Spiritual Ways to Bless Your Home | How to Bless Your Home Spiritually

Spiritual Ways to Bless Your Home | How to Bless Your Home | How to Bless a House | Blessing of Salt

Home is a blessing from God that needs to look Godly always. It’s crucial to keep this space neat, organized and at a high vibe. If you are looking for an answer to How to Bless Your Home with holy water or other ways, this article is especially for you.

Religion, community or culture doesn’t matter, this article will guide you to bless your house. It is not just a place to relax but a place to heal you, your family, enjoy by yourself and with others as well. It’s a place that gives you peace, harmony and comfort to your spirit.

There are many effective ways to cleanse your home, protect and make it a sacred place. In this blog post of BigBrainCoach, I will share some of the most effective spiritual ways to bless your home.

How to Bless Your Home | Spiritual Ways to Bless Your Home

1- Smudging with Sage or Palo Santo

Smudging has been one of the most popular and powerful ways to energize the house since ancient times. Dried sage leaves and incense are still favorites in many cultures.

Sage or santo sticks release smoke mixed with fragrance that enhances mood and uplift the house energy. In addition the smoke eliminates all the negative energy your home collects.

It’s How to Bless Your Home wish sage easily everyday and feel enhanced energy and your mood instantly. Say a small prayer while burning and moving the sage around your home.

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2- Salt and Water Cleansing

In order to bless your home, you need to cleanse it before using sage or palo santo sticks. If you clean it with salt and water, it’s more effective than any other way.

You may mix the salt into the swapping water or mix it in a bowl and sprinkle around the home. You may use table salt, sea salt or the most powerful one, Himalayan pink salt.

Don’t forget to sprinkle it on your main entrance, others doors and corners as well. Before sprinkle the water, recite a simple prayer and ask it to eliminate any unhealthy energy. It’s How to Bless Your Home with salt, eliminate any negativity and enhance your house energy.

3- House Blessing Rituals

In every religion there are some popular and effective rituals that help people feel happy and peaceful in their home. Those religious rituals have been used since ancient times and are powerful.

The elements used in these rituals such as holy water, fire and other earthly things are to remove obstacles and bless your home. In addition, the priest who performs the rituals blesses your home which is an additional one.

Its How to Bless Your Home wish rituals at least once in a while. You may explore your community or religion and perform the related rituals to experience bliss and change energy around your home.

4- Crystal Grids

Crystals have been known for their mystical healing and energy balancing properties since ancient times. Having some of the crystals around every corner of your home can protect you from any harmful energy.

In addition, you may create a crystals grid including various crystals such as clear quartz, amethyst or black tourmaline. Or simply having any of these crystals raw from around your home can cleanse and heal your space.

These crystals hold powerful healing energy that can align your house with your intentions. Using crystals is How to Bless Your Home with crystals, fill it with love, abundance and protect your family.

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5- Feng Shui

Fang shui is an ancient Chinese practice that is especially focused on balancing the energy of a specific space. Feng shui helps promote harmony and balance in homes, or offices.

You may follow the feng shui principles and optimize your house energy to flow in the right direction. For starters, just cleansing your space, removing unnecessary things will cleanse your house.

Arrange the furniture in the right directions, balance the elements such as water, fire and let the spiritual energy flow in the right direction. Feng shui is another answer to How to Bless Your Home using feng shui and invite abundance and prosperity.

6- Altars and Sacred Spaces

Having a sacred place where you only pray, worship or meditate can be life changing. I am sure you have one, yet you need to make it more powerful by chanting, praying and making it more private.

Use insense, candles, symbols and have more powerful symbols or perform rituals to enhance the energy of your house. Any spiritual practice that you feel more connected to, do it more often to get better results.

Let your worship place become more sacred and center of attraction. In order to do that, add some more rituals, meditate and spend more time there. It’s How to Bless Your Home and Balance your house energy.

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7- Blessing with Sound

Sound such as Om, including many others powerful mantras are high vibration sounds. Singing bowls, bells, and playing mantras in your music system also helps enhance hose energy.

These sound waves are able to connect the high vibration of the universe and bring the universal energy directly in your home. You may also play any musical instrument, if you like playing and own it .

Even chanting mantras every morning and evening also helps to increase the energy within a few days. Sacred and universal sounds are one of the answers to How to Bless Your Home and invite abundance.


1- What prayer can I say to bless my house?

“Dear God, I pay you to bless this home and the members living in this home. Let all the happiness, peace and abundance stay in this home and people stay united. Let this place be the most comforting place for all of us and everything becomes sacred in this home. Amen.”

Saying a simple prayer, you may create your own, can help you change your house energy and bring happiness as well.

2- How do you bless a house with oil?

Oil is another thing that eliminates harmful energy and enhances your house energy. In order to perform this simple ritual, take a bit of oil on your finger and rub it on every corner of your doors and windows.

Let all of your family members help you do it as any rituals where every family member is involved, it works like magic.

Final Words: Blessing your home, everyday is crucial as it’s the space that gives you a sense of belonging and comfort. Your house energy can affect not only your mood but physical health as well.

By using any of the above spiritual practices and doing it on a regular basis you will definitely sense a change in your life. If you found this article informative and guiding, do like and share it with some of your friends and family.

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Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed