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11+ Powerful Prayer for Nightmares | Prayers to Help With Nightmares

Dreams, According to many scriptures, are a way God speaks and guides us. If it’s true, there might be some truth behind saying that “bad dreams are a way of recognizing devils trying to harm us or pull us down.” If you are experiencing such horrors, Prayer for Nightmares will help you to overcome them.

Whether it’s the scientific or spiritual conclusion, there is one solid truth that your mind is the most powerful gift that can sense the future. Therefore, your dreams are never random but a warning or message about something.

Undoubtedly, beautiful dreams such as shopping, travelling to your favorite places, and living your dream life make your day pleasant. On the other hand, horrifying dreams spoil the upcoming day and our mood.

In this article of BigBrainCoach, I will share various powerful prayers to help you sleep peacefully without nightmares. Using Prayer for nightmares is one of the most effective ways to protect yourself from such terrible experiences.

Before we jump to the prayers, Let’s see what does the bible says about dreams.

Bible Verses About Bad Dreams

Yes, often God indeed guides you by visiting your dreams. However, Nightmares are a sign that something is blocking your way to God.

The above words are clear words from God himself that He is bigger than any nightmares. Be it nightmares in dreams or people around him, praying to God to protect you is the most powerful act you will ever perform.

These Prayers for Nightmares will enhance your fighting spirit and invite positivity in your heart.

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Catholic Prayer for Nightmares

“O Holy Father, Accept my pure request to stop my nightmares and protect me from any terrible imagination. Protect me by being present in my bedroom, father, so that I can sleep in your arms. Amen.”

Asking the father of all the spirits to be around you is one of the easiest ways to invite the energy you want while sleeping. Continuous Nightmares suck all the positivity of a person, so it’s crucial to protect yourself before bed.

“Dear God, Due to continuous nightmares, I am afraid of going to sleep. Seems the devil attacks me while I am sleeping. I am praying to you to protect me while I am sleeping. Please stop the nightmares so that I can sleep peacefully. My faith is in you, father. Amen.”

Prayer for Protection From Nightmares

“Dear God, I surrender myself in your shelter and ask you to protect me from evil. Cover me, O Lord, with your shield and provide me peaceful sleep. I am craving science weeks. Amen.”

If you are constantly experiencing bad dreams before sleep, spend some time alone and do few preparations. Avoid watching television or reading any horror book; instead, read the bible or other holy books.

Meditation before sleep or Using this Prayer for nightmares is an easy and powerful way to have a sound sleep. If you can pray or meditate before going to sleep, beautiful dreams will replace your nightmares.

“Lord, I know I have bad habits such as watching horror movies or reading books, which have become my nightmares. I am thirst for a night of sound sleep and beautiful dream. I promise to change my habit; please protect me from the nightmares, lord. Amen.”

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Bible Verses to Pray Against Bad Dreams

Read these bible verses before sleep and remind yourself that you are a child of The God responsible for your safety. Surrender yourself to him and rest under his shelter for the rest of the night.

When you surrender and show you believe in his words, presence, and love, night becomes a time to a celebration under his protection. Using Prayer for nightmares or reading these bible verses will help you overcome the nightmares within few days.

James 4:7, ESV “Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

Spiritual Warfare Prayers for Dreams

“Dear God, Grant me the capacity to shut the door of bad dreams and evils when I go to sleep. Provide me wisdom and power to eliminate any evil encounter and remember you every second. Amen.”

Every night before bed, ask God to guide your dreams and make you feel his presence. Remember, Where there is a God, Evil can’t survive. So, In order to dream your vision and stop nightmares, use this Prayer for nightmares and convert them into sweet dreams.

“Good or bad cant happen all together, so I chose to dream good and eliminate bad naturally. Lord, I chose you to be with me even in my dreams so that no evil can stay around me. I disconnect myself from the world and connect to God, In the name of Jesus. Amen.”

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Jewish Prayer for Nightmares

“O Guardian of Israel, Who loves me unconditionally and never sleeps to protect people like me. I consign my spirit to You and put my faith into your protection.”

Jewish prayers are another powerful way to stop nightmares. These prayers work as powerful affirmation and make you feel safe and rest peacefully in the night.

You may use this Jewish Prayer for nightmares before going to bed and experience a blissful night.

“I praise You, Adonai, Grant me a restful night and heal my body and mind hurting for the past few weeks. Spread your peace over me, including everybody who needs your mercy. Do not let my dreams or thoughts and dreams trouble me anymore, but your protection makes me sleep peacefully.”

Prayer to Cancel Death Dream

“O Lord, Give me strength to reject any vision of the death of my loved ones in my dream. Let your protection shield protect my loved ones and help me cancel the dreams I encounter every night. In the Name of Jesus. Amen.”

Watching your loved ones leaving you forever is the most horrible experience of life. In many Hindu scriptures its mentioned that death dreams symbolize age enhancement.

The hard truth is experiencing the loss of loved ones is painful, even in dreams. If you have been experiencing such horrifying dreams lately, use this Prayer for nightmares to stop it.

“Dear God, Help me reject all the dreams of death and ask you to protect me from experiencing such a dream in future. Let my loved ones be healthy, happy and live a long life in your protection. Let my faith be bigger than any bad dreams Lord. Amen.”

Scriptures To Cancel Bad Dreams

John 8:12 “The Bible takes away the presence of darkness in your dreams.”

The above lines hold the key to eliminating everything that makes you weak or fears you. If you haven’t experienced it yet, let me give you some tips here; read the Bible before bed for 10 to 15 minutes.

