How to Protect Yourself From Evil Eye

How to Protect Yourself From Evil Eye | Tips for protection from Evil Eye

How to Protect Yourself From Evil Eye | Evil Eye How to Get Rid of | Buri Nazar Se Kaise Bache | Warding Off The Evil Eye | Practical Ways to Protect Yourself

Evil eye, one of the concepts that have been ruining people’s life for centuries. Yes, it’s not a modern thing but it has been there since ancient times. Ancient people used many rituals to protect themselves.

If you are looking for answers to “How to Protect Yourself From Evil Eye” this article is designed for you with many tips. Those who don’t find happiness in others progress silently or unknowingly curse them.

At this point I am not talking about the physical eye but its the third eye, that has potential to anything impossible. In order to protect yourself or your home from evil eyes, Here are some of the practical rituals and tips you may use for your protection.

Tips for protection from Evil Eye How to Protect Yourself From Evil Eye

1- Wear Protective Talismans

One Of the easiest ways to protect yourself from negative people, energy or evil eyes is having protective talismans or amulets on your body. Amulets such as blue eyes bracelets, Hamsa hands are designed for the same.

These symbols and colours have power to ward off evil eyes and protect you from any harm. If you are someone who loves wearing jwellery, replace them with these amulets.

People keep asking me How to Protect Yourself From Evil Eye while being unaware of them. Well, when you have these amulets on your body, you don’t need to worry as they do their work. You may also choose something that’s not visible on your body.

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2. Use Rituals and Charms

In various cultures there are many secret rituals that help people keep evil eyes away from themselves, the home or communities. Rituals such as burning sage once in a week do wonders to those.

There are many other herbs available that people keep in their pockets or wallet to protect themselves. Having some specific, activated mantras written on a paper also helps them ward off evil eyes.

In India, it’s a culture to Do Havan and burn a lot of sacred hers with it to cleanse and protect their homes. If you ask a healer “ How to Protect Yourself From Evil Eye” the answer will be wear crystals and burn sages once in a while .

3. Display Protective Symbols

As I mentioned above, some of the ancient symbols or mantras, if you can activate them, can do miracles to your life. In fact, even today millions of people display these symbols to protect, to invite abundance and it works for them.

You may wear it on your body, hand it in your office, home or in the car to experience the results. If you aren’t wearing it on your body, make sure to have it around the place where you spend most of the time.

To those who are sensitive to negative energy, my answer to “How to Protect Yourself From Evil Eye” is to wear black tourmaline or evil eye pendant and keep it visible. It immediately reverses the negative energy and protects you if it’s visible.

4. Practice Mindfulness and Positive Thinking

Here is one of the tips that don’t need any tool to use but work on your inner power. The first and foremost reason behind energy attacks is that you are too weak. Therefore, you must try strengthening your core by practicing some activities.

Even using self-talk and cultivating a positive mindset strengthens your inner core and protects you from any harmful thoughts or evil eyes. Practice meditation, deep breathing and keep your attention centred to your core.

One of the most effective and long lasting answer to your query “How to Protect Yourself From Evil Eye “becomes strong from inside. Meditation along with positive self talk will take only a few days to change your life and strengthen your aura.

5. Avoid Boasting or Bragging

One of the most common ways to attract evil eye is sharing your accomplishment to those who aren’t getting what you have. Jealousy is the root cause of evil eye and today everyone has it sometimes hidden often visible.

In order to avoid such incidents and keep moving up in life, keep your success, progress to yourself. Even if someone congratulates you or asks you for details try to answer in short by Simply “Thank You”.

No need to give them time to curse you by explaining in detail. It’s one of the simplest answers to How to Protect Yourself From Evil Eye. When you will grow more, your success and achievements will make a loud noise.

6. Create Boundaries

Boundaries are one of the essential things in life for having a good and healthy family life. Never let anyone, I mean anyone enter in your personal or professional life.

When you allow someone to enter your personal zone, you never know their true intentions. Know that everyone is lacking something that you are blessed with. Therefore treat them well but let them be in the boundary.

In addition, if you sense that someone doesn’t vibe well with you, or has negative intentions for you, try to stay away from them. Or limit their access to you, or your interaction to them, if it’s necessary. It’s How to Protect Yourself From Evil Eye and grow in life.

7. Perform Cleansing Rituals

Even if things are simply going great in life, never forget to perform cleansing rituals time out time. Performing rituals often keeps the surrounding high and protects you from evil eye attacks.

For personal protection, take a salt bath from time to time, for home or office, burn sage and use essential oil or crystals to heal. There are many other herbs that are healthy and protective. You may use them as well.

When the question “ How to Protect Yourself From Evil Eye” arises, remember to cleanse, heal immediately, as it’s a sign of evil eye entering in your aura.

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8. Trust Your Intuition

Last but not the least, always, always and always trust your own instinct, never avoid your inner voice. If you ever feel that something is wrong, don’t wait for validation but act immediately.

Your intuition is your superpower that knows everything and always tries to protect you. If you don’t feel comfortable with someone or around somewhere avoid going there.

This is How to Protect Yourself From Evil Eye, grow your intuition and get in the place where you truly belong to. Make a strong connection to your inner voice and always follow it.


1- How to remove evil eyes with salt?

In order to remove the stuck evil eye to yourself, take a salt bath instantly. Salt has the power to cut everything negative attached to your body. You may also use it by rotating your body for seven times and then destroy it in Flowing water.

You may use salt in the cleaning water for your house cleaning to remove any negative energy in your house. Salt has many benefits, you must use it once a week to get rid of evil eye.

2- Is lemon good for the evil eye?

Combination of lemon and chillies has been the greatest tool for evil eye protection for decades. It’s one of the talismans you will find handing at every home in India.

Therefore, Yes, lemon is good to protect you from evil eyes or cleanse the environment. You may also use it around your office desk by keeping it in water.

Final Words: Evil eyes are real and it can be destructive if taken easy or in a light mode. Practise some rituals to strengthen your inner core. Meanwhile never forget to do some rituals to balance the energy or keep you or your family safe.

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