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Powerful Prayer to Protect Home From Evil | Powerful Prayer for God’s Protection

Prayer to Protect Home From Evil | Powerful Prayer for God’s Protection | Short Prayer for Protection from Evil Spirits | Prayer for Protection and Guidance | Powerful Prayers for Protection | Prayer for Protection from Evil

Sensing the presence of negative energy around your living place? Know that your trouble is over as you are going to get many effective tips to protect your home.

Home, a place where not only body rest but mind and spirit feels comfortable and safe. Unfortunately, sometimes, evil forces attack and disturb the peace of family members and peace of the place.

In this blog post of BigBrainCoach, I will share some short and powerful Prayer to Protect Home From Evil energy. Before prayers, let’s understand about the evil energies as it will help you strengthen your faith.

Meaning of Evil Energies

In the modern time, when unhappiness and uncertainty has become common, no one can control things happening around them. Be it living people or spirits, holding negative energy can influence anyone, anywhere.

The fortunate side of this situation is that God is there to protect those who are connected to Him. As you might have heard that Cleanliness is Godliness so all you need to do is cleansing and praying.

Allow me to share Bible verse that helped me strengthen my spiritual power, it will do the same to you.

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Bible Verses About Prayers for Protection

Psalms 91:10, “No evil will happen to you, no disease will come close to your tent.”

Prayer to Protect Home From Evil Images

This Bible verse says that no evil, person or spirit can stay around your living place when you allow God to be with you. Therefore, it’s crucial to accept this truth and ask God to stay around you all the time.

In this blog post, as you read below, along with Prayer to Protect Home From Evil I will share some important tips to make your prayer effective, so Do read till the end.

Powerful Prayers for Protection from Evil Spirit

“Heavenly Father, The place you blessed us to feel safe and peaceful is affected by negative energy. I invite you to please come and stay with us, help us to live a better life with peace in our hearts and mind. Amen.”

Prayer to Protect Home From Evil Images

Allow me to share my perspective about these spirits creating troubles. Often we have some uncleared Karma with them which needs to be cleared now.

While using a Prayer to Protect Home From Evil, add a small prayer asking forgiveness for the mistakes you did intentionally or unintentionally. It will help you cleanse, heal and strengthen your spirit.

Prayer to Protect Home From Evil Images

“Dear God, I ask for forgiveness to those whom I hurt in the past unintentionally. Free them from my mistakes and let them be at peace. Let happiness and peace be around our home and peace in our hearts, Amen.”

Short Prayer for Protection from Evil Spirit

“Lord God, Our greatest protector, I pray you to please protect my family and home from anything or anyone who is trying to harm us. Please be around us, Lord. Amen.”

Prayer to Protect Home From Evil Images

Spirits only attack weak people or places that they can power over. Know that we humans are the greatest creation of Him and He has given everything to us.

All you need to do is, believe in it, use a Prayer to Protect Home From Evil Strengthen your relationship with God. It will naturally eliminate anything that’s pulling your or your home down.

Prayer to Protect Home From Evil Images

“Dear God, Please forgive me if I have been disconnected to You or done anything against your will. I pray you to please let your healing and protection energy be around my family and this home. Amen.”

Spiritual Protection Prayer for Home and Family

“Dear God, If I have done anything wrong unknowingly please forgive me. Let me be under your protection shield Lord, I need you to accept me as You Are the only one I have trust upon. Amen.”

Prayer to Protect Home From Evil Images

Getting affected by any spirit or negative people, means you are weak inside your spirit. If you are feeling any such energy around you or your home, make sure to spend more time connecting and talking to God.

When God is in your home, around your family, nothing can dare to touch any single person. Using a simple Prayer to Protect Home From Evil multiple times a day can strengthen your spiritual health.

Prayer to Protect Home From Evil Images

“Heavenly father, Let your healing, guiding and protecting light be around this home and family. Bless this home with abundance, health and purity Lord. Amen.”

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Prayer for Protection and Guidance

“Dear Divine Father, wrap our home in your shield of light. Protect us from harm, negativity, and uncertainties. Guide our steps and fill our space with love, peace, and understanding. May your presence be our fortress, and your guidance our compass. Amen.”

Prayer to Protect Home From Evil Images

“Heavenly Guardians, watch over our home day and night. Protect us from all harm, both seen and unseen. Guide our thoughts, words, and actions towards kindness and compassion. Let your presence be our constant source of strength and comfort. Amen.”

It’s crucial to say a Powerful Prayer to Protect Home From Evil and people who might be unhealthy for family’s happiness. In the world where everything seems uncertain, it’s crucial to ask God to take care.

Prayer to Protect Home From Evil Images

“Benevolent Creator, make our home a safe haven. Guard our doors against fear and doubt, and open our hearts to love and understanding. Lead us in moments of uncertainty and illuminate our path with your divine light. May our home be filled with your grace and protection. Amen.”

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Practical Steps for Prayer to Protect Home From Evil

Now, I am sure you have chosen one prayer to use for protection to your home. Here are some practical steps you can take to protect your home immediately.

  1. Select a prayer that resonates with you and aligns with your spiritual beliefs. It could be a traditional one or a personal affirmation of protection.
  2. Establish a daily prayer routine and be Consistent to maintain a protective shield around your home.
  3. Combine your prayer with simple cleansing rituals such as smudging with sage or holy water to purify your living space.
  4. As you pray, Imagine a protective shield surrounding your home that repels any negative energies or entities.
  5. Prayer to Protect Home From Evil itself invites positive energy into your home. The more you pray, positive energy you cultivate, the stronger your protective shield becomes.


1- How do I ask God to bless my house?

Invite God everyday twice or thrice in your home and say a simple prayer or talk to Him in your language. You may use this simple prayer I am sharing here.

“Dear God, please bless our home. Send your Holy Spirit into every space throughout our house. May this be a holy place that is consecrated to you. Help us to be faithful to you in what we say and do here.

Final Words: In the end I will suggest you to focus on strengthening your spiritual power, trust me, you are stronger than any evil energy. Have God with you and invite health, wealth, happiness in your home.

In addition you may use some powerful affirmations that match your situation and strengthen your spiritual practices. By combining prayer and affirmations you can cleanse and heal your home, faster than you are thinking.

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