That 15 minutes can provide a peaceful sleep you have never experienced. All your fear bad dreams will be gone. Holy books, their wisdom have the power to keep harmful energy away from those who study it on a regular basis.

Along with prayers for nightmares, develop a tiny habit of reading a few pages of the Holy Bible before sleeping and seeing the change.

Luke 10:19 “The Word of God gives you the assurance that the evil dreams have been overcome.”

Children’s Prayer for Nightmares

“Dear Jesus, you have been my savior since I open my eyes. You fought for our happiness and protection. Be the savior of my child [Name of the child] and protect him/her from bad dreams. Amen.”

Children often wake up crying or smile during sleep which is a sign that they are dreaming. Bad dreams/ nightmares in children ruin their childhood if it constantly.

As a parent, It’s your responsibility to protect them even if it’s in their dream. Being around them and Asking God to protect them while sleeping is the most powerful way to do so.

You may use this Prayer for the nightmare to help your child feel safe in their dreams forever. Also, make your child pray with you before bed to develop their faith in God more than evils.

“Holy Father, Fill my heart with your love and make me feel your presence when I go to sleep. Be my protection shield, and don’t allow any nightmares. As I go to bed, I give myself to you and ask you to let me sleep in your lap. Amen.”

Prayer to St Raphael for Nightmares

“O glorious Archangel St Raphael, My friend in trouble time, help me have a peaceful sleep. You always protected me against nightmares; I request you to protect me from evils during my sleep. Amen.”

St Raphael is widely popular as a protector against evils. Praying to him will help you or your child to eliminate any nightmares.

St Raphael is usually known as a patron saint for various fields such as travel, happy meeting and marriages. He is also praised for helping many to stop nightmares.

If you or your loved ones struggle with nightmares, use this Prayer for nightmares and help them sleep peacefully.

“Dear St Raphael, Please be the protector of my loved one[Name of the person] by protecting them from bad dreams. Eliminate all the fears from their mind and heal their heart with your presence. Amen.”

Good Prayer for Someone Having Nightmares

“Heavenly Father, My lovely friend and protector, I have become fearless because of the presence of you in my life. Lord, I pray to you to be the savior of [Name] as you did to me. Let them feel safe and be free from nightmares. In the Name of Jesus. Amen.”

I believe the best gift you can give some is by praying for their safety and happiness. If someone close is suffering from nightmares, Use this Prayer for nightmares to help them feel safe under Gods’ power.

If possible, try to guide them to use these prayers before bed and let God hover over them. Prayers work quicker if the victim shows a little faith by saying them.

“O Lord, I pray you to protect [name] from any evil vising their dreams. Also, please help them to eliminate their ignorance and develop faith in you. Lord, My faith is always in you, and I know you will protect them too. Amen.”

Deliverance From Bad Dreams

Psalm 4:8 says, “I will both lie down in peace and sleep. For you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.”

Prayers are the best answer to “how to stop bad dreams spiritually.” In the above Bible Verse, It Cleary said that If you are experiencing trouble in your sleep, I will be there with you. 

In order to let nightmares go away and have a peaceful sleep, it’s crucial to pray or meditate before bed. Praying before sleep cleanses all the tiredness and negative thoughts from your mind. 

Here is a short Prayer for nightmares you can use anytime, anywhere, when you are worried about bad dreams. 

“Lord, May Every illness presented into my life as a result of evil dreams be withdrawn and eliminated, in the name of Jesus.”

Prayer Against Bad Dreams In The Quran

“I take shelter in the excellent words of Allah from His wrath and punishment, and the evil of His servants, and the madness and appearance of devils.”

Here is the most powerful prayer for nightmares Islam way to protect your nights. Every religion and community has accepted that evils can ruin your good night’s sleep. 

ST Raphael Prayer for Nightmares

“St. Raphael, heavenly guide and protector,
I come before you with a troubled heart.
In the darkness of the night, nightmares invade my sleep,
Causing fear and distress within me.
I seek your intercession, dear St. Raphael,
For you are the angel of healing and deliverance.
Through your divine power, banish these nightmares,
And replace them with peaceful dreams and restful sleep.
Grant me courage to face the terrors of the night,
Knowing that you stand beside me, shielding me from harm.
Fill my mind with tranquility and my heart with peace,
So that I may wake refreshed, free from fear.
St. Raphael, I trust in your loving care,
And I place my troubles in your compassionate hands.
Guide me through the shadows, and lead me to the light,
That I may find solace and serenity in your presence.


1- How do I protect myself from evil dreams?

Prayer Before bed is undoubtedly effective remedies to eliminate any evil dreams or disturbing nightmares. In addition, try to read something positive or listen to any podcast that helps you enhance your inner power.

In order to eliminate such dreams, you need to increase your inner power to defeat any negativity from life. You may use some affirmations, prayers, or meditation before bed for ten minutes. All are effective and give you the peaceful sleep you need.

2- What causes bad dreams spiritually?

First and foremost you need to know that negativity only affects those who are weak inside. Those who are disconnected to their inner core and source of their strength often encounter bad dreams and negative energy around them.

Nightmares are signs that you are not aligned with your inner self, spiritual self. It’s a way God is telling you to develop a relationship with Him and balance your life, health, wealth, happiness.

Final Words: Use any of the above Prayer for nightmares and know that many others, including me, are praying for you. Believe me, Nightmares will be gone within a few days, and you will experience protected feelings as angels will hover over you while you will sleep.

I found the article helpful and worth reading; share with your friends and family.

Also, don’t forget to bookmark the page so that you can easily and instantly access all the prayers.

Stay safe, Stay Blessed