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Moving into a new house or renovating your home after a long time, it’s crucial to purify and protect your home from any harm. If you are looking for Christian House Blessing Prayer, this article is a perfect guide for you.

Your home is a place where your spirit rests with a feeling of safety and comfort. Believe it or not, your house generates an energy that affects your and other family members’ health, wealth and happiness.

It’s the main reason behind praying and doing various rituals before moving into a new house or after renovating it. Even after a long gap, such as in a year or twice in a year, you must perform some prayers and clear the energy to make more places for good energy and God’s Light.

Before we go to various Christian House Blessing Prayer, let’s see what the Holy Bible says about it.

Prayer for House Blessing and Protection Bible Verse

Luke 10:5 “Whatever house you enter, first say, ‘Peace be to this house!”

These House Blessing Scriptures also suggest that performing rituals and praying to God before entering a new Home is crucial. These prayers make sure that God’s presence keeps you happy and healthy in the new home.

Not only Bible but in every religion, prayers and rituals before entering in a new or renovated house is recommended. So, If you still have any doubt about the cruciality about Christian House Blessing Prayer, this Bible Verse will clear your doubt.

2 Chronicles 7:15-16 “Now my eyes will be open and my ears attentive to the prayer that is made in this place. For now I have chosen and consecrated this house so that my name may be there forever. My eyes and my heart will be there for all time.”

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Traditional Catholic House Blessing Prayer

“Heavenly Father, Thank you for blessing us with this beautiful shelter and giving us pleasure to take out special time to pray to you and show our gratitude. Please bless this house with all of your love, protection, happiness and wisdom. Bless this house to attract more happiness and peace for my family and me. Amen.”

These days people are making rituals short and shorter day by day, which I believe is like missing required ingredients in the food. Traditional ways are the best ways to invite happiness in Home, we must take out time to perform complete rituals for personal growth and happiness in the family.

Prayers chanted by the holy man have a different power that not only purifies your home but removes unnecessary and unhealthy energy baggage for the house owners. Here is another Christian House Blessing Prayer you may say by yourself before stepping into a new home.

“Dear Lord, Please bless this home and shower your love, Peace and happiness to the family going to live here. Let your presence be there and bless those who visit this house. Let your presence stay there with the family, guide them, protect them. Amen.”

House Blessing Prayer With Holy Water

“O Lord, Almighty, bless this home with all of your Love and mercy. Please make this holy water more powerful and protective that it cleanse, heal and energize this home with all of your love, power and protection. Let this holy water purify and make the water flowing in this house always heal and keep this family healthy, happy and peaceful. IN the name of Jesus, Amen.”

Water, especially holy one carries a significant amount of power to cleanse and heal not only humans but space as well. Whenever shifting your house and moving into a new place, don’t forget to use holy water to purify and protect your home.

Let me tell you, if one can learn how to energize water and use it for your health, wealth and happiness, it’s the simplest way to enhance life. If you want to know a simple and effective way to energize your everyday water, contact me.

Here is one of the most used and powerful Christian House Blessing Prayer, you may use to protect your home immediately.

“O Lord, the source of all the power, Make this water so potent that wherever it goes, make the space and people pleasant ,calm and good for the future. Please let this home invite fortune, peace of mind and happiness for all the family members, Lord, Amen.”

Catholic Prayer for New House Blessing and Protection

“Lord God, make this home a place of victory, happiness, purity, humanity and all the goodness of the world. I pray you to shower your love and kindness upon this home and us. Lord, let all the above blessings remain forever in this place and keep family members safe, healthy and happy. Amen.”

Yes, it’s very crucial to ask God to let His all the blessings stay in your home forever. Select any of the above prayers and make sure to say at least once everyday and remind yourself that God is always there with your family and you.

How do you bless a Christian house?

In order to bless a christian House The Cross is essential. While using Cross to bless the house, use a powerful Christian House Blessing Prayer, simple and the one that comes from the bottom of the heart.

You may use any of the above prayers shared in this article or use your own words.

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Final Words: My prayers for you and your new home where you will receive more love, wealth, wisdom, fame and health. Home becomes heaven where the family members invite Lord everyday for a few minutes and allow Him to lighten the home.

If you found this article helpful, guiding and worth reading, share it with others and guide them to keep their home holy and grow in life with the presence of God.

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