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Top 7 Most Powerful Essential oils for Fever and Cold- BigBrainCoach

Do your loved ones often catch the Fever, and are you looking for natural remedies to treat such situations? There are a few essential oils for Fever and chills; you must know everything before trying them.

Fever often is caused because of a low immune system. Also, it can be caused by bacterial infections like viruses. Natural remedies are always a practical and better way to treat someone.

However. In order to know the real cause visit your physician before trying anything at home.

This article will share a few very effective remedies and essential oils for Fever and chills. People often ask me if the essential oils can bring the Fever down or it’s a myth?

So, Before moving further, Let’s see if essential oils have fever healing properties or not?

Can Essential Oil heal Fever and Chills?

One of the worldwide popular therapy is known as aromatherapy. Aromatherapy uses nothing but a variety of essential oils to treat any illness.

Essential oils are the core essence, extract of various plants available in nature. There is no greater healer available in the world than nature.

Fever, Flue, Chills, Cold are caused by environmental changes that have a massive impact on the human body if someone is weak inside. Essential oils, even their fragrance, affect the human mind, which is the core heart of the human body.

So Yes, Essential oil can help bring down the Fever and cold cough. However, if bacterial infections cause the Fever, it’s recommended to see your doctor first.

Now, Let’s see how to get rid of Fever by using home remedies. Before exploring what essential oils are good for an illness, Let’s see how to use essential oils for Fever.

How to Use Essential Oils for Fever and Cold

There are many ways to use essential oils to treat illness; however, Never forget to dilute it with a carrier oil before using it directly on the body. Carrier oil such as almond, coconut, olive oil is the best to mix with.

Here is how to Use Essential Oils for Fever at home!

#1 Give the bottle to the patient and ask him to inhale the fragrance directly if they are comfortable.

#2 Add a few drops upon the cotton balls and place them under the patient’s pillow.

#3 Add a few drops into the diffuser and use it before bed.

#4 Add a few drops of diluted oil into bathwater or steam water and take the steam.

#5 Add a few drops of diluted oil to your massage oil and apply them to your body.

Choose the best suitable way to use them. You may choose various ways to feel the aroma around you. However, make sure you are not overusing.

Now, Let’s see What essential oils are good for Fever? Below is the list of most effective oils for Fever and cold.

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Top 7 Most Powerful Essential oils for Fever and Cold

#1 Cinnamon oil

Cinnamon oil contains a few antibiotics that help eliminate the bacteria instantly. Fever often happens because of an imbalance in the immune system.

Killing the germs brings organic balance into the body and brings down Fever and chills. Cinnamon oil also helps increase blood circulation, which organically warms up the body.

When the body warms up enough, it starts sweating, and we all know that sweating helps bring Fever down. So, One of the very first essential oils for Fever I will recommend is Cinnamon oil.

#2 Ginger oil

Just like cinnamon, Ginger oil also carries some ingredients that help destroy infections. Ginger roots are widely popular as a spice that helps boost digestion.

In India, It’s one of the most popular ingredients used in Tea daily. The reason behind this popularity is the same; it protects us from cold, cough, and infection.

Fever and inflammation both increase the temperature of the body. Using Ginger essential oil as a massage oil during illness helps reduce Fever. Many studies have claimed that ginger also helps lower inflammation.

One of the effective and recommended essential oil for Fever and chill is ginger oil. Make sure you mix with other carrier oil before using it on the skin.

#3 Peppermint oil

one of the widely popular and effective essential oils for Fever is peppermint oil. Peppermint organically contains a prevalent ingredient known as Menthol.

Yes, The Menthol that we have used since childhood is balms and Vicks vaporub. As we all know, when we use it on the skin, it gives a fantastic feeling but warms us up. And the cold feel, I am sure you still remember it.

Using Peppermint essential oil during Fever helps lower the heat and relax the body. Mix the peppermint oil in any carrier oil and rub it on the chest during cold and in the feet and palm during Fever.

You may also use it on the chest during a fever; it will help lower the Fever and relax the patient mentally.

#4 Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil contains active bacteria-fighting chemicals known as terpenes. Therefore Tea tree oil is an organic ingredient that kills the infection.

The oil also helps eliminate fungi that are the main reason behind dandruff. The anti-inflammatory properties of tea tree oil help remove swelling, redness, and any skin reactions.

Using tea tree essential oil for Fever and chill is one of the natural and effective remedies. Mix tea tree oil in almond or olive oil and do a little massage on the feet.

#5 Eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus oil is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory that are vital for health. Using Eucalyptus essential oil for Fever and cold helps bring the Fever down.

The oil also helps clear the lungs and nasal congestions that improves the breathing system. The oil helps to eliminate bacterial germs that cause cold, cough, and Fever.

In case of cold and Fever, use it in stream water twice a day. One of the most powerful antiviral essential oils helps stop nose water and bring the Fever down.

#6 Lavender oil

Unlike above oils lavender is also rich in antimicrobial. In other words, the oil helps eliminate any germs, bacteria, or harmful fungi.

Additionally, lavender’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory components are a natural protection against germs, cold, and Fever.

More importantly, lavender helps in deep sleep that is an organic way to heal the body. You may use lavender essential oils for Fever and cold while sleeping and let it work when you sleep.

#7 Frankincense Oil

Another most effective among all other essential oil for Fever and chill is Frankincense. It has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients that fight against any germs.

The oil helps reduce swelling and pain due to Fever, cold, or any other reason. Using Frankincense in your steam water helps clear the breathing system.

Being one of the most powerful antiviral essential oil, You may also use the oil during Fever. Mix it with any carrier oil, place it under the pillow, and let its warms heal the patient.

Final Words: Above is the most beneficial essential oil for fever and chill. Also, it’s one of the relaxing and effective home remedies for Fever and cold.

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