9 Signs to Recognize Soul-Sucking Job & Change Your Work Place

Does the first day of the week, Monday, scares you? Or you Like Monday but the single thought “my job sucks” lowers your excitement? The reason might not be listed here, but any workplace that doesn’t make you excited will immediately quit that soul-sucking job.

If you like working, just like me, but every day you feel that something is missing, trust me, it’s your calling. No matter how much you love your job but when soul and heart are not satisfied working sucks.

Many people work under unsatisfied atmosphere because they have financial challenges and are afraid of taking a chance. If you are one of them, know one thing that fear kills more than challenges. Learn to believe in yourself and decide to overcome your fear.

Often, the most beautiful part of life happens after overcoming fear. Many times people get confused about what they want or why are they feeling in a certain way in work-life.

This article will share nine signs that are directing you to consider career transition or quit your soul-sucking job.

9 Signs to Recognize Soul-Sucking Job

1- Lack of Excitement

Excitement is the feeling that makes someone more energetic to perform better. On the other hand, if you found no interest or excitement towards the given Work, it’s not worth doing.

Many times we become so sharp in our Work, that we lost interest and its sign to upgrade your carrier. As a teacher, after 14 years, I had become so expert in my presentation that everything went on an automated way.

I am a lifetime student; I wasn’t getting much opportunity to express myself fully, so I lost my excitement. If you feel the same way or for any reason, you are not excited every day; you are into a soul-sucking job.

Changing or shifting your carrier will provide you with an opportunity to live upto your true potential.

2- Surrounding Doesn’t Inspires You

I believe workplace gradually becomes a second home as you spend nearly half of your time there. I am talking about professionalism, but the atmosphere must support you to feel energized and stay more productive.

At this point by support, I mean that those people you are surrounded by must not make you feel low or less than them. I understand the workplace isn’t the right place to support you theoretically; however, if you get drained around people, is a sign of soul-sucking job.

If you are reading this article, I assume you are searching for a way to spend your life in the Work you love. The profession or job that feeds your spirit and enhances your life up to your expectations.

Once you understand your desire, life itself shows you many ways to live a soul-feeding life.

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3- Soul-Sucking Job- Lack of Appreciation

Appreciation is one of the most potent ingredients of success, for employee and the employer as well. If you work wholeheartedly, give your 100 per cent, and don’t get any credit, is really demotivating.

Don’t always expect your boss’s appreciation, but if you feel that you are underrated always; you are into a soul-sucking job.

Your job is a way to feed your soul and use your talent for the betterment of society.
Your Work must get appreciation if you don’t get the right value for your energy, Trust me, its time to change something. Never stay at a place for a longer time where you are not valued up to mark.

A place where your energy isn’t valued will never provide you with the right opportunity to advance in life.

4- Doesn’t Feel the Right Job

Many people, including me, recognized their true potential after crossing age 35. The realization, forces to do what the soul desires. I believe in taking chances; it’s the best way to avoid regret in the future.

If you are one of our kind, follow your soul guidance and shift your carrier with a more profound belief that you will go into the right direction. If your job makes you feel that you don’t fit in it anymore, do not stay in such a soul-sucking job.

Spend time with yourself, trust your intuition and move towards your heart takes you. With maturity, it’s self-evident to know yourself better than before. The moment you realize your truth, stick to it. The famous saying,” You live once, if lived wholly, once is enough.”

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5- Work Affecting Your Personal Life

Yes, Work is a crucial piece of life, but listen to the alerting alarm if it takes more than needed. Working on the weekend, late-night, or your Work is consuming your family time or self-care time; you are serving a soul-sucking job.

Remember, If you and your family are happy and getting enough time together, Work will be a booster. If your job is consuming all your time, making you frustrated, tired, you must think about it.

Consuming all your time, In my opinion, is a psychological game employer plays to keep the employee penetrated. Understand the strategy and make yourself strong enough to break the tie and move on.

If you avoid making the right decision at the right time, it will engulf you to such an extent that you won’t dare to think to come out of it, ever.

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6- You Feel Going Against Your Value

Never compromise your values in order to stay in your job in the first place. Remember, Your values are your core, source of your being and the reason you are here.

If your job demands you to go against your values sometimes, you will definitely serve to a soul-sucking job. Never ignore your inner voice as its the only right teacher and lifetime guide you will ever have.

Value-based life, if you never cheated, will lead you to your soul purpose. Being honest with your inner self is the most expensive advice you must follow.
Stay honest in your performance, but with your values, It will increase your self-worth.

7- Soul-Sucking Job/ Fear of Getting Fired

If your job keeps you in fear of getting fired, my friend, you are wasting your emotions into a soul-sucking job. Fear is the most vulnerable emotions one can live with, either about getting fired or about anything else.

If only for once such fear occurs, its time to leave that place and move somewhere you feel safe and valued. Many times, people waste their entire carrier and regrets at retirement time.

Fear of losing a job develops self-doubt and creates an inferiority complex that makes life hell. Therefore, it’s worth taking a chance that you only chose to replace your employee and advance your life.

In order to upgrade your carrier or any other aspect of life, age isn’t what matters, but courage does. Be courageous and go where your intellect is treated well.

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8- Your Boss Affecting Your Mental Health

The worst experience during my 14 years of job experience was being poked unnecessarily by my boss. I am a quiet person who followed the simple rule, work honestly, do justice with your job and go back home happily.

However, getting poked time to time to tell me that someone else is the boss, was working as a slow poison. It used to upset me psychologically and drain my energy, so I decided to give up.

Today, I can proudly say, I chose the right path. If your boss’s behavior is affecting you mentally, you are working in a soul-sucking job. Let me remind you, if you will continue in the same company, your entire retirement fund is going into medical expenses.

Taking care of your mental wellness is entirely your responsibility, stay where you are happy and guided, not poked.

9- Job Doesn’t Make You Feel Financially Secure

The most crucial reason people stay in a soul-sucking job is financial purpose. However, they don’t calculate future options. Be calculative and look into your future with your current job profile.

If you found one per cent doubt about insecurity, find another position that guarantees, at least financially, your future.

Investing your time and energy into the right place, and Work will inspire you to work more and keep upgrading yourself. Life is all about learning, growing and living life king size.

It’s never worth staying at the pace that doesn’t guarantee your better future and doesn’t excite you.

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1- How do you survive a soul crushing job?

Jobs, in general, are always tiring and soul retching especially when you don’t feel like destiny. If you don’t feel like you are not following your calling, you need to keep moving with life.

Take a leap of faith in God and your hard work, you will definitely find some place who will value you and your talent by respecting you.

Final Words: Job is a space to live fully, contribute to the world, use your talent, enhance your life, upgrade yourself and so on. However, if you feel you are wasting your talent in sucking job, move on. Its never too late to decide and move towards your calling.