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How to Do Self Hypnosis for Performance Anxiety At Home- BigBrainCoach

Hypnosis is one of the most natural and effective ways to cure any mental or physical disorder. Yet, one of the frequently asked questions I always answer is, Does hypnotherapy work for performance anxiety? Or how to perform Hypnosis for performance anxiety?

The straightforward answer for the first question is Yes; Hypnosis works effectively for performance anxiety. The only required skill is to have the right way to perform Hypnosis for the various disorder to heal.

To answer the second question, you need to read this article very carefully with full attention.

In this article of bigbraincoach, I will guide you to perform self-hypnosis to improve your mental, physical and psychological performance.

Do you know, Hypnosis is commonly used by athletes to control their performance anxiety? Work that has an enormous effect on your life has a significant impact on mental health.

People often prefer to use the drug to enhance their performance, not knowing that drugs have side effects. Adopting natural ways to heal the mind-body and improve mental and physical health may seem hard, but it results positively in the long run.

If you think you have some blockages that affect your performance, you can easily clear the blockage using Hypnosis for performance anxiety.

Before we jump to the steps to perform Hypnosis to clear the blockage and boost your performance, it’s crucial to understand the cause behind this barrier.

3 Main Causes Behind Performance Anxiety

No guidance

Often, confidence comes from childhood. The more a child get appreciation, the more they grow flawlessly. If you come from a less educated family or did not have the proper guidance when you were a child, stage fear can cloud your confidence when you grow.

Low Self-Esteem

One of the easy ways to check your confidence is to go for stage performance and see how confidently you can put your act. People who lack self-esteem fear going to the stage and telling their names confidently.

Wrong Mindset

“If I will act in a certain way, what people will think about me” is a poison to kill your true identity. Before thinking about others opinions, it’s crucial to follow the path that will lead you to the destination you want to go.

Well, whatever is the reason behind your low performance, the guided steps of Hypnosis for performance anxiety, will help you overcome the challenge.

Let’s see how Can stage or performance anxiety be reduced by Hypnosis? or how to use Hypnosis for performance anxiety?

If you want to treat your stress yourself without going to any therapist, make sure to with complete focus.

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Steps to Use Hypnosis for Performance Anxiety

You may use these steps of Hypnosis for anxiety and panic attacks. Even if it’s chronic and seems impossible to treat, keep practicing; you will see the light within a few days.

#1 Find a comfortable place where no one can disturb you for 45 to 60 minutes. Make sure the area have proper ventilation and a comforting surrounding. Get a relaxing chair to sit straight or prepare a bed to lie down. Try not to use a pillow and lie down straight on the bed or floor using the mattress only.

#2 Take a deep breath and hold it as much time you can hold and then release slowly. Make sure to notice the Prana going inside your body and coming out.
Close your eyes and keep practicing it until your full attention is on the process and in the present.

#3 Now move your attention from breathing to the skin, body part from head to toe. Let your breathing be normal and notice the outer part of the body such as nose, ears, hands, stomach, legs etc.

Observe if there is any sensation on your skin and move on to the next part. Keep in mind not to react to any observation.

#4 After finishing the observation on your skin, take your attention to the inner body parts. Imagine and see every inner body part healthy functioning.

Take your attention in your brain, tongue, throat, chest, stomach, inside of legs such as bones, blood cells etc.

#5 Stabilize your attention in your brain and start giving instructions to it. For example, if you find yourself fearful on stage, imagine standing in front of thousands of people and talking to them fearlessly and confidently.

Make a list of your performance anxiety, eliminate it during your Hypnosis, and replace it with confidence and a pleasant personality.

#6 After giving all the instructions, bring your attention to the present, move your fingers, and then hand and open your eyes.

You find yourself asleep during the session, Do not worry, Hypnosis works perfectly even if you get to sleep.

Years ago, Hypnosis cured my anxiety and hypertension. I followed all of the above steps and included a few activities in my daily routines. I will suggest you do the same for faster results.

5 Tips for effective Hypnosis for performance anxiety

While using Hypnosis for performance anxiety and depression

1 Stay Prepared

Hypnosis works more effectively if you are ready for the desired change. If the person doesn’t believe in change, the mind doesn’t create new realities.

In order to allow the Hypnosis for performance anxiety to work correctly, stay prepared for the change you are working for.

2 Eat Consciously

Food has a significant effect on the mind and body as well. If you are working to heal your body or mind, you need to consume the right food consciously.

For example, if you know that citrus creates acidity in your body or invites headaches, you must avoid consuming citrus fruits and vegetables.

3 Shift your Life Attention

Often people get entangled in the current life situation and get blinds towards upcoming days. If you want to shift your mindset or life, you must focus on the current issue to the desired result.

Shifting your focus helps Hypnosis for performance anxiety works better and sooner.

4 Think Consciously

Thoughts and imagination create the upcoming events whether in your favor or against you. When you practice Hypnosis for performance anxiety, it’s crucial to select your thoughts consciously.

Write down a few inspiring and encouraging self-talk and keep chanting that in your mind. These methods boost the effect of Hypnosis for performance anxiety and depression.

5 Practice Conscious Breathing

By conscious breathing, I mean to adopt anyone breathing practice in your daily routine. Breathing relaxes brain muscles that is a significant body part in Hypnosis.

Breathing helps eliminate stress and anxiety and allow you to let everything go and stay in the present.

  1. #1 How does Hypnosis work on the brain?

    While doing Hypnosis, brain activities slow down, and it accepts all the information immediately. When the brain is less active, it becomes more powerful and adaptive.
    Before giving any information, the person goes into a deep sleep. While the body goes deep sleep, the brain stays awake and calm. It is the right stage to feed the information or the change you want.
    After this process, the subconscious mind starts working on the given information, even if you aren't aware at all the time.

  2. #2 What are 3 things hypnosis Cannot do?

    Being one of the most effective techniques to change reality. There are a few things hypnosis cant change.
    #1 Hypnosis, no doubt, can change human programming and create different realities if someone works n it properly. However, while robots are getting replaced and doing human activities, Hypnosis doesn't change any of their programming.
    #2 Hypnosis itself can not cure diseases such as HIV. However, it can help people enhance their mind power and immunity and reduce its effects.
    #3 Hypnosis can not change our elders' human genetics that we carry. Humans inherit some of the qualities from parents that remains forever.

Final Words: I am sure after reading this article you will feel excited to try it in life. I will recommend you to find a good person who can do hypnosis for performance anxiety and enhance your confidence.

After a few sessions, you will perform it by yourself and bring the change you want in your life.

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