its a supreme manifesto.

For me, Its Gita part two. If you have a place for a lifetime favorite bookshelf, then it’s time to add one more.

The ability to analyze the results from causes & peek between the gaps in the pursuit of the book is beneficial. Honestly, I loved the reinforcement of the principles, which are the solid pillars of this book.

There is a segment about people’s supervision with the focus to be empathetic, yet accurate is unique. 

One of the best Self-Help Audio Books you will ever find.

6- Unlimited Memory

Unlimited Memory is a Brilliant book that will introduce you to the subject of developing your memory powers and will teach issues like concentration, Building, and Relating Memory, and Persistent Use.

It’s effortless to understand. The techniques are demonstrated, and it gives a summary of how the brain works.

Most importantly, Those who have damaged or short term memory can use these methods. It’s remarkable.

I am very fascinated with the book and planning to continue to advance my Memory using these techniques. I am grateful that The author shared terrific techniques.

A must-have one of the best Self-Help Audio Books.

7- Moonwalking With Einstein

Engaging, entertaining, and surprisingly thoughtful. From Greek age, into the middle ages, and now into the modern era, the author maps the meaning and use of human Memory.

Along the way, we join the colorful figures, self-promoters, philosophers, and geeks who populate this captivating circle of human activity.

The author amazed us with memory methods without presenting more details on the specifics of all phases and utilization of the technique.

His memory castle is filled with mental pictures of a moonwalking Einstein. Nonetheless, I will highly recommend this book.

Final words– I have learned a lot from these books. That’s why I thought they are Best Self-Help Audio Books if someone wants to start with. 

Let me know your experience from these amazing collection in Comment box. 

Stay Blessed