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How To Break Soul Ties Prayer And Generational Curses Instantly

Soul ties are one of the most complex reasons people suffer and miss living in the present moment. Most importantly, not everyone realizes this Attachment and is unaware of how to cut the cord. In this article, I am going to share How To Break Soul Ties Prayer and Generational Curses. 

There are many other ways to cut the soul connection with harmful people or negative energy. However, Prayer has been the most effective way to do so.

“Dear God, I pray you to let the person reading this receive your strength and wisdom to feel free and have an abundant life ahead. Amen.”

When you pray to God and ask Him to remove the evil energy or break the soul ties, it happens instantly. The reason behind the quick result is that every soul has to meet the divine at the end.

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Before we go to the powerful and effective “How To Break Soul Ties Prayer,” let’s see what the Bible says about breaking soul ties.

Breaking Soul Ties Scriptures

Galatians 5:1 “For freedom, Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.”

Attachment to a wrong one, in a long time, becomes a tie that can suck all the happiness of a person. Yes, Relationships are crucial for the human species, but with the right person, life becomes heaven.

The soul ties are a two-way action result, so if you feel tied with someone and want to get rid of it, accept it in front of God. Pray him, Request Him to cut the cord and heal the wound so that you move on freely.

1 John 1:9 “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

Often people ask me, “how to break a soul tie with an ex” The answer is simple, cut all the social media connections for a start-up and surrender to God. Also, do not forget to Pray until you feel free from that knot.

Breaking Soul Ties Prayer With Ex-Boyfriend

“Heavenly Father, The relationship I had in the past negatively affects my present life. I respect the person and want to let him go from my life. I pray you to cut all the cord with him and heal the empty part of my life. Amen.”

It’s crucial to break all the ties from a past relationship to have a better relationship in the future. I have seen people getting into relationships to forget their past, which is hurtful for both partners.

Always keep in mind to cut all the emotional ties from the previous person to cleanse your life, heart, and spirit, and then move on. You may use various ways to cut the left connections using multiple ways, including “How To Break Soul Ties Prayer.”

You may use these breaking soul ties with ex-boyfriend prayer and open the gate of your delighted, healed, and peaceful future.

“Dear God, I come to your request to cleanse my emotions and heal my spirit from my previous relationship. I forgive the person who left me and is ready to let the person go from my life, leaving no trace. Help me to prepare myself for a better future with you and the right person, Lord, Amen.”

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How To Break Soul Ties Prayer Images

“Dear Heavenly Father, I am asking for forgiveness for losing my path and dishonored your words. I am willing to follow your path, accept the punishment, and cut all the ties with that person. Father, Cut all my soul ties to the person and make me feel free and pure once again. Amen.”

“Dear God, unknowingly, I got tied with negative people whom I am unable to cut out. Please cut all my soul ties and let them be in my past forever. I believe in you and your mercy. Father, Be my savior and protect me from those evil souls; I surrender myself to you. Amen”

Breaking Soul Ties With Ex-Boyfriend

“Dear Lord, I loved someone with all my heart and imagined my life with, but now the person is gone, and it’s hard for me to live peacefully. I pray to you to provide me strength and wisdom to forgive that person and break all the ties with him. Amen.”

Being in love with someone for a long time ties the emotional bond between two people and develops stronger soul ties with each other. As a female, a greater source of emotions, it becomes harder to cut the soul ties.

Suffering, depression, and a lot of soul-killing situation arises. It’s crucial to perform some spiritual rituals such as declutter your life with their memories instantly.
With those rituals, soul ties prayer to break ties helps miraculously move on and create a better future.

“Father, I realize my mistake, and I am trying to get away with my life and life mission. Please help me to remove every stain of my past and soul tie with this person. Please guide me to walk on your path and stay away from harmful people in my present and future. Amen”

Fasting To Break Soul Ties Prayers

“Father, I surrender myself with all my mind, body soul to ask you forgiveness and salvation. Remove all the little memories of those evil moments and break all the ties with those souls who made me the worst person in the past. Amen.”

Fasting is one of the most influential acts you can do to transform your life and break soul ties. Fasting is not only good for the digestive system, but it enhances Emotional intelligence too. Its one of my favorite way to How To Break Soul Ties Prayer. 

The body is like your other subconscious mind; while fasting, you can feel the connection and burden on your body and soul. Before you break the tie with someone, it’s vital to recognize where the link is.

Fasting helps recognize that area to perform rituals, like crystal healing, bath salt, etc., to break the soul tie. Not to mention, Prayer to break the soul ties empowers you and helps all the stain of the past go away.

“Father, I acknowledge all the mistakes I made and my ignorance towards you. I am ashamed of my behavior, and I request you to forgive me, guide me, and protect me from evil souls. Please remove all the soul ties with those evil souls and guide me towards purity. Please fill all the empty space of my life with all your love and wisdom. Amen.”

Breaking Soul Ties And Generational Curses

“Dear God, Break all the ties with my past, generational people and guide me to walk on the right path. Let them rest in peace where they are and keep me in the present, free and connected to you. Lord, I pray to you, Be in my heart and keep me connected to you. Amen.”

Many times in life, people get stuck in life and suffer without understanding the actual source of suffering. For instance, people who have been blessed with a family fortune but not find happiness and peace in life.

In such cases, they are already tied with their grandparents or someone from the past who is sucking all their present energy. In order to break soul ties and generational curses, pray twice daily and ask for the same bits of help.

Here are some powerful words that will help you to break soul ties from your past generations.

“Father, I am accepting all my blessings and thanking my grandparents for leaving me all this. Lord, I am surrendering myself to you and praying to break all the soul ties with my generations. Please help me free myself from any connection with my past and keep me under your protection forever. Amen.”

Sometimes family suffers because of some curse past generations have encountered. Prayers to break all the past ties and curses take a little longer time, but it’s fruitful. Your belief and self-control are the keys to breaking the connection with evil energy.

How To Break Soul Ties Prayer to Cut All The Generational Curses

“Father, I request you to Break all the ties and curses I have been tied to unknowingly. Free me from all the past promises and commitment, connect me to myself, and remove all the sufferings. Lord, My faith in you is deep within my soul, and it will remain there forever. Amen.”

Prayer is a practical answer to “How To Break Soul Ties Prayer to cut all the generational curses.”

When you pray for devils, you ask God to show them the right path they have lost. Before I present How to break soul ties Prayer, let’s understand what a soul tie is?


1- What is A Soul Tie?

Have you ever experienced suffering because of someone dead or alive who seems good to you, but you suffer in their presence? The main reason behind it the Attachment between you and them. This connection, whether good or bad, is spiritually known as soul ties.

The soul may be tied with some of your close ones or someone you don’t even want to interact with. Simply, the soul gets connected with everyone you think in your mind or have some Karmic connection either in this life or past life.

2- What are some symptoms of a soul tie?

Soul Tie Symptoms

  • Thinking a lot about them.
  • Caring and worried a lot about them.
  • Always trying to find some reason to connect with them.
  • Feeling of Obsession.
  • A feeling of Trapped with someone
  • The feeling of Getting manipulated
  • Becoming the worst person in association with them
  • Thinking about them makes you feel crying or pain
  • Their presence in your life invites troubles and unfulfillment

If any of the above symptoms you are noticing in your life, you need to perform rituals to cut the tie and move on. Also, prayers are a powerful way to cut ties with others, above prayers are the answer to you question, “how to break soul ties prayer.”

3- How to Break Soul Ties? 

It’s crucial to know how to break soul ties because Prayer also requires some actual act. For example, someone is looking for a job and praying for the right job. The person also needs to apply to some organizations, prepare himself for an interview and pass it.

Similarly, while praying to cut the soul connection with someone, some essential steps you must follow. Such as, cut the communication from your side, Forgive them for their intention and move on in your life.

Final Words: I hope after knowing how to break soul ties prayer, you must act and protect yourself. Attachment with any past can be dangerous and frustrating for some of you. Soul ties ultimately invited negativity and suffering only.

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