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Paulo Coelho Biography: Unknown Facts About Brazilian Novelist

Reading is always fun, but it’s more enjoyable when it’s about the creator of one of the best selling, worldwide popular book, “The Alchemist.” Yes, we are going to read Paulo Coelho biography.


Coelho was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on August 24, 1947. He attended Jesuit schools there. It was his dream to become a writer since childhood. His parents were religious Catholics.

In his teens, he was stubborn and introverted. His behavior made his parents send him to a mental asylum thrice. At that time, He was in his early seventeen.

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Young Adult

Coelho decided to join a law school as a young man, but soon he left to travel to different countries. Such as; Latin America, North Africa, and Europe.

I believe this is an important part of Paulo Coelho Biography. While travelling he learned a lot.

He became interested in acting and joined a theater group. He also served as a reporter for a magazine called 2001. He wrote many lyrics for rock songs and colluded on a political comic strip. Because of his political activities, he was kidnapped by the Brazilian group.

Paulo Coelho Biography- Turning point

A significant turn occurred in his life when Coelho met an unknown person in an Amsterdam café. That man advised him to make the traditional Roman Catholic pilgrimage in Northern Spain.

Coelho accepted his suggestion and did so in 1986. As a result, he found an epiphany that you can connect here if you have read “The Alchemist.”
After that, He decided to follow his dream, which was becoming a writer.

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His journey to Santiago de Compostela very much Inspired him. In his book The Pilgrimage, Coelho mentioned his extraordinary experience that happens to ordinary people. It was published in 1987.

The Alchemist was published exactly next year and sold only nine hundred copies. His next book, Brida, performed well. As a result, both of his books, The Pilgrimage, and The Alchemist, became a bestseller.

Most importantly, The Alchemist became the only best-selling Brazilian book. After such a huge success, the book was translated into many regional languages.

As a result, It became one of the best-selling books in the history of worldwide.

Coelho has published more than twenty-five books and other writings. Such as; collections of essays and newspaper columns, and most of them are novels.

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Paulo Coelho Biography- Books By Paulo

Some of his most famous books are as follows.
1- “By the river Piedra I sat down and wept.”
2- “The fifth mountain.”
3- “Veronika decides to die.”
4- “The Devil and miss Prym.”
5- “Warrior of the Light: A manual.”
6- “The Zahir, and Eleven Minutes.”
The author is globally known and lives with his wife in Europe and Rio de Janeiro.


1- “United Kingdom’s 2004 Nielsen Gold Book Award.”
2- “France’s Grand Prix Litteraire Elle in 1995.”
3- “Germany’s 2002 Corine International Award for fiction.”


What is Paulo Coelho best known for?

Paulo Coelho de Souza is a very famous songwriter and fiction novelist. He has written several popular novels. However, He is best known for his worldwide bestseller novel ‘The Alchemist.’

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What is Paulo Coelho’s nationality?

Paulo Coelho is a Brazilian author who uses rich symbolism in his depictions of the spiritually motivated journeys taken by his characters.

What does Paulo Coelho write about?

Paulo Coelho writes speculative and mystical fiction. All of his books are written in a way that expands the reader’s viewpoint. He takes readers on a journey through the eyes of a character who discovers a more in-depth perspective of themselves.

You can say he Writes Philosophical fiction that teaches readers humanity and better knowledge of life.

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His most famous book and its message? 

His most popular book is “The Alchemist.” The key message of the book is to follow your dreams by following your heart.


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