How To Ask For Forgiveness After Breaking a Promise to God

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Are you someone who is going through guilt consciousness because of breaking a promise to God? Or Looking for the answer to will I go to Hell for breaking a promise to God? Honestly speaking, breaking promises steals all our inner strength and make us feel like a sinner. Isn’t it?

Let me say something about you first; You are one of the most beloved children of God. Are you wondering how I can say this with so much confidence?

Well, God loves those who love him so much that they worry about his liking, Rules, and words. If someone thinks about him even once before committing any sin, He Gives an extra chance to make it right.

So, If you are looking for an answer, can you be forgiven for breaking a promise to God? Keep reading and exploring till the end; you will discover many unfolded solutions related to breaking a promise to God.

First of all, let’s see what does the bible say about breaking a promise to God? Also, What happens if you break a promise?

Bible Verses About Breaking A Promise to God

According to Numbers 30:2,“If a man vows a vow to the Lord, or swears an oath to bind himself by a pledge, he shall not break his word. He shall do according to all that proceeds out of his mouth.”

Promises are bond between you and God, That provides you with the power to become a better version of you. When you promise God, asking for something in exchange for your words, You must fulfil it.

If you, for some reason, aren’t able to keep your promise, there are always consequences. So, it’s a very common question “what to do when you break a promise to God?

So, I share my answer to  if God will punish me for breaking a promise to Him or will I go to Hell for breaking a promise to God? Let’s see what happens if you break a promise to God?

Or what consequences you may encounter if you make a promise to god and break it.

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Consequences of Breaking A Promise to God

Keeping promises strengthens our relationship with other people and enhances our value in their life. Similarly, being honest with God and keeping our words gives more closer to God.

Breaking promises or, for some reason, not keeping your promise does not make you a sinful person in God’s eyes. However, it definitely creates distance.

Most importantly, the distance doesn’t happens from God because He loves all of his children equally. What makes someone more intimate to God is their pure intentions and following his orders.

Consequences of Breaking A Promise To God

When you break a promise, It doesn’t make you feel better, correct me if I am wrong. However, Your own consciousness gets filled with guilt, and do you know guilt is the scariest and unhealthy feeling one can have?

Every action reacts, so breaking promises decreases self-worth, happiness and creates guilt. All these emotions affect your physical health as negative emotions give birth to diseases in the long run.

Unaware of this fact, people start believing that they are suffering because they couldn’t keep their promises to God.

Looking for answer to Do You Go To Hell For Breaking A Promise To God? Here is answer. 

Consequences of Breaking A Promise To God

Well, Hell and heaven are here only. Whether you will go to Hell or heaven is decided by Karma. Karma is always your choice. Hell is for those who were contributing, creating Hell for others.

You will definitely not go to Hell because of breaking your promise to God as your action didn’t harm others but to yourself. However, negative feelings such as guilt may make you suffer. That to until you decide to get rid of that emotion.

All you have to do is forgive yourself and ask forgiveness from God. So let’s see, what rituals help in forgiving self? Also, How to ask forgiveness from God for breaking a promise with him?

Are you thinking that Will God punish me for breaking a promise to him? Or is breaking a promise to God a sin?

Punishment for Breaking a Promise to God

Well, Even people value those who are a man of words. So, breaking your Oath to God isn’t acceptable by human, but God is Almighty, Loving Kind and most Importantly, Father. He doesn’t Punish any of his children, but Karma Does.

In the Holly ShriMad Bhagwat Gita, Lord Krishna says, “I give strength and wisdom to my children, but action is totally their choices. Every action cost something, whether you get rewarded, or you get to pay for it; it’s up to Karma, and I don’t interfere with Karma.”

Breaking promises with God isn’t a sin, but it’s a bad habit that can lead you to sin. Most importantly, your consciousness will never accept it easily that is not committed to God is acceptable. Such feeling affects mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.

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Let’s see how do you make up for breaking a promise to God?

Ways To Forgive Yourself After Breaking A Promise To God

1- Fasting

Believe me; Fasting is one the most powerful way to resolve any emotional blockage. It’s because food contains energy, and when you stop consuming cooked food, the body starts craving for energy source and takes from all the fats around your body.

You may get surprised, but body fats are nothing but emotional junk that needs to be released. The best way to do this is, performing water fasting once a week or fasting with only fresh food.

Fasting also helps in calming the mind naturally that helps in clearing your aura. When you think less, excellent and positive thoughts, you feel more spiritually connected. In other words, Fasting is a soul-cleansing way that leads you closer to God.

Once you clear all the feeling of guilt related to breaking promises to God, you are ready to step next and ask for forgiveness from God or Pray for his forgiveness.

2- Ask for forgiveness from God

Wondering can be forgiven for breaking a promise to God? the simple answer is A Big Yes! However, The above suggestion will help you clear all the doubts and move forward in life.

The most crucial part about asking God for forgiveness is your pure intention. To achieve that requirement, Fasting is the best way. Once you are ready to move on, be very specific and firm about your decision. God not only give one, two or three but thousand chances to His children to become better a better human.

In my opinion, If you couldn’t fulfil your original oath, replace it with easier and another one. It helps in enhancing self-worth and develop a sense of responsibility for the future.

With all this, performing Prayer is an added good deed that will raise you above guilt instantly. Below is few powerful and effective way to pray for breaking a promise to God.

3- Prayer for breaking a promise to God

Still Thinking about will God punish me for breaking a promise to him? No, Not at all. However, praying for forgiveness and strength to not repeat it is way better to strengthen your relationship with God.

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Prayer for Breaking A Promise to God

Here is some short Prayers that helped me move on for the better when I couldn’t fulfil my oath. It has developed my faith and made me feel closure to God.

“Dear Father, I believe I am your most loyal, trustworthy child, and you love me so much that you never let me feel a lack of anything in life. I am feeling ashamed because I couldn’t fulfil my promise I made last time. I am requesting you to forgive me for breaking my promise and provide me vision and strength to do something better than that. Amen.”

“Father, The resting weakness inside me made me break the promise I did to you. Please forgive me for my mistake and help me removing the weaknesses that keep me away from you. I intend to become your most beloved child; Please Guide me to act better, forgive me for breaking my promise and fulfil all my future promises. In the Name of Jesus. Amen.”

“Dear God, when you promise me something, you provide without judging me. I could keep my words, and I feel guilty for it. I am surrendering myself to you, strengthen me, forgive me for breaking my promise and make me a person of promises. Amen.”


1- Is Breaking a Promise to God Unforgivable?

Well, First thing you need to know that God does not need any promise from you. It’s you who makes a promise to make yourself strong enough to fulfill it. God never punishes His children, it’s we who suffer because we feel guilty.

Breaking a promise to God might affect you negatively, in some cases, but know that you can heal yourself and God does forgive. It’s not such a sin that is unforgivable because I am assuming if you broke your promise, there might be some serious conditions.

However, you need to be cautious about committing anything in Front of God. Let your words make you His beloved child. 

2- Will God Forgive Me for Breaking a Promise to Him?

Yes, He will, and He is forgiving since you were not even aware about your sins. The only difference is you need to make efforts to reach out to Him, acknowledge your sin and ask for forgiveness on a daily basis.

With your regular effort and clean intention you may be forgiven soon. If you want to know if God has forgiven your sins or not, Here is a detailed article, you may read about  7 Signs of Forgiveness from God. 

3- What Happens if I Break a Promise to God?

If you have promised something, I will suggest you keep your promises because that’s how you build a relationship with God. However, if in any circumstances you are forced to break the promise, Talk to God in silence and confront everything.

Sometimes people believe you may experience some spiritual adverse outcome. However, in my experience, If you keep praying for forgiveness, it will pass sooner than expected.

Final Words: I hope now you are feeling better and ready to take action to become guilt-free because of breaking a promise to God. I wish you more strength, purity and wisdom in life you ever experienced.

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