3 Sins God Will Not Forgive

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We are human beings, knowingly or unknowingly, full of mistakes. Some of them are so high that it is considered an unforgivable sin. If you are looking for 3 Sins God Will Not Forgive, this article will give you many insights about your questions.

When mistakes damage your moral core, sometimes can harm you more than any disease, if you know the cause and effect. Many times people who are living in the guild trap suffer more than actual sinners.

Why does this happen and how can you help yourself not performing any sin, or protect yourself from the guilt trap?

In this article I will share all my insights that I have learned through following and practicing God’s wisdom for a long time. Before jumping to the main topic,3 Sins God Will Not Forgive, let’s understand what is the true meaning of sin in the religious term.

Meaning of Sin in the Spiritual World

A “Sin” in the spiritual world, happens when you violate the moral or ethical principles of your religion or community practices. Especially those violations that are considered as God’s order for humanity.

Every religion has their own concepts about the act, however some of the common practices which are prohibited by God or higher power are lying, harming some’s with life, or adultery.

In other words, a sin is an act that doesn’t allow you to do something that can take someone else’s life, family or wealth. It is a strictly common sin in every belief system. That’s what I have learnt through my experience, it can be different for you.

Those are a few very common and high mistakes, however there are many small small acts that are considered as a sin, if you are someone who is deeply into spiritual growth, you must know about it.

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Before going to the top 3 Sins God Will Not Forgive, let’s see the list of sins every awakened person must be aware of.

20 Sins Against The Holy Spirit

If you are looking for the perspective of the Holy Bible, these lists are not mentioned anywhere. However, if you are looking for a broader perspective, it might help you and give you an opportunity to look at it and enhance your knowledge.

So, while researching on this topic, I collected this data. According to a Catholic theologian and doctor of the Church, here is the list of 20 sins against the Holy Spirit that comes from the writings of St. Alphonsus Liguori.

  • 1- Presumption of God’s mercy
  • 2- Despair
  • 3- Impugning the known truth
  • 4- Envy of spiritual good
  • 5- Obstinacy in sin
  • 6- Final impenitence
  • 7- Impenitence in daily life
  • 8- Unforgiveness of others
  • 9- Resisting divine grace
  • 10- Ingratitude
  • 11- Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit
  • 12- Indifference to the Holy Spirit
  • 13- Indulging in impure thoughts
  • 14- Tempting God
  • 15- Resisting the truth
  • 16- Ignoring the commandments
  • 17- Being a source of scandal
  • 18- Maliciously hindering the works of grace
  • 19- Obstructing the work of the Holy Spirit
  • 20- Refusing to acknowledge the work of the Holy Spirit in others.

Please note that, earlier I mentioned above that it’s not mentioned anywhere in the Bible about it so you don’t need to consider and accept it. It’s someone’s personal analysis that can be considered if you find it considerable.

Now before moving onto the main topic which is “3 Sins God Will Not Forgive” Here is the list of top unforgivable sins?

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Sins God Will Not Forgive

1- Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit

 If you look into Mark 3:29; Matthew 12:31-32; Luke 12:10, that rejecting God’s guidance is like accepting Satan. Not to mention that such an act, contributing to something God does not allow is clearly a sin .

2- Willful and persistent rejection of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior

The bible verse, Hebrews 6:4-6 and 10:26-27 refers that being conscious and not following God’s guidance is a sin. Constant Rejection of Jesus, the most beloved son of God is also considered as a sin.

3- Unrepentant murder

According to Genesis 9:6; Exodus 21:12-14; Matthew 5:21-26, ending someone’s life is the biggest sin someone can do.

4- Sexual immorality and impurity

According to 1 Corinthians 6:9-10; Galatians 5:19-21, being umpire by getting involved in unethical relationships is also considered as a sin.

5- Worshiping idols or false gods

Last but not the least, If you refer to Exodus 20:3-5; Deuteronomy 5:7-9 and 1 Corinthians 10:14, praying to someone rather than the holy spirit is also included in the list of sins.

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Now lets see what are top 3 Sins God Will Not Forgive.

3 Sins God Will Not Forgive

3 Sins God Will Not Forgive

First and foremost, it’s crucial to understand that sins are an act that can’t be reversed and it has consequences. The Bible is there to guide and protect us from any such ethics violation.

Therefore I believe, it’s personal choices to understand your capacity and follow the guideline God has made for us and shared through the holy books.

In my opinion, Taking someone’s life, being in an unethical relationship and Violating God’s guidelines consciously are the top 3 Sins God Will Not Forgive.


1- Does God Forgive Murderers?

The concept of forgiveness totally depends upon a person’s belief system. However, forgiveness is one of the most crucial energy types that can help a person become a better version of themselves.

It’s crucial to know that forgiveness can give you peace of mind for the time being, however, the concept of Karma says, you have to pay for such an act no matter how spiritual or good you become after committing sin.

I am a Karma believer so I can say that, No, God doesn’t forgive acts which include taking someone’s life. Therefore, there are consequences like legal and spiritual ways to pay for such cruel acts.

2- Does God Forgive Repeated Sins?

According to many spiritual beliefs God forgives sins that is repeated. However, I believe it depends upon what kind of morals you break. For example if someone does the above sin and repeats, it’s hard to believe that it can be forgiving.

In some religions or communities , it is believed that if the person performs some rituals along with changing behavior, the repeated sin can be forgiven.

3- Does God Forgive Sins Without Confession?

Well, again some of the religious beliefs say that God can forgive sins without confession. However, accepting your mistake is crucial if one is seeking forgiveness. Acknowledging your mistakes helps you receive God’s blessing and become a better version of you in the future.

For example, In Christianity, one needs to confess his/her sin in front of a priest and get help in moving on. If you think you have committed a sin in your heart and mind then confessing your sin helps you come out of the guilt trap and move on doing something good.

Similarly, in Islam and other religions, forgiveness is being asked while praying. In other words, no matter what religious guidance you are following, acknowledging your sin is the first step of seeking forgiveness.

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Final Words: In my opinion, no unethical act is forgiven by God because He never punishes His children. He only loves us, guides and strengthens us. It’s His law, we call in Karma and return everything we do.

So while sharing this list of these 3 Sins God Will Not Forgive, I got an insight that having a good sense of responsibility is crucial when it comes to Karma. Only perform those actions which you can bear if someone does that to you.

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Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed

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