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Are you feeling stuck in life or possessed by some negative energy? I am sure you are looking for the answer to how to get rid of a demon attached to you. 

Unfortunately, there are still debates on whether demons exist or it’s a mental disease. Being an Energy healer, I believe in the devil that can be defeated by mental toughness.

The crucial part here is, If you are fighting with evil energy, you must not advertise your challenge but silently fight to win the battle.

In this article of bigbraincoach, I will share a few spiritual ways and tips for mental strength to get rid of the demon.

Before we jump to the answers to how to remove illegal possession, Let’s see what are the various signs of demonic possession.

Symptoms of Demonic Possession

If you or your loved ones are not behaving or living everyday life, there might be a chance that some evil spirit has taken over them. Here are some common symptoms that indicate the presence of a demon.

  • The health goes down as the natural way of living gets disturbed and whatever the person eats doesn’t suit their body. Mostly, they start Leading a Wicked Life.
  • Eyes speak the truth, so when someone is possessed, their eyes look different, either cruel, blank, or scary. Being Uncomfortable, Ugly, and Violent becomes their way of living.
  • They start Living Outside the Rules of Society as they originally are not a part of living society. If the person was religious or a bit spiritual in the past, now they will not take any interest in those activities.
  • They start taking much interest in demonic habits such as drinking, smoking, fighting, and telling lies. Often they begin Making Sounds and Movements like an Animal and enjoy it.
  •  eating habits look demonic as they get attracted and eat like they never did in the past. Being Persistently Unwell, Falling into deep Sleep and Vomiting Strange Objects can be seen. On the opposite side, sometimes they may stop eating.
  • Their voice gets changed if someone tries to control or do something to bring the demon out of the person. Sometimes Speaking in Tongues becomes their natural habit.
  • Being Tired of Living can be visible naturally. Overall, life seems messy as they don’t follow any proper routine and don’t interest in bettering it.
  • Their mental state doesn’t seem stable as they act like that. Its because the person loses their control and the demon power takes over them, which surely wants to destroy them.
  • The person seems to have grown Paranormal Capabilities such as lifting high weight, a quick walk, scary laugh, and so on. Unnatural Body Movements are also a sign of the devil spirit.
  • Many times, I noticed the person suddenly showing Superhuman Strength, which is one of the signs that he is possessed.
  •  The person suddenly starts speaking unknown languages. Having Knowledge of Previously Unknown Languages is a sign that an evil spirit touches the person.

All the above behavior makes a person violent, unstable, and harmful sometimes. If you are experiencing any such symptoms, let’s see how to get rid of a demon around you.

How to Get Rid of Evil Spirits | How to Get Rid of A Demon

1- Cleansing

demons, as the name suggests, are the most negative energy in the environment. They only survive where they find dirt or weakness. Even an evil soul leaves the body when they see God’s symbol.

If you doubt that someone or you are possessed by an evil soul, clean your house, surroundings, and inner self. To clean your home, you may use Gangajal or Gomutra to purify the area.

In order to cleanse your inner self, you may chant “Om Namah Shivay” or repeat Hanuman Chalisa twice a day. You may also use incense or Kapoor to invite holiness in your home.

Even if you feel the presence of evil, This is how to get rid of a demon following you. It’s one of the most powerful to protect yourself and your family.

2- Prayers

how to get rid of a demon/ Prayer

Another powerful and very effective answer to your question, “how to get rid of a demon,” is “Prayers.” When you pray, you invite Lord God, the savior of the world directly, into your home.

Observe your situation, start praying, and ask God to visit your home and protect you and your loved ones from evil spirits. Here is a prayer you may use for now.

“Dear God, I feel my Nephew is possessed by the demon and making him lose his lofe day by day. I request you to please come to my home, remove all the negativity and protect us from any evil spirit. I have my faith in you, and from now on, our security depends upon you. Please help us, protect us, guide us. Amen.”

You may create your prayer script on your own and keep repeating it as much as you can. Prayer forces God to heal and protect us. I can say it from my experience.

3- Meditation

Meditation is another powerful way to get rid of the evil spirit following you. It may be difficult for the person to meditate if they are already possessed. However, any family member praying or meditating for them will help.

Meditation organically cleanses the aura of a person and then the surroundings. Devils can survive in a positive, clean, and powerful atmosphere.

Daily meditation is the most potent answer to how to get rid of a demon following you. It heals the weak parts of the mind, body soul and leaves no place for any negative energy.

4- Crystals

Crystals are another most effective and potent tools to use to get rid of evil souls. Crystals carry such vibrant and powerful energy that no negativity can surround them.

Keep clear quartz or amethyst pyramids around The house or the person who is possessed. You may give a programmed bracelet to the unwell person.

Also, you can use crystals to protect their rooms by placing them around their beds, lamp salt lamps, and use candles with selenite.

If you will ask me, “how to get rid of a demon around you or your home?” I will suggest cleansing your home by burning sage and using various crystals for protection.

5- Ask for Help

If any of the above options don’t help you are you don’t find it effective, there is always another way. Ask for help; there are mysterious people around the world who claim to remove demons from home.

Many priests and other spiritual people can help you by using their power to free you from any evil source. The crucial part here is, you never lose hope are feel hopeless when it comes to negative energy.

Always remember negativity will only overcome you when you will become powerless or lose hope in your strength. Don’t forget, living beings are always more powerful than any evil energy.

Still not convinced and thinking, “how to get rid of a demon”?

Well, keep praying, meditating, cleansing, and calling someone who can help you increase your strength and guide your life demon-free life.

Tips to Get Rid of a Demon Attached to You

If you ask me what a demon is, I will say negative energy that found someone weaker than them. Positivity is a thousand times powerful than any demon.

Even if you are looking for the answer, how to get rid of a demon inside you, the tips below will help you get rid of it.

Here is your to-do list if you think a demon is attached to you that makes you feel sick, overwhelmed, or think negatively.

  • Use Himalayan rock salt in your everyday bathing water. In order to use it properly, mix it in half of the bucket water, let it dissolve, and then bathe with the water.
  • Let it be on your body for 5-10 minutes, and then use fresh water to have your normal bath. Rock salt will remove all the negativity attached to you. Use a Saltwater bath at least once a week.
  • Read Hanuman Chalisa after having a bath on a daily basis. Hanuman Chalisa has been the strongest and oldest scripture used in India. It cleanses your heart, mind and empowers your soul.
  • Atleast chant for 21 days on a daily basis and see the result yourself. You may also share your experience with us in the comment box.
  • One of the most crucial things you can do to remove the evil spirit from your life is fast. If you can fast and chant Hanuman Chalisa on a daily basis, no devils can stay around you.

Fasting has the power to detach you from any other energy source organically and in no time.

If you ask me for only one tip asking how to get rid of a demon attached to you, My answer will be fast and chant Hanuman Chalisa daily.

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Tips to Get Rid of a Sex Demon?

The demon, also known as Succubus, is as real as you and me. They gain control over those whom they find mentally weak and then seduce them.

Do you know celibacy has the strongest power? That’s why many sages deny communicating with females?

In order to protect yourself from such evil souls, you must gain control over yourself by strengthening your willpower.

Here are a few tips that will strengthen your mind power and protect you from any demons or Succubus.

  • #1 Add a few minutes of exercise to your daily routine. It’s as good as physical fitness for your mental focus and willpower.
  • #2 Learn to avoid temptation; plan some interesting activities that can divert you completely when the temptation arises. Activities such as outdoor games will help.
  • #3 Feed your mind the food that strengthens your mind and body too. Eat as much as raw you can and read as many mental books as you can.
  • #4 Set small goals and learn to reward yourself after achieving the targets. It will inspire you to keep going and working on your mental health.
  • #5 Don’t hesitate to ask for help if you are unable to help yourself initially. Asking for help is not a weakness but a strength that presents your willingness to work on yourself.


1- What is an exorcist?

Exorcising is an activity performed in both Jewish and Christian to eliminate any demon from the person or place. In other words, Its a witchcraft done by churches to protect their people and their surroundings.

Jesus had performed it, and then the power transformed to churches to help their people. The person who performs the process in the name of Jesus to eliminate devils is called an “exorcist.”

Final Words: I am sure one of the above answers will help you to figure out how to get rid of a demon from your life permanently. Relations don’t matter when it comes to energy, so using any above methods, I believe, will do the work effectively.

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Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed