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Top 7 Most Effective Essential Oil for Creativity And Concentration

Are you losing your Imagination or Focus and seeking organic ways to enhance it? You might need the right essential oil for creativity to unblock the store of ideas. Ideas generally are a product of your mind; however, sometimes, it gets blocked.

Creativity is an ordinary gift that every human being is blessed by our Creator, God. Whether you are a homemaker, gardener, writer, artist, or teacher, we all experience blocked creativity once in a while.

Meditation is one of the most powerful ways to keep your mind unblocked and work consistently. However, practicing meditation is not everyone’s cup of tea.

If you lack new ideas to move forward in your work, other things can help you.

Things such as music, watching birds, or walking on a beach often unblock creativity.
In this article on bigbraincoach, I will share the best essential oil for creativity to help you stay focused and creative.

Before I share those specific essential oils for focus and creativity, allow me to give a little crucial information about them.

Meaning of Essential Oil and Way to Use It

Essential oils are often used in alternative health therapies such as aromatherapy, Healing therapy, meditation, etc.

Essential oils are plant extracts that support human well-being and have a specific effect on the human mind. It contains the essence of the plant, such as its scent and flavor.

If you are using essential oil for creativity and focus, directly on your skin, mix with a carrier oil such as almond oil. If you are using it in a diffuser, no need to mix it with a carrier oil.

Note: If you are pregnant, nursing a baby, or have any physical health issues, please consult your doctor before using it.

7 Best Essential Oil for Creativity and Focus

1- Frankincense: the oil of calm

Frankincense has a rich compound that helps deliver oxygen to the brain, named sesquiterpenes. The oil helps increase calmness, heal damaged brain cells, and enhance focus.

Creativity gets blocked if a person thinks a lot or is stressed out. The divine essence of Frankincense clears all the clutter from the mind, relaxes it, and promotes overall well-being.

Way to use frankincense Essential Oil for Creativity and Focus

#A Before going to bed, clean your feet, apply a few drops of the oil directly on your skin, and massage. It will promote relaxation and uplift your mood.

#B In order to get the full benefits of Frankincense Essential Oil, use it in a diffuser before your work. It will create the right atmosphere for your brain and increase your energy level.

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3- Peppermint

Peppermint is another refreshing essential oil for creativity and concentration. It contains that aromatic scent that refreshes the brain and eliminates all distractions.

Using this essential oil when feeling blocked or empty of ideas will unblock your mind and clear your thoughts. It will make you feel inspired, refreshed and boost your energy more.

Way to use Peppermint essential oil for creativity and Focus

#A Mix peppermint essential oil with almond or another carrier oil and rub it on your temple. It will energize you and enhance your creativity.

#B Use in diffuser prior to sleep and relax while sleeping. A relaxed mind thinks better and creates more.

3- Jasmine

When it comes to creativity, inspiration is crucial. A tired and lost mind can not imagine any new idea. To eliminate the tiredness from your mind, Jasmine is one of the best essential oil.

Jasmine is quite different from other essential oil as it has a euphoric approach. It helps promote creativity by letting go of all the clutter that you are holding up. An empty mind often gives a feeling of better action.

Using Jasmine motivates you and promotes better Imagination. I suggest everyone must use this jasmine essential oil for focus and creativity.

Way to use Jasmin oil

#A The best way to use Jasmin oil is to apply it to your third eye (Between your eyebrows) and feel the sensation it evokes.

#B Unlike other oils, you may use Jasmine in the diffuser while resting or use an inhaler.

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4- Tangerine

Citrus fruits like orange, lemon, and Tangerine are good for mood refreshment. The citrus present in these oils enables the joy and childlike Imagination in adults.

Many studies found that using citrus while feeling low lifts your mood and increases your energy level. Unhappy feelings and energy levels are often the leading cause of losing Imagination and creativity.

Undoubtedly it’s one of the best scents for creativity.

Way to use Tangerine essential oil for creativity and Imagination

#A Tangerine is often used for cleansing and bettering the digestive system. Which helps in boosting energy, releasing harmful ingredients, and increasing creativity.

#B In order to get a better result for focus and creativity by using directly on the skin, you may mix it with a carrier oil such as jojoba or coconut and use it as a massage oil.

5- Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is one of the excellent essential oil for creativity and mental clarity. Its aroma is so compelling and uplifting that it helps release stress and feel fresh.

The fragrance of Eucalyptus is beneficial in clearing the clutters from the mind and feeling inspired. It’s one of the best essential oils for inspiration and Imagination that ultimately increases creativity.

If you will ask me, “what essential oil is good for focusing on”? My answer will be Eucalyptus.

Way to use Eucalyptus essential oil for creativity and focus

#1 In order to release the garbage disturbing your focus, use a few drops of
Eucalyptus in diffuser and go to bed. You will experience and another level of the fresh morning the next day.

#B Do you know; even Vicks vapor contains Eucalyptus? The oil is very effective in cold and cough. However, if you want to rub it on your skin to increase your focus and creativity, mix it with any other carrier oil and then use it.

6- Lavender

Widely popular for better relaxation and sleep because of its fragrance, Lavender also can boost your creativity. Creativity always gets blocked because of stress or when your mind is overloaded.

Lavender instantly provides relaxation and clears the buzz from your head. Using lavender essential oil for creativity and concentration while studying, writing or painting is an effective method to stay aware.

Way to use Lavender essential oil for creativity and inspiration

#A Mix lavender with water and store in a small bottle; whenever feeling blocked, mist it on your face and feel the refreshment, clarity, and boosted energy level.

#B As the popular way, you may use it prior to bed in a diffuser or keep the diffuser in your work area and use it while working.

7- Clary Sage

Last but not least, clary sage is one of the most effective essential oil for creativity, focus, and relaxation. It helps in boosting our intuition and creativity by eliminating stress and blockages from our minds and environment.

It’s one of the best oil for opening the heart by managing our emotions. In order to boost creativity, one must be open-minded and open heart to new possibilities.

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Way to use clary sage essential for creativity and inspiration

#A In order to create an inspiring and soothing surrounding, you may use clary sage in a diffuser in your workplace.

#B In order to use directly on your body, Mix with any carrier oil and apply a few drops on your pulse or rub it on your feet.

If you like experimenting with various ingredients, you may also use essential oil blends for creativity and concentration. Here is a recipe that you must try and experience something new.

Essential Oil Blend Recipe for Creativity

#1 If you want to boost the energy of your workplace for better focus and creativity, here is the perfect blend.

Take eight drops of madrine and Lemongrass, six drops of Cedarwood Himalayan, and three drops of Patchouli. Use this 26 drops essential oil blend in your diffuser and experience the mind and heart-opening aroma.

#2 In order to use the mixture on your skin for more creativity and focus, take one drop of Sandalwood Indian and two drops of Bergamot. Don’t forget to add any carrier oil when using directly on the body.

This fantastic blend will unlock your Imagination, boost your mood and inspire you to think creatively.

I am sure one of the above essential oil recipes for creativity will provide you with the intended result.

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1- What is the best incense for creativity?

As the fragrance has a specific effect on the mind, any product that cleans your surroundings and scent helps open the mind.

Unlike essential oils, incense is also helpful in increasing focus and Imagination. Cinnamon properties help release stress and relax the brain muscles.

Cinnamon incense sticks are one of the best incense for creativity as it prevents any bacterial infections. Burning it before studying helps cleanse the surroundings and enhances focus.

2- What essential oil is good for memory?

As the fragrance of essential oils has a significant effect on the human brain, it affects brain activities.

Some fragrance opens the mind and makes it believe the possibilities the person never thought of. Rosemary and Lavender have such incredible effect on the brain that it develops Imagination.

Imagination is the key to better memory, so these two, rosemary and lavender essential oil, are good for memory.

3- What are the best crystals for creativity?

Crystals are natural resources humans use before any other external tool to boost their activity and creativity. As they are stored in the womb of mother earth, one of the elements the human body is made of has a specific effect on the brain.

Apart form Essential Oil for Creativity, Using crystals isn’t just trendy but practical to enhance concentration and creativity. Crystals such as Citrine, Carnelians, Tiger’s Eye, and Lapis Lazuli enhance mood and creativity.

In order to get the full benefits of the natural and original crystals, you must have the correct information about them, as the market is full of scammers.

Final Words: I am sure using essential oil for creativity and concentration will become a part of your daily routine once you experience its effect. Just in case, If you have any health challenges, please consult your doctor before using it.

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