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7 Steps To Get Hypnotized To Forget Someone | Erase Memories

Going through a relationship breakup or some past bad memories are ruining your present and causing pain? Getting hypnotized to forget someone for the rest of life or remove the pain from memories works like magic.

First of all, if someone or any past event is the reason behind your suffering, then your soul is still attached there. To know how to break soul ties, visit the given link below.

One of the fastest, easiest, and most effective way to let go of the past and erase painful memories is Hypnotherapy. Finding the right therapist and going for few sessions will help you let go of all the suffering.

If you don’t want to perform self-hypnosis and get rid of your past, I will share few tips to get self-hypnotized to forget someone or erase past events.

Before we go to the main topic, Let’s understand why the painful events or people who hurt us remain longer than good memories. Also, Can Hypnosis make you forget a memory? Understanding the concept will help your self-hypnosis work effectively in less time.

Can Hypnosis Make You Forget A Memory?

The Loud and straightforward answer is Yes; it helps in coming out of suffering and moving on. However, before getting hypnotized to forget someone and move on with life, it’s crucial to understand how Hypnosis works?

To understand the memories, Let’s consider our mind a big storage box. the events mixed with our emotions, whether good or bad, get store in that box, and the rest quickly fades away.

When we revisit the past or share those past events, it becomes stronger and goes deeper with passing times. After reaching a certain level, it becomes hard to forget or erase.

When you love someone, you naturally get bonds emotionally with that person.
When the person with whom you were emotionally attached leaves you, no matter how romantic the togetherness was, it becomes painful. It not only makes you suffer; many times, I have seen people going through suicidal thoughts.

The irony of life is that most people don’t know how to go deeper in mind. Most importantly, how to break those bonds that doesn’t serve any good.

This is where Hypnotherapy comes, and it changes the entire situation.
Now let’s see How getting hypnotized to forget someone works? Or how Hypnotherapy works?

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How Does Hypnotherapy Work?

Well, the mind has been labeled as monkey and mystic at the same time. It’s our choice, which one to feed? If you feed monkey one, it steals all the joy and peace. On the other hand, controlling the monkey mind makes it mystic.

Hypnotherapy is controlling the monkey mind by giving it Instruction. The therapist takes you to the deeper level through the instructions, where all those painful memories are stored.

After reaching there, you will be able to change the outcome of those memories so that they won’t hurt you anymore. Once the memories don’t hurt, they no longer have the power to grab your attention. After few sessions, they fadeaways because they don’t matter to you anymore.

So, if you are still questioning, can Hypnosis erase someone from your memory?
The answer is, Hypnosis erases the emotion from those memories, and memories without emotions have no value. So, Yes, Hypnosis is an effective way to stop thinking about someone.

Now let’s see, How to get hypnotized to forget someone?

7 Steps To Get Self- Hypnotized To Forget Someone | Erase Memories

Before you start practicing self-hypnosis, be very careful what you are asking for? Also, keep in mind that you may not feel any difference after the first session. It depends upon how long you have been revising your past.

Here is the answer to your question, how to forget about someone? Follow these steps to go go to the point where memories exist.

#1 Prepare Yourself To Get Hypnotized To Forget Someone

In order to do Hypnosis to stop thinking about someone, You need to be very firm in your decision. Sometimes, people doesn’t know their true intentions. So, the first step is crucial, sit quietly, think deeply and decide if you want to erase those memories and move on with your life.

In my years of healing practice, I have encountered many people who claimed to move on, but they were in love with those painful memories in reality.

So, it’s very crucial to give a final thought with a calm mind and get ready to be hypnotized to forget someone or to erase the memories that hurt you.

#2 Relax Your Mind

Chose a comfortable place and position for yourself, sitting on the chair or lying on the bed. Make sure you don’t fall asleep during the session. Even if you do, not a big issue, but self-hypnosis requires a little extra awareness.

You may use some calming music in the background and start breathing deeply. My favorite technique to relax my mind instantly is to Take long and deep breaths, hold as long as you can hold, and slowly exhale.

Deep breathing 4 to 5 times takes about four to five minutes; you will be calm, focused, and in the present moment. Another way to calm the mind and bring your attention to the present moment is to run your attention from toe to head.

Select one that is comfortable and most effective for you.

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#3 Follow Instruction To Go Deeper

As I mentioned above, that self-hypnosis requires extra preparation and awareness. If you are using any guided hypnosis instruction available online, then it will become easy. Otherwise, it would be best if you prepared the Instruction before you get hypnotized to forget someone.

Another easy way is to record the Instruction in your voice and follow it during the session.

Here is a few Guidance to follow the steps and start going deeper into your subconscious mind. Count the number one to ten, break the counting and start with 9 to 20, break it and start with one number back from 19 to 30. Then count reverse like 30, 29, 28, and so on.

After the counting is done, Look for stairs going down in the blackness and start walking down. Count the steps you are crossing because this is the part where you are entering in your subconscious mind.

#4 Revisit And Relive The Event

If you follow all the steps correctly, you will reach the point where those painful memories or the person will appear in front of you. You will start noticing the change in your breath, emotions and that may make you feel uncomfortable.

Stay There, remind yourself that It’s not happening in the present moment, but you are in the past. Try to observe every tiny detail around you, such as the place you are in, things around you, the clothes you are wearing, etc.

Then, take your attention to the person you are with and note the date and year, expressions, behavior, and the conversation. In other words, try to observe every tiny detail you can.

To be honest, I was not a believer in reliving or revisiting the past events before I tried once. It helps in removing the emotions attached to those things, people, and overall memories.

#5 Forgive Yourself And The Other Person

Do you know the pain is the outcome of carrying negative emotion for a long time? If someone left you or something happened in the hurtful past, it needs to be resolved immediately.

The longer you carry and remember it, the heavier and painful it becomes.
Back to the present moment, after experiencing all the pain, it’s time to forgive and forget.

Even if you don’t feel like forgiving that person, say it out loud in clear words that “I forgive you for everything you did to me.” Also, forgive yourself for hurting yourself by holding the past for so long.

Self-love and self-forgiveness are key to happiness and the door to a better and shining future.

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#6 Observe Your Feelings And Visualize Your Future

Forgiveness is the most potent step in order to heal any past. Once you forgive yourself and others, try to observe your emotions. Do you still feel pain, anger, or self-pity? Stay there as long as you can and observe your emotions while letting go of the person and events.

When everything is passed, sit quietly for a few minutes, take a breath and be ready for a future that you want in the present days. Start visualizing present days, such as what kind of personality you have become, what car you drive, what people you surround with.

Give yourself enough time to create a mental scene of your future while sitting in the past. Let your mind know what you want in the present day in order to hypnotize to forget someone.

The most incredible part of Hypnosis is that it makes it a lot easier to instruct your mind to create a different and better reality.

#7 Return To The Present Moment

When you are done instructing your mind by showing a clip of your future, sit few minutes and relax. Feel the emotions you are going to have after achieving the life you want in the future. When I say feel, it means literally, try to feel the emotion in your belly.

Changing the emotions is the greatest secret to creating your future. Emotions create an energy field around you, and when you change the emotions consciously, it works miraculously.

It’s time to come back to the present days, so stand up and start walking towards the stairs. Keep your changing emotions, future creations in your mind and come back to the present moment where you are lying or sitting.

Observe the energy around you and slowly open your eyes. I am sure you are feeling a lot better than you had imagined.

Note: Make sure If your mind ever revisits the past Event, let it only feel the part you created there, your future.


#1 How much is it to get hypnotized to forget someone?

Well, the events which are mixed with your emotions only have the power to hurt you. I am sure this is the reason you want to forget someone. Once you Eliminated your emotions, those memories will no longer be able to hurt you.

In order to remove those emotions, you may need a maximum of 3 to 5 sessions. Don’t revisit more than five, instead Use Hypnosis to create your desired future.

#2 Is there any hypnosis app to get over someone?

Hypnobox is one of the self-hypnosis apps you may use to get over someone. It will help you go deeper quickly, as when someone else guides you, it becomes easier to follow.

#3 Can Hypnosis help you forget Trauma?

Hypnosis is a clinically proven method to train your brain to select the memory you want and let of what you don’t. The best part of Hypnosis is that you don’t have to force yourself for anything.

When the mind is calm, it follows all of your order in a very natural way. So, Yes, Hypnosis can help you forget Trauma and help you live a happy life.

#4 Can Hypnosis make you forget a memory?

Well, Memories are past events which get stronger every time you visit there or talk about them. The mind works effortlessly; the more your think or talk about something, you suggest your mind that it is important to keep.

If you want to erase any memory or people, stop instructing your mind repeatedly about them. In other words, stop thinking or talking about them.

Practice it for few days, and let me know your experience in the comment box.

Final Words: I hope you will never experience any painful past after reading this article. It’s a self-hypnosis practice; you can do it every day in order to get the result faster.

Most importantly, If you can get hypnotized to forget someone or erase memories, you can create a future you have ever imagined. You got your power back; use it wisely.

Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed