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American girl books : 22 Amazing books Every American Girl Must Read

Are you still wondering about American girl books? If yes, then you are in right place. I have brought you all the details about American girl books. Keep reading. What are American girl books?

The American girl books are novels set within the toy line’s fictional world. Since its beginning, American Girl has printed books based on the dolls.

The historical novels have similar dolls like the Central Series. There is also the Girl of the Year line of personalities from modern settings.

The American Girl books are an appealing read for girls. They learn History by learning about the details of the daily life of a girl living in ancient times and the hurdles she encountered.

Origin of The American girl books

The American girl books series includes a total of 22 books by various authors. These books are great to assign as self-governing reading for grades 2-7. Many of the books are available as an audiobook too.

The American girl books came from humble origins when former educator and textbook writer Pleasant Rowland came up with the idea after a trip to Colonial Williamsburg. She had recorded that there was a first void in the toy market for younger aged dolls.

She saw an opportunity to present a choice to baby and adult dolls and teach some antiquity. At the same time, by adding books and similar accessories about each Girl and her time in History.

In 1986, she established the Pleasant Company and started creating the dolls, books, and accessories. The Company was quickly flourishing, and in 1998 she sold the Business to Mattel for $700 million.

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Now, Let me introduce some of your old friends from The American girl books!

Kirsten Larson from American girl books

Kirsten was one of the first three dolls designed, accompanying with Molly McIntire and Samantha Parkington. She was a Swedish settler in the 1850s, discovering her way as a pioneer in the wild Minnesota Territory.

It was a challenging new life, and she was unsure of the change initially, but she ultimately learns to embrace her culture and her new country. She is portrayed as artful, reliable, and hardworking. Each doll was sold with accessories.

Kirsten came with her attire, pantalettes, overskirt, socks, shoes, and two hair bands to accent her trademark looped braids. Her accessories included a hat, pocket for her overskirt, a wood spoon, a heart-shaped amber chain, and a napkin.

2- Samantha Pakington from American girl books

Samantha was a cool doll raised by her rich Grand Mary. Everyone wanted her long hair and fancy Victorian dresses. She was a unique and creative girl and often questioned society’s idea of what a young lady should be and do.

She was intense and sometimes challenging. She was kind and generous too. Her doll came with a checked attire, bloomers, socks, footwear, and a big hair bend. Her accessories consisted of a cap, necklace, bag, napkin, and Indian head cent.

3- Addy Walker from American girl books

Addy Walker is the first black American Girl doll, and the most hotly discussed given her back story involves escaping from slavery. Although, having such a terrible past, Addy lived positive, loving, and understanding.

She tries her best to help anyone in need. An enthusiastic protector for equality and justice and a gifted student, Addy taught us to be rebounding and to fight for right.

Addy came with her clothes, socks, shoes, bloomers, and hair bands. Her accessories involved a straw cap, handkerchief, gourd, half-dime, and shell necklace.

4- Felicity Merriman from American girl books

The original three dolls and their accessories were produced until 1991 with the foundation of the young nationalist Felicity Merriman. Spunky, bright, and strongly confident, Felicity symbolized the era directly heading up to the Revolutionary War.

She is Not a fan of housework or womanly activities, Felicity’s set included accessories like her favorite horse Penny and a steady playset. Her doll carried a rose embroidered garment, colonial undergarments, socks, shoes, and a hair ribbon.

Her accessories were a coral beaded chain, cap, napkin, drawstring purse, bit, and fasteners.

5- Molly McIntire from American girl books

Molly McIntire had the disadvantage of being “the one with glasses.” She was not the usual beautiful doll, and in her books, she tended to fight with her siblings and be an abrupt bossy.

She portrays the 1940s and World War II-era and approaches to learn about compassion when a shy English girl, Emily Bennett, comes to stay with Molly and her family while the war runs through London.

The Molly came with a sweater, miniskirt, and top outfit, stockings, footwear, and glasses. Her accessories were a beret, a bag, a napkin, a wartime steel penny, and a pendant with a picture of her father to put in it.

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Final Words: These popular dolls from American girl books taught us about the experiences of girls like us throughout American History. These books are easily available in stores; you can buy from amazon. 

